Well, GamerGate hates to be the one to say we told you so, but, we told you so. And actually, I don’t hate that shit at all. I am starting to have an unhealthy dislike for Gawker Media, though. Although last night they may have bitten off a little bit more than they can chew. One of their hacks ran a story on Timothy Geithner’s brother, David. Tim used to be the president of the New York Federal Reserve before serving as Treasury Secretary under President Obama. David is the chief financial officer for Condé Nast. Needless to say, the family is connected as fuck.

Gawker published an amazingly vindictive report on David, seeming to show that he tried to meet up with a gay porn star. Some are questioning this retelling of events due to the fact that the man making the accusations is a notorious flake. There are some holes there, and if they can be sued, they will be. You think Hulk Hogan is trouble? They definitely don’t want the Geithner family to come knocking. I can guarantee you this has reached the highest levels of the administration already today. Many people are asking what excuse they even have to run this? David wasn’t a politician advocating against gay rights, or even a politician at all. I’d never even heard of him. He’s just some executive. Had it been Tim, OK, that would have made a little more sense.

We’ve reported on almost every Gawker misdeed over the last year or so, and this one is no different. But one thing that is different, is that they’re catching heat from all corners. The mainstream media and its chattering class are coming down hard on the gossip site:


Even some of its own writers have turned against this. You might be looking for a job pretty soon, knowing Denton:1

But wait, there’s more:


Huffington Post editor:

Reporter for Capital:


Our friend Mike Cernovich (and weev), whose book I’m still going to review very soon:



Of course Milo is on the case, and his thoughts will be out shortly I’ve been told:



Here’s a few more, starting with Mr. Baldwin:


(Here’s that USA Today report, as well as the advertiser info.)

Their Google results:1

Here are some of just a few stories written to slam them:

How Gawker Completed Disgusted Everyone on the Internet 

Gawker Just Went From Toxic to Radioactive

Internet Turns on Gawker After Gossip News Site Attempts to Out High Profile Media Executive 

Gawker Media Slammed for Outing Married Man

Gawker Slammed for Story Outing Condé Nast Exec

Gawker drags media coverage to a new low, outing an executive just because they can

David Geither himself weighed in:

“I don’t know who this individual is. This is a shakedown. I have never had a text exchange with this individual. He clearly has an ulterior motive that has nothing to do with me.”

If that is the case, then I hope you sue the shit out of Denton and finally end his reign of terror once and for all. Hulk Hogan and you together might be able to break this bastard. They’re really starting to piss regular people off more than ever before. I guess that’s what happens when you position yourself as this progressive outlet, but repeatedly go around outing gay people, accusing stars of being rapists with zero evidence, and publishing sex tapes. The list goes on and on:


How are these people still around? At least the full-scale mobilization is finally beginning. Let’s keep the pressure up. Don’t let them slink back into their hole for another couple of months until they completely outrage us again. Send those emails, tell your friends, spread this story far and wide. The time has come to finish the job and sink Gawker Media for good.


UPDATE: Milo has weighed in with a column of his own…

Gawker knew it was a shakedown from the very beginning. The “escort” specifically told the blogging network that Geithner promised to take one of the escort’s conspiracy theories to President Obama if he got Gawker to kill the story.

Let that sink in for a second: the conspiracy theorist’s plan was to use Gawker as leverage over Geithner. And Gawker acted as a willing participant in gay extortion. A man’s reputation was held hostage at blogpoint and an editor went ahead and pulled the trigger, perhaps even knowing the story was shaky.

Evidently, Gawker is the kind of place where they hold up pictures of Sabrina Erdely and say: “Now this is how you do it!”

Many of my Twitter followers use “archive links” to deny advertising revenue to sites they dislike. It’s a way of producing a photocopy, if you like, of web content that does not generate new clicks, and therefore ad revenue, when readers visit.

I have in the past resisted using services like that out of journalistic solidarity. But after Gawker’s appalling story about David Geithner, there is no more solidarity to be had with them. No reputable journalist can recognise that company as a responsible reporting outlet.

