I woke up late today after a long night. If you know me in real life, you would understand my “morning” demeanor a little bit better. Basically, I’m kinda mean as hell when I wake up. OK, yes, I’m known for being fairly mean at all times, but it’s especially potent during my first hour or so of consciousness. So, when I got up today and saw so much pussyfooting by well-known people who are supposed to be solid, I had to make my feelings felt. Moderation is not the answer. Finishing the enemy off and sticking the bayonet through their jugular is what I’m interested in. 

Now, many of the people telling us to go soft, or abandon the GamerGate name are folks I respect. Do not misunderstand me here. But they also have a nasty tendency to legitimize the views of people who have given up the fight and are now focused on ruining our resistance through concern trolling. By even talking to these idiots, you are legitimizing their position. When you explicitly co-sign their bullshit? Well, that’s just fucking stupid. This is a cultural war for the heart and soul of America, and indeed, the world-at-large.

Moderation will get us nowhere. Does that mean we should lie and fabricate attacks on our enemies? No. I am for truth-telling. But I don’t have any problems dealing with allegations, if they are labeled as such. Taking a low-blow? Yes, I’m for it. Brianna Wu’s husband liked to abuse his ex-wife, according to her. Why would I not publish that information? The Wu family has decided to libel gamers, as well as myself personally, at every turn. Now I’m supposed to hold back so I can win some imaginary moral victory? Fuck that bullshit. I don’t want moral victories, I want an actual, real-life victory. That can only be achieved when our opponents are completely discredited, and the mainstream media is lying in tatters.

This is nothing I haven’t been saying since the beginning. I saw what was being done to gamers and I knew that my role was to hit back as hard as I possibly could. At the time, I feel like most of us understood that this was the way to go. But as we have progressed, ex-members of our cause and the natural weariness of battle have crept into some people’s minds. I always said this was a decade-long (or more) struggle. That’s why I’m not fatigued, or looking for a way out. I’m looking for the way to win, and I don’t expect it to come quickly. Even last fall, you had people talking about being “done by Christmas.” This is the type of thing I’m talking about.

If you want to get out of the fight, then get out. If you feel like “moderation” is the answer, then by all means, keep saying so. But I know where I stand, and it isn’t with either one of those positions. I want to finish the fight and destroy my ideological adversaries. If that’s too much hardball for you, then I don’t know what to say except tough titty (whoops, my Southern is showing again). I’m going to continue to speak out for the side who knows what we have to do to truly win.

Fuck peace.  I want a victory parade.