In case you didn’t know, Gawker Media is pretty much in flames right now. Last week, Nick Denton ceded control of the company over to a board, which he will still head. So, that in and of itself isn’t too major, although it does show that even Denton knows his current approach isn’t working. Firing the editorial director is another sign of Denton’s displeasure, not that he’s trying to hide it. Months of body blows at the hands of GamerGate, Hulk Hogan, insurance companies, and the FTC, would leave any media baron in a nasty mood.

A couple months ago they were laughing at GamerGate, but now the tables have turned. In truth, Gawker Media has been on a downward swing for a few years, at least. I remember Deadspin being one of my favorite sites to visit. I used to go there daily, sometimes multiple times per-day. The way they said fuck political correctness really spoke to me. Now, they’re a shell of their former selves, promoting whatever wacky Jezebel-lite talking point that’s going around on any given day. They’ve also started to dip their toes into political waters, and that’s not something I wanted to see them do, either.

Basically, the current leadership has put Deadspin into the shitter. That would be a way to sum the story up more concisely.

Another thing that has helped seal their reputation as a place you don’t want to do business with, is they way they treated ad partners who left them. Sponsorships end and resume all the time. But you don’t trash former backers when they leave. It’s a horrible way to conduct operations, and makes companies think twice about spending their limited ad dollars with you. Only insolent fools act this way:

If you’ll notice, that attack on Intel was written by Gawker’s editor-in-chief, Max Read. He’s made a ton of mistakes. One of the biggest, was laughing about our anti-bully pushback when it kicked off. It left the whole company flat-footed. If Denton had any fucking sense in that tax-dodging brain of his, he would have fired Read as well. But, I’m glad he didn’t. Because I’m sure this colossal fuck up will hurt them again, in an even bigger way. We just have to give him time. The guy is in way over his head, and it shows.

(He laughed that first day. But once the sponsors started dropping, he knew he had fucked up. Also, check out the emails he sent to readers around this time. He undoubtedly made the situation worse for his employer.)

They used to laugh at us, until we wreaked havoc on their operations. They always hated us, of course, and still do. But now they know that we’re a force to be reckoned with. Milo Yiannopoulos explained it well in his column the other day. Gawker has become radioactive, and GamerGate has helped give them that status:

“In recent years, Gawker has become closely associated, in particular through its Jezebel blog, with these radical feminist activists, who demand that their stories of rape, abuse and harassment be believed without journalists being allowed to perform basic checks. This principle, say GamerGate supporters, critics of Rolling Stone and others, runs contrary to basic journalistic ethics, which require more skepticism before the widespread publication of serious allegations…

Although Gawker’s revenue continues to grow year-on-year, GamerGate supporters can rightly claim to have given the company a significant bloody nose.”

They’re not going bankrupt anytime soon, but they are becoming more stale, and out-of-touch. With all their legal problems, who knows what will happen. Personally, I’m hoping Hulk Hogan collects on that $100 million lawsuit. I’m not sure what the insurance company they fucked over is suing for, but I hope they clean their clocks as well. Here at TheRalphRetort, we’ll keep highlighting all the nonsense and bile that comes out of the Gawker shithole. As I said the other day, we now settle in for the long fight.


        1. *holds out arms* bring it in, for moral boost purposes, of course. Now in our dark winter we must keep the flames of victory alight, for the sake of our allies and our descendants, to save vidya.

          1. thank you sir! i leave you with a message that i hope you take with you!

            all the stories that has been told and all the untold stories yet to be heard! we look to the past for guidance as what we were… are… and are going to be!

            gamers come together and we acomplished something the world has not! we came together all of us be it race gender or border! we work together to better the future for all of us! it does not matter what the message of the story is and how it is shown.. rather we need these stories to see what we were and are and hope to be to better ourselves!

            because if we do not, then we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes so many others before us made!

            whatever the reason we come together for… we need to grow as people and help one another when a friend is in need!

            i hope i made some sence! i’m not entirely sure myself

  1. The other side likes to say the financial damage we did is insignificant, yet the Editorial Director got fired over it. I know how corporations work too and they wont be taking the losses away from the shareholders because the board wont allow it especially now that there is a board.

    You have to ask why there’s a board now? Why Denton would cede power to the shareholders unless he had to? So obviously he had to, which indicates the shareholders are pissed and the shareholders being pissed indicates that they think the company has been fucking up and either losing them money or getting ready to lose them money.

    So because I know how corporations work I think I know where the loss is going to be made felt, employee pay, bonuses and benefits. Get wrecked Gawker staff.

    1. Yeah, it’s one of those things where they will say “well we only lost a small part of our budget” while their shareholders are looking for the same GAINS in budget that previous years had, which could be millions of dollars more than they made the previous year.

      1. There’s another long term effect this change in structuring will probably have which is that the environment and culture of Gawker will become more stereotypically corporate.

        What that means in a nutshell is they’ll become far quicker to just toss anyone out the door they see as being a financial, legal or public liability.

        Also while they probably wont jump to implement an actual ethics policy they’ll probably hammer out a “how we’re going to avoid getting sued and losing sponsors so fucking much” policy which will probably go nearly as far in terms of yanking the leashes of the biggest shitheels on staff.

    2. Stop please if i hear any more explanations from you i won’t be able to contain my excitement. Reading how Gawker is hurting externally and bleeding internally makes me all happy inside.

