I don’t know if it’s right to be too hard on the British intelligence community, since on the whole, they’ve been a bit more successful than our own. And you have to keep in mind, Muslims, and presumably extremist ones, makeup a much larger portion of their overall population than we see in the US. Still, this is a pretty big failure, let’s not kid ourselves.

Also, this guy was moving back and forth between Libya and the United Kingdom. That’s not good. Also, I don’t believe his father. Either he’s just trying to put himself above suspicion (since two of his other sons were just arrested as well), or else he was just terribly misled.

Suicide bomber Salman Abedi’s father Ramadan appears to confirm his son visited him in Libya, Bloomberg report.

He said: “The last time we spoke, I told him he should come to fast during Ramadan with us in Libya, and he showed no objection.

“If he had anything in his mind by that time he would’ve disagreed.

“As we were discussing news of similar attacks earlier, he was always against those attacks, saying there’s no religious justification for them.

“I don’t understand how he’d have become involved in an attack that led to the killing of children.”

As I was writing this, news came out that the old man has been detained as w…


Just hours before, Ramadan spoke of his disbelief of hearing the news of Salman’s involvement, insisting he was innocent. 

We’ll see what happens with all this. Even though the Brits seemed to have dropped the ball at first, at least they appear to be putting the pieces together at a rapid pace.

  1. The sad thing is even if they persue the network behind the attack with extreme diligence the British government will probably still spend more taxpayer pounds on investigating people who were “spreading anti-Islamic hate-speech” on social media.

    What a fucking disgrace. Wake up already Western world, Islam is an existential threat to you.

  2. Are we really that suprised? History has alrdy shown how insane those islamists can be, Yet we keep looking away thanks to the PC police and their leftist agenda to get votes.

  3. That makes the British Authorities complicit in the attack since they just shrugged their shoulders and ignored it.

    Just like Obama and the FBI were complicit in the Boston Bombing since they ignored warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers.

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