From now on, it’s archive.today all the way.


Tommy Craggs is the executive editor of Gawker, who used to run Deadspin (he turned it into complete shit, btw).

Adam Weinstein (from above) also chimes in to let us know he was secretly fired from Gawker last month, and simply refused to stand by their bullshit report. He’s still a piece of shit, so no sympethey there. But still, at least he’s calling them out as well.

UPDATE II: Gawker pulls the story…

(archive link)

Denton himself comments

The point of this story was not in my view sufficient to offset the embarrassment to the subject and his family. Accordingly, I have had the post taken down. It is the first time we have removed a significant news story for any reason other than factual error or legal settlement.

The Gawker Media editorial staff has come out and condemned the takedown nonetheless…


(archive link)

  1. at this point the only Gawking going on is everybody watching the continued trainwreck that is Gawker Media

      1. I was surprised too. I don’t want to link to Salon, but the headline read: “Gawker drags media coverage to a new low, outing an executive just because they can” .

    1. Like anything there is a line in the sand where any decent human being has to take a stand and come out of their comfort zone.

      I feel people who long been against us are showing great courage by coming out and speaking against Gawker rather than trying to push a narrative.

      We shouldn’t use this movement to attack our former adversaries but join with them to condemn what Gawker did

  2. Watching Gawker burn is fucking wonderful. Good source of heat as well. Mmmmmmm…toasty.

    Also, fuck Lena Dunham trying to distance herself from them now. What a disgusting untalented molester of family members.

    1. I still find it disgusting as fuck that people are still defending Lena’s actions for what she did to her sister.

      1. It’s even more fucked up that people are defending her and shitting on Josh Duggar when both of them did the same exact thing. Both of those gross child molesters should be strapped to a rocket to the Sun.

      2. Every I hear Lena Denhams name (or even worse yet see a pic of her) I think about what she did to her sister and I shudder.

        The fact that she seems to consider what she did “normal” makes me want to throw up…

    2. What Gawker did here was so outrageous that it is their normal allies that you’d expect to be pissed.

      What a terrible calculation on their part.

    1. What a surprise. Movie Blob is a wagon hopper, always ready to scream, “I TOLD YOU SO! I WAS SPEAKING AGAINST THIS BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!”, even if he was singing their praises the day before.

      Just watch – the minute Anita is exposed for the con artist she is, Movie Blob will be tweeting, “SEE, I TOLD YOU SHE WAS A LIAR!” before his laptop gets warm.

      1. Really is disgusting how he thinks he always has the moral high ground like that, and he still has the gall to blame GamerGate for “taking the fun out of it”. BTW, I know that Screw Attack allowed the bastard back, but how’s his viewership doing right now? The idea of his audience numbers rightfully taking a major hit is the only positive I could see from his actions.

        1. I think that the screw attacks audience is growing, but only because their fights have increased in awesomeness as of late. (and that the next one is a rematch between (Kakkerot and Kal El)

        2. I’m enjoying the fact that after MovieBlob and Jim “Everyone is a sellout but me” Sterling were replaced by Lizzy and Brendan, aGGros were screaming that The Escapist was going to turn into Breitbart or StormFront, yet the site hasn’t changed its tone or focus one bit.

  3. You know that Gawker dun fucked up when even some of their most strident supporters leave hundreds of “WTF, GAWKER?” remarks in the comments section.

    I’m sure the fact that this guy was the CEO of Conde Nast – the owners of Reddit – had nothing to do with this. Nope. No sirreeee!

  4. This is literally the best opportunity for a full advertising email push we’ve had since Sam Biddle.

    Outing and bullying gay people. This should be email blast 2.0, right now and for the next month. It absolutely will have an affect.

  5. When you got Cernovich, weev, Greenwald, and Lena fucking Dunham all on the same side, you know you done fucked up good.

    And Ralph, Cernovich is offering money to anyone who has any greasy information against anyone at Gawker. Should totallly plug that tweet into the back end of the article.

