I figured I’d do a short hit here on my phone before I had my slumber. If you’ve been reading for the past week, then you know that Randi Harper and Leigh Alexander have bitten off more than they can chew by attacking Anne Rice. We talked about Leigh laughably tweeting about having more Twitter followers than Rice, while neglecting to mention half of hers are fake. She also left out the part about Anne’s $50 million. It’s just like an SJW to only tell half the story. Or maybe she was wasted. That’s probably it.

Regardless, today she’s been officially declared a bully of young and aspiring writers by the Stop the Goodreads Bullies (STGRB) site. It’s not like we haven’t known this since the beginning of GamerGate, but it’s always nice to see others recognize it as well:



I don’t think I could have said it any better myself. Although maybe I did, back in September. I should go and re-read those classics. I know one person who read them, and that’s whoever wrote the STGRB article. They took a few screens without linking to my site, but did cite more mainstream ones. Yes, I’m gonna be that guy who says that’s weak as fuck, cause it is. But regardless, nothing will spoil my mood on this one. Seeing Leigh get named and shamed is very satisfying. What a way to wrap up the week.

I’ll hopefully be back with another short item before I pass out. If not, you know where to find me later this afternoon.

  1. Being declared an enemy of aspiring writers while trying to pursue a career in journalism.

    My thoughts on Ms Alexander are her own words aimed back at her.

    “this is not gonna be a career for her.”

  2. I’m sorry, but what exactly does Leigh think she can do to an aspiring writer to “burn” them? Even if she had impact on every single old-media outlet, this is the internet. There is literally nothing that can stop anyone from making a living as a journalist online. There are no barriers. Nobody can stop you from saying whatever the fuck you want. There is a world full of journalists out there who say shit Leigh doesn’t like and she hasn’t, can’t, and won’t ever touch them.

    She’s unbelievably full of herself for someone who writes a shitty game blog nobody reads at a shitty website full of stupid “hurr durr, look at this funny photo” posts that stopped being relevant half a decade ago.

    1. “I’m sorry”

      Don’t be. This is the type of person who deserves absolutely everything coming her way. Granted, a majority of SJWs are like that, but even most other SJWs come off better than her. They may be blind idealogues who refuse to listen to reason, but I rarely see them coming off as being outright evil as her, stating how much she delights in destroying people’s careers, constantly threatening people with her presumed position of power (“I am a megaphone”), and plainly admitting that she has a bias. Not to mention, she was one of the main culprits kicking this whole thing off with her “Gamers are dead” article.

  3. Absolutely glorious. You would think she would have learned a lesson about hubris by now, but obviously not.

  4. hey Ralph, I was in the 8chan thread where the person who is writing this up was talking in the Randi Harpoon bullying thread. this person has a direct link with Rice, and penned this host to send to the editor. They were going to link your site when it was suggested not to considering STGRB is not directly involved with GG. They were trying to minimize the possibility of either one of them claiming we’re just telling them lies thus dismissing Leigh Alexander and Randi Harper being posted on their website. If they linked directly to you, they could have used that as leverage needed to throw the whole organization under the bus. what I’m saying is, they didn’t link directly to gamergate websites, especially you, just so the accusation can stand on its own and not accidentally Screw both them and us at the same time. If they linked directly to you, STGRB would be lumped in with the, “misogynist woman hating brigade.” try not to hold it against anybody, it was done to avoid bullshit.

    1. I could see your point in them doing that. However, this only illustrates another problem: this straight-up lie by the mainstream media that we’re a misogynistic hate group needs to fucking end already.

      1. We have to prove how wrong they are about us before aligning ourselves with others on such a level. We may might not give a fuck about muh pr, but let’s not fly off the handle and drag someone else into our stigma; it might prematurely stunt the groth of their own mission. Let us deal with our own problems with these people and leave the STGRB to discover about these people through our findings in a way they’re not directly linkibg to a person who is visible let alone vocal within GG.

        Earlier today, the person who used Ralph’s one tweet screencap was told the article was gonna be removed because Ralph was vocalizing his disappointment on not crediting the image of Leighs tweet. This is what we need to avoid as to not link this shit DIRECTLY to GG. Doing so undermines the message these people are general bullies.

  5. This is the point where your Karma runs over your Dogma … Leigh it’s been a long time coming.

  6. So, can we finally expect to see that drunken bully Leigh and her career at long last go under?

    1. It’s been foundering for a while. This may be enough to send it to Davy Jones’s locker.

  7. On days like this i wish i believed in karma…

    Considering her close association with Randi, ZQ etc we should BLAST CON and OAPI All over this…After all bulkying and harassment doesn’t suddenly become ok when It’s your friends doing it…

    I believe having others pointing it out without the association to gamergate gives us a very strong case…

  8. This is the best way to start my summer vacation, to see this vile person get listed as a bully.

  9. It’s amazing to watch the ship these idiots are on slowly sink with the on it.

    And a lot of prominent figures are the ones who are doing it, it’s almost to the point who’s gonna get shot down next.

    Place your bets everyone!

    1. …and th’ funniest part iz that they aren’t even aware when they’ve beshitted their own trousers…theyre too busy with th’ self-back-pattery to notice that farts don’t have lumps and gravy,,,

  10. I won’t be happy until someone posts cell phone pics of leigh working at a McDonald’s counter. People who do these sort of things need to be utterly destroyed, lest they bide their time, building up their credibility and then get back on top and in a position to abuse again. Sort of like Napoleon’s first exile.

    1. Other than their choice of places to eat, what have McD’s customers done that deserves that? 😛

  11. She does take a peak at Ralph’s site on occasion folks, so let her have it 🙂 :), hey Leigh, Leeeiiigh, hey lush, I am afraid becoming a will known bully/abuser instead of unbiased, respected, journalist/reviewer is becoming your reality, drink it up, doofus, but you’re going to need a dozen cases of Jack Daniel’s & Johnnie Walker, straight up, sour-puss.

  12. What Leigh doesn’t seem to understand is what movie stars, rock stars, production companies never get. She is only as powerful as how much anybody gives a shit. People like me had never heard of her pre-GG and still don’t care. I’ve been to her new site once. She pissed and moaned about “diversity” with not on–NOT ONE–piece on able gaming. Was that a requirement? No. But hard to proclaim you’re for diversity when.. you’re not.

  13. If you’re an aspiring writer and by some remarkable means Leigh Alexander exerts her influence (humor me here) to prevent a particular site or publication from buying your work, be thankful. She has actually, by no intent of her own, done you a favor. Because you really don’t want to be involved with any entity that can be influenced by Leigh Alexander. They may seem like rational people at first glance but Leigh has blown their cover as a service to you.

  14. Leigh Alexander was drunk for 7 days at gdc? How was that supposed to be different than any other 7 days?

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