I was waiting for Brianna Wu to go ahead and respond to the bombshell report from yesterday that appeared here on TheRalphRetort.com. After over 24 hours had passed, I kinda figured that she was going to sit this one out. I had it on the back-burner, and was busy writing about Twitter’s falling stock price. That post will have to wait, though, because Wu ended up coming through in a major way. As a matter of fact, only Wu could give us this much gold. She has a way of sperging out like very few can.

Here’s the rundown. Of course Brianna tried to turn the whole thing into some kind of victimization, like usual (archive pastebin)…

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Notice that Wu talks about people impersonating him her in order to get school transcripts. That’s a blatant lie, unless she has proof that someone has done that. The screenshot on my site from yesterday isn’t a transcript, it only shows that no degree was ever earned. There’s still more searching to be done, but there’s two bits of evidence to keep in mind. One, is the audio recording I posted in conjunction with my work yesterday. In it, Wu states…

‘You know what, I’m gonna go finish my college degree, and I’m gonna become a journalist.’ And I did, and I did investigative journalism for a few years.

Then, we have the Boston Globe report where Wu is named as a graduate of Ole Miss. There’s two possibilities here. One is that Brianna lied to the reporters and told them she had obtained her degree. Another is that they misunderstood her (cause she was purposefully making it hard to understand) and put it in because of that. Even if you believe the latter version, Wu still never corrected the lie. She was perfectly happy to let that linger on like it was the truth. I have no idea why, because it does nothing for her résumé. I guess lying is just something Wu cannot help. It’s likely compulsive, at this point. There’s no way Wu can claim to have not read it, either…


So, we’ll see what happens from here. I gotta say, it’s not looking too good for Brianna. This has now gotten the Master’s attention…




I’ll keep you posted here as well.

  1. brianna is a twitter junkie. there’s no way in hell she gave her password to her ‘team’. it’s still her, furiously pulling down on the app to refresh, over and over and over, ready to be outraged by the next thing that pops on the screen.

    1. What team does Wu claim to be speaking of anyway? Giant Spacekat is just her, Wu layed everyone else off after their “game” was released on Steam. That tweet makes it sound like Wu is employing people with the patreon money when in fact it just seems to be used to buy motorcycles. Maybe Wu gave the twitter password to the motorcycle?

      1. Don’t object shame! That motorcycle is trans-human! It’s proper pronouns are rev, rev, and REEEEEEEEEV. Check your privilege, shitlord!

        1. Remember when the term ‘transhuman’ referred to someone who had actually improved beyond the human norm, and didn’t refer to someone who was so screwed up that they probably qualified as special needs?

          1. Yup. I prefer -that- meaning, but I couldn’t think of a better term to use with that stupid joke.

  2. “Passing her twitter to her team”
    Wait, isn’t that what she has supposedly been taking people’s money for on Patreon this entire time? For an assistant to manage her twitter? Wonder where all the money is really going.

  3. When Milo gets his hands on the skeletons in your closet, I wonder if it feels like an execution. Hamburger Harper fell to pieces. Mr. Nyberg’s platforms have run dry. Fucking TWITTER!

    Brianna Wu is one or two Milo articles away from getting a sex change operation and hiding out with a different name (that’s her MO, right?).

    1. The world will be a better place after twitter files for bankruptcy and ceases to exist in it’s current form. Without it the SJWs no longer have their ideal platform and youtube will only continue to be used to pound them into the dirt. Sure they’ll still have their blogs but nobody reads those fucking things except them.

  4. Wu wants to get away/take a break from “harassment”, so she publicly posts her email address. That just screams “BAIT!”

    1. Exactly, and that Wu needs to go to that kind of blatant length at this point shows that nobody really wants to directly interact with this idiot anymore even just to troll.

  5. Uh oh. Just like she totally left Twitter last year and let her GSX people tweet from her personal account? Is this the same thing.

    Also Wu can’t stop talking about GG. GG made her, gets her attention. She’ll never stop talking about it. She’ll be like Citizen Kane on his deathbed going “GaaaamerGaaaate!” before the death rattle.

  6. This is beautiful. not only does it confirm Wus lack of a degree….. it also confirms beyond doubt the “John Flynt” situation.

    1. Mike Rowe has pointed out more than once that college isn’t for everyone. And there’s some trade jobs that are, bluntly put, crazy good in terms of pay. You would not believe the demand for welders, for example.

  7. Roosters don’t lay eggs. That’s why we don’t call them hens. It’s not optional unless you’re detached from reality.

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