  6. Gamergate cost Gawker millions in ad revenue, and that was with no media attention. With nearly everyone in mainstream media shitting on Gawker now, how much is this going to cost them?

  7. Jesus. Gawker just can’t help fucking themselves over, can they? I’m interested to see how many more of their SJW allies turn on them for this, and I’m going to be reading about future events relating to this with a very happy smirk on my face. You reap what you fucking sow, Gawker. This is the grave you dug for yourselves, now lie in it and be buried by your own bullshit.

    Meanwhile, I’mma party like it’s 1999.

  8. I can’t help but feel most of this outrage comes from the fact that the target is the brother of former Treasury Secretary under Obama, that is, somebody likely left-leaning. If he were some conservative CEO none of these normies would give two shits (tactics, targets, etc)

    With that said, anything to stoke the flames at this point. Burn, Gawker, burn.

    1. Undoubtedly true, but that only means that we can expect the more moderate liberals out there to start hacking to pieces the institutions they normally support when those institutions cross their (imaginary) line in the sand on gay ethics.

    2. I’m really at a loss on this one, I am not experiencing any outrage and frankly this yet another trip into outrage culture by GG irritates me. It does prove what I’ve been saying all along though which is that Gawker’s staff would sell their own children’s organs for clicks and that they’re not loyal or true to anything and never will be.

      It’s also further proof that Gawker is not in any way a news site. Neither “Hulk Hogan has sex” nor “some guy tangentially related to the White House is a gay” are newsworthy items.

      In any case yes you’re right, this is only blowing up on them because they just bit down hard on the collective cock of the hyper-progressives they’ve been fellating for years. So suddenly they don’t have a single friend left in the world.

      Also I find all the outrage about “outing a gay man” to be a bit odd in 2015, twenty or even ten years ago sure but today? All the gays are openly gay now.

      1. Geithner was a target purely for being a competitor, but it backfired because of his political connections (again, as moviebob would say, he was a bad target). If you look through Max Read’s Twitter, he takes jabs at Gawker’s competitors CONSTANTLY (Buzzfeed, Vice, etc). It’s like watching roaches fight rats.

        It’s very interesting to see all the calls for “muh privacy” when I KNOW that wouldn’t be happening if he had any ties to conservative figures. I can’t say, given his status, I feel sympathy for him (especially since Conde Nast is home to a bunch of trash rags as well). But if this is what it takes to unite people against the shitheap of an organization known as Gawker, so be it.

        1. We fight with the army we have, even if some GG liberals really hate that GG isn’t exclusively left leaning itself.

    3. I don’t care for US politics, this is not right, the only way I would see it as reasonable is if that hypothetical conservative was openly homophobic and anti lgtb rights advocate. Otherwise I do not care in the slightest about political orientation, because it is not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of human fucking decency.

      1. It is, and unfortunately that doesn’t really matter to either group of political blowhards in this country, which is why this comment is a thing. I’m pretty sure that if the man was a dyed in the wool republican, the same people bitching now would be REALLY quiet about it.

        Kinda like how they’ve been REALLY quiet over the last shooting that just occurred here. White podunk psychopath in South Carolina kills a bunch of black folks in a church? 24 hour national coverage and outrage machine manifest. Foreign born muslim with the most Arabic name you can think of kills and wounds a bunch of soldiers at a support group meeting? Page 6 material, at best.

        Human decency doesn’t come close to mattering to our left wing. It’s why some of the more obnoxious American liberals in GG have been attempting to tone police GG. They don’t want to hear that they bed they sleep in is a fundamental part of the problem we’re facing, and they don’t want to fight against people who wear the progressive label like they do.

