I was sitting here reading a shit piece put out yesterday by Vox (I’ll get into that tomorrow morning) when I was alerted to some new happenings on Twitter concerning Brianna Wu. The laughs never end with that place. I guess I better sit back and enjoy it for now, since censorship seems to be on the way. Anyway, let me get to this story before I pass out for a few hours.

We all know Wu is an insufferable egomaniac prone to exaggerating threats and making up falsehoods about anyone deemed a threat to her victimhood mission, even friends. The only question Brianna asks before she acts dishonestly is how to leverage her lies into cash. So what did she do? She immediately started trying to bait trolls almost as soon as she setup the Steam Greenlight page:


No, comrade, she couldn’t even wait one fucking day. This is Brianna Wu, professional victim extraordinaire we’re talking about here. She didn’t get to where she is from lack of effort. It takes a lot of hard work to be such a money-grubbing phony. This is hilarious by itself, but we haven’t gotten to the main event. Wu has been having some disagreements with a veteran Steam moderator and It’s not going well…for her.

Take a look: B9HeJrvCUAMnzyV

When she saw this guy wasn’t buying the bogus SJW-style propaganda about her game, she moved right into part two of the playbook: bribery:


The Steam mods have more integrity than the staff writers at Kotaku and Polygon, so the guy turned it down:


Wu was crying because she was getting rekt left and right, not by harassment, but by knowledgeable gamers hitting her with the cold hard facts: B9IiEIpCIAE7y0d

I guess she was mad about us calling out her lies, such as this quote, which she said came from the press. The only problem is, it actually came from her own press release. Classic Wu. B886IvZIIAEYN6p (1)Selection_999(025)

There’s even more, but I wanna play the new Hardline beta before I go to sleep. Just check out the thread over on Steam if you want some more laughs. She’s so used to her SJW hugbox, that she has no idea what hit her. Gamers can smell a rat like you coming from a mile away, Wu. You better change the playcalling up, cause the same ole bullshit isn’t gonna work.

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