Sometimes, you look at someone who has fallen so far off their pinnacle and it makes you sad. This is not one of those times. In fact, this is one of the times when it makes you smile so big you worry your face might get stuck that way. I’ve written about the subject of today’s story, Bryan Dunn, aka KingOfPol on several occasions. Not only that, I’ve worked with him on shows and stories many times in the past so I know his peculiarities well.

I’ve talked about those as well as his history many times, but for those who don’t know this guy (since he’s now irrelevant and I’m only writing this to pile on) here’s a primer:

  1. He’s a pathological liar who will lie about anything at anytime for any reason. This should always be kept in the forefront of your mind when thinking about and discussing KingOfPol.
  2. He’s one of the most gullible people on earth. There’s nothing too dumb for him to believe. However, he’s also known to lie to make others believe his garbage after he’s gotten tricked.
  3. Which leads us to 3. He lied about The Denton Leak, then told lies to Fredrick Brennan and the rest of GamerGate to try to get us to believe it. GG was never the same after.
  4. KingOfPol has been labeled a nut due to his multiple spergouts after the Denton Leak. He’s admitted to having severe psychological problems as a result of his GamerGate involvement.

Despite all this, the guy can be funny and cool to hang around with. Some of his interviews are also pretty entertaining. The only thing is, he will eventually lie about you, or attack you, or stab you in the back, so it eventually gets to be too tedious to deal with this fucker on the friendship level. Sargon of Akkad made that decision today.

And it wasn’t pretty for Pol. Things got ugly for the little “lying retard”…


Bryan tried some lame come backs, but I think he was startled by the severity of that smackdown. It reminded me of this…


Then, if that wasn’t enough embarrassment, KoP decided to put out an insane audio rant where he calls Sargon “literally TheRalphRetort,” among other things. Thing he begs for him to apologize at the end of the recording like the pussy he is. It’s truly pathetic, ladies and gentlemen.

Online recording software >>


I didn’t think this clown could sink any lower, but I guess I was wrong. Sargon was one of the last people defending his crazy ass and now he’s rejected him just like almost everyone else. I would say I feel bad for him, but I don’t. Please keep making yourself into a joke, KingOfPol. I need the entertainment.

  1. You missed one

    5. He’s an complete cuck which he’s girlfriend said he’s not the best lover she ever had. Also if Weev ask her back, she would go back to him.

    What an assclown. Seriously he needs help. What an asshat.

  2. Now he’ll vanish from the internet for a few months, come back, apologize, and then eventually cause more drama. Loved the guy’s streams back when he actually ran streams. Oh well.

      1. I stopped paying attention to him once he stopped producing content. I think Jim is the only high profile friend he’s still got and that’s only in the same sense that Butters might be considered to have Stan, Cartman or Kyle as friends

  3. Ralph, you stuck up for this fuckwit more than once. You called me and others who called KoP out for what he is an eceleb liar a “traitor” you labeled us as traitors and you defended him and InternetAristocrat until you couldn’t anymore.

    You narrowed me down on Twitter and called by a “traitor” to gamegate for daring to question KOP because of this incident I’ve never been able to trust you fully. I respect what you got to say because I know your opinion is biased especially to you’re friends. As you told us all once KOP made you and made gamergate.

    What you did by insulting gamergate because we refuted Kingofpol and other ecelebs hurt the movement. I personally blame you for the slow demise of gamergate. Fuck KingofPol you are the one who went after the plebs for questioning him.

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