        1. I don’t know man, I’ve heard about that solider shooting even in my little European shithole, that aside yes, the problems do stem from the left and there is no denying that.
          I myself am progressive in a sense that I want to give everyone the right to live, do and say what they want freely and equally. The problem is when that progressiveness becomes inclusive, when it goes to such an extreme that any opposing view or even an unpleasant one, starts to become a target of censorship. This is what happened to the left, they have become the monster they hate, they are trying to intrude on other peoples liberties and thoughts. It took even me some time to adjust to that, to accept that for the first time in my life I find more solidarity with the right because there is always that starting animosity towards people who feel differently about certain things and it is on a personal level a bit hard to support something that you do not agree with, but in the end I want for those people to be able to also think and live differently or do things the way they want to do them. Be they left, right, conservative or otherwise. In a normal scenario yes I too would be offended by some things, for example some of the things Milo writes, but I still respect and support the man and I would never want him censored. As far as I remember Ralph too is/was quite left leaning. In the end like I’ve said before in one of my comments, shit is shit, no matter what side of the road it is, and I’ll feel the stench even more if it’s on the side of the road I’m walking on.

          1. The vast majority of Gamergate is left leaning in their ideals, at least from what I’ve seen. That includes myself as well, though I do make a tendency to spit out the word liberal like it burns my tongue.

            On the surface it would seem that western politics across the board seem to have seen this horrific surge of authoritarian nonsense, but the brutal reality is that this sort of thing has been there for a very long time. In England, in the 70s, feminists threatened, usurped, and effectively exiled the very woman who created the first battered woman’s shelter on the face of the earth. They killed her dog, their threats were so constant and substantial that she had to have police protection, and eventually she fled to the U.S.

            In the 70s in America, the majority of the academically inclined left said that everything the West had to say about Communism was a fabricated lie, that it was propaganda used to keep the masses down and the capitalist warmongers in power. They denied that the Tiananmen Square Massacre ever occurred, and accused Gorbachev of being a sellout puppet bought by the U.S.

            These people are the ones who destroyed the Science Fiction and Fantasy community back in the 80s, during its golden era where it had become very popular in the public imagination, when it had become most profitable to publish. Their cry was the same it is now, 30 years later. “Sci-fi has to grow up and become progressive.”

            What we’re dealing with isn’t new, and it isn’t fringe. This is Progressivism at its purest, most core, and most influential state. It is a rabid, fact denying ideology that hates anything outside of its very narrow views, and is very active in trying to shape the world to its liking. Folks like you and I and Ralph? We were raised by these people, and it’s very clear to us now that they have ZERO self awareness and not an honest bone in their bodies. So we have these ideals that are ostensibly “left wing” but we’re also growing very untrusting and hostile towards leftists of all shades because it’s become apparent that they are not who they say they are, and in turn its starting to seem that a lot of conservatives may have been on to something all along.

          2. So we have these ideals that are ostensibly “left wing” but we’re also growing very untrusting and hostile towards leftists of all shades because it’s become apparent that they are not who they say they are, and in turn its starting to seem that a lot of conservatives may have been on to something all along.

            Not really, we’re just saying to the SJW-style leftists that we aren’t leaving, if they want ideological purity, then they can leave.

          3. If the “Ethics Only” GGers are anything to go by, if our collective anger at the hit pieces and air time produced by MSN and ABC, is the many comments across a multitude of GG communities about their votes in the November midterm election are anything to go by…

            I stand by my statement.

  9. This is absolutely brutal. It needs to be repeated, so it’s clear: This guy isn’t a gay-bashing politician or someone using his influence to fight gay rights. More than that, he was unfailingly polite through the whole thing, even after it became clear Escort Boy was off his rocker, and even after it became clear he was being shaken down.

    For good or bad, it’s extraordinarily difficult to win libel cases here in the US. On the good side, that gives responsible media (of which there are fewer and fewer outlets these days) the legal protection to report in good faith without fear of being destroyed by honest mistakes. But the standard of proof for libel also means that assholes like Denton and his Gawker crew can and do get away with abhorrent behavior like this.

    We’ll see what happens. One thing is clear — Geithner does not lack for resources and undoubtedly has already spoken to a top-tier attorney.

  10. When Gawker goes up in flames along with it’s most scumbag of scumbag members Nick Denton and Sam Biddle, I’ll be there with a stick roasting marshmallows.

    Seriously, this site needs to die.

