As you’ve seen today on the site, anti-GamerGate has really decided to turn up the heat on TotalBiscuit. This short post has to do with him as well, but only in a roundabout way. As I was going through some of the anti’s tweets, as I unfortunately have to do sometimes, I noticed that Brianna Wu was spreading another discredited allegation around about TB. This is not news. Wu routinely spreads falsehoods about GamerGate supporters. Her statement at the end of the tweet thread caught my attention though, because it was so fucking oblivious.

OK, well, that’s fucking rich. I’d never heard of you or your degenerate husband before GamerGate, and likely never would have without it. Also, you’re a pretty loud jerk yourself. This also qualifies your tweet for comedy gold status. Still, that’s all I thought it was. I was just having a laugh. I’d forgotten one thing: she asked TotalBiscuit to review her game way back in July, over a month before GamerGate had begun.

In other words, Brianna Wu is a fucking liar, and was caught red handed tonight:

There’s not much else to add to this story. As you can see, it’s pretty clear Wu is lying her ass off here. There’s not even a question. What’s amazing, is how she thought she would get away with it. I’ve come to believe that SJWs don’t even think about lying anymore, because there’s no consequence to it from their followers. If I lie, people will rake me over the coals for days. When Brianna, Zoe, or Anita lie, it gets ignored or explained away immediately. As for this particular tall tale, I just wanted to have it immortalized here, so it could be pointed to when Wu (inevitably) tries to trot out more lies.

I’ll be back with another post or two before I pack it in around 6AM EST (thankfully there’s no snow here).