    1. Gawker is only one tooth in the cog. I won’t be happy until the entire SJW gear is stripped and discarded into the dustbin of history.

      1. I agree my friend.
        But part of me tells me that #GamerGate is not strong enough to deal with the whole SJW army.
        Their foothold in this world seems like it is too much for our consumer revolt to handle.

        1. Well, SJWs are going after Metal now, and #MetalGate is officially a thing.

          So if we get the Metal crowd in on #GamerGate, SJW-ism will stand even less of a chance than it does now.

          1. Expanding our movement should be our main strategy.
            Doesn’t matter if they are different, doesn’t matter if they don’t carry the #GamerGate flag.
            If they share our common enemy, we should try to incorporate and welcome them.

            I’d say that should be the general strategy if we want to have any chance.

          2. SJW only APPEAR to by “big” because they are loud and most people don’t care enough to argue.
            Trust me, most people just want to avoid talking to these people about anything. Just nod, smile, give them what they want and they’ll hopefully shut up and/or go away.
            I regularly get told to ignore SJW by friends, to just tolerate their bullshit and mock them privately. Because that’s the amusing thing. These SJW types are not popular not liked. They are tolerated because they aren’t ALWAYS terrible and they kick up a massive stink otherwise.
            For most people, life is just too short to give a shit about trying to reform these people. Fact is, they’re all so hypocritical that as SOON as there is no audience for their bullshit they conveniently discard their firmly held values, or if they justify it (as in all the threats, harassment and doxing of GG)

        2. Doesn’t matter – We will keep it up, and eventually other reasonable people in the scientific, atheist/skeptic, comic, and movie communities will fight back too.

          Thunderf00t has been fighting these people for years before gamergate, when they made the PC-BS “atheism+” where your class of oppression matters more than your logic.

          Gamergate isn’t the end, people are getting tired of this stuff.

  2. A bloody nose is just the beginning. This is the early rounds still. The match continues, Gawker. And by the end, there’ll be many more broken things than noses.

    They should not have not awoken the sleeping giant, nor filled him with terrible resolve.

  3. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Churchill

  4. I used to like reading Gawker, i09, Jezebel, Lifehacker, and Kotaku up until the past 2 or 3 years, when it was becoming evident that they were inching away from writing great articles to posting shameless clickbait and pushing an extreme left agenda.

    Gawker used to post great articles about the struggles of finding employment, the underhanded treatment of Wal Mart employees, and the occasional juicy dirt on celebs.

    Jezebel used to present a level look at women’s issues, and now almost every article can be summed up as “MEN ARE EVIL AND THE CAUSE OF EVERY BAD THING THAT HAPPENS TO WOMEN!”

    Kotaku was my go-to site for news about video games and upcoming releases. Then it devolved into a bunch of silly clickbait bullshit about how “wacky” the Japanese are, or ridiculous propaganda that all but claimed that Brad Wardell and Max Temkin were rapists on no proof aside from the fact that they were men accused of rape.

    Even Deadspin wasn’t safe. They let it be used as a platform by Chris Kluwe-less to rant about shit that was barely related to football.

    At this point, i09 and Lifehacker are safe, since they manage (for the most part) to just talk about sci-fi/fantasy, and give helpful shortcuts and tips respectively, and not make 12 articles a day bitching about #GamerGate and 12 more about how to properly present your children for sacrifice to the Great Blood Empress Sarkissian.

    1. Even Lifehacker has gone way downhill compared to when I first started following it something like 6 or 7 years ago. If I remember right, its dive happened around 2010/2011, not within the past few years.

    2. Agreed with everything except the parts about Jezebel ever being rational or levelheaded… They’ve always been nuts – Years ago they published an article and had lots of comments essentially saying “Yeah I beat up my boyfriend… It was fun, and hillarious!”

    3. As someone who had never heard of Gawker or any of their sites before I thank you for the added perspective. It’s hard to believe a company as large as theirs could become so toxic in such a short time. The bar is set pretty low when you have a “news” agency reporting on people shitting their pants.

    4. While io9 may not have fallen as far as the other Gawker affiliates, they too have been infected by the SJW cancer. It happened after a significant turnover/purging of their writing staff roughly two years ago. When they began posting fatuous articles about the “inherent misogyny” of geek culture, and concern trolling over the cinematic depiction of citywide destruction, I stopped visiting the site altogether.

  5. I’ve said it before, the only part of Gawker I still like is Lifehacker, and I wish there was a way they’d branch out on their own again.

  6. I just want to point that that a lot of people who don’t like Gawker still go to there sites. If you don’t like them then don’t go there. You still give them their hits. Don’t give them any hits. That includes not going there just to tell them how much a certain article sucks.

  7. Re: Gawker’s insurance lawsuit:

    Gawker’s legal fund insurance co. that’s suing is doing so, basically for a fraudulent claim. The insurance company they used is there to provide legal fund assistance in the event of “slip and fall” or similar bodily injury on-premises cases, and Gawker took out a claim from them trying to claim that the Hulk Hogan case is covered due to “emotional distress” qualifying under their “bodily injury” clause. The insurance company said nope and is suing to get that money back.

    1. Also, according to the sources reporting on this, Gawker was paying a premium to another legal fund insurance co. that would’ve covered the Hogan case! Topkek

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