  11. I’ve never seen Gawker back down on one of their hit pieces before, this is big even by their standards. These people are a bunch of vile, capricious bullies and they deserve to burn.

  12. Gay men shouldn’t fear being out of the closet nor should they feel guilty about enjoying the company of someone that happens to engage in some form of sex work. Many of you act as though being “found out” to have had relations with a porn star is some vile thing that no one should ever know about. Does the idea of working doing porn really bother all you prudes that much?

    1. I have no idea how you came to that conclusion after reading the comments here.

      The outrage here is due to his private life being made public for no good reason other than clickbait…

  13. just read the archive, one hell of a thing for a “news” outlet to publish, it is clearly some form of blackmail/revenge article about a private individual.

  14. Did…did the Huffinton Post editor just use an archive link?

    That’s it, I’m calling it: We have changed the internet.

  15. In response to Natasha VC from Jezebel:

    If somebody’s sexuality is, by your standards, a news story, then you are gay shaming.

    In response to anyone defending Gawker publishing this story:

    Remember back in August 2014 how Jezebel and the whole Gawker media family said “what a woman does in the bedroom is nobody’s business.” In July 2015, almost a year later, what a gay man does in the bedroom is a national headline and you’re a crybaby apparently if you think it shouldn’t be reported as such.

  16. “Remnants of Gawker, I bring messages for you all.

    To the gamers who pick the bones of their still warm corpse: Do as you please, you are under #GamerGate’s protection.

    To the cowards hiding behind the claims of sexism and harassment: You will not be spared.

    And to Denton: We’ve already won. Ruined your business with emails and a few shitposting tweets. That’s how little the ethics you’ve provided was worth.

    And when the dawn comes, when Gawker lies in ruins and we turn our gaze to the outlets beyond, the legend of Mainstream Media will be worth nothing at all.”

  17. Careful with the boycott everyone. If we keep going like this there won’t be anything left for Hogan when he beats them in court.

  18. Ethics ia the intersection of the true and the good.
    #GG was only the most obvious. The problem with “If it bleeds, it leads” is the temptation to engage in bloodletting.

  19. Juul e-cigs is another sponsor. They have ads on Gawker and bring the party to them: https://archive.is/hBNpq

    Adam Bowen is the co-founder of Pax Labs, which manufactures Juul e-cigs. He wants his products to have a conscience:

    “Consumers… want to know that the goods they purchase are developed, produced, marketed, and sold in a manner that respects the environment, the company’s employees, and customers….This isn’t just starry-eyed idealism speaking. Surveys reveal that 55 percent of online users will pay more for products and services provided by companies that are dedicated to positive social and environmental impact.”


    Positive social impact? If that’s true, Adam, why was your product supporting the gay-shaming found in Gawker’s coverage of the David Geithner story and his alleged “outing?” Your brand was right there on the page leading to the story!

    Ask Adam yourself via email: [email protected] gmail.com

    1. Remember the code of conduct of Disrespectful Nod. We are not here to attack or shame those who advertise with Gawker, We are here to show them the sorts of content that their brand is associated with, and urge them in a respectful, forward manner to reconsider their partnership with entities associated with say.. the hostile, nigh homophobic, public outing of gay CFOs of big businesses with connections to the current federal administration.

  20. Man, been playing Saint’s Row 4 the past few days, I haven’t been keeping up, but I had wondered why today felt so PERFECT! Not hot, it was windy, no humidity…

    And this is happening to Gawker?


    I think NOT!

  21. Engines online.
    Sensors online.
    Weapons online.

    Commence Operation Disrespectful Nod 2.0: The Re-Biddling.

  22. Anyone else suspect that hit piece got written and published due to the rampant anti-capitalist streak running through SJW’s warped minds?

  23. I like how Denton basically says it was pulled because “it’s not interesting enough”. Bravo Nick, bravo, people called me an insufferable cunt before but I don’t think I could reach your level even if I tried.

  24. Adam Weinstein only called Gawker out because he’s looking for a job right now, and doesn’t want this shit show following him into every interview. Do what you gotta do, I guess.

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