I have a meeting to go to in like 30 minutes, but I thought it was worth writing a post about a BuzzFeed column that’s circulating this morning. It’s about YouTube’s Super Chat system and the ways it allegedly “monetizes racism and hate speech.” I guess it was only a matter of time before cucks tried to snuff out the latest source of revenue for people like, well, me. The mainstream media and their allies at sites like BuzzFeed want to stamp out alternative media sources by any means necessary.

Here’s some quotes from the post itself

Prominent far-right and white nationalist figures have for months been helping YouTube channels earn thousands of dollars thanks to frequently racist commenters who pay for the opportunity to make their voices heard. BuzzFeed News tallied the Super Chat amounts from two recent videos featuring white nationalists Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch and found they brought in just over $4,000, of which YouTube itself takes a cut. (The company declined to say how much.)

“Once you go black, you’ll never get your society back. FACT,” wrote a commenter who paid $5 for a Super Chat…

In response to a list of livestreams featuring white nationalists compiled by BuzzFeed News, YouTube said some of the Super Chat comments fit its definition of hate speech, and that it would revisit its policies on Super Chat eligibility and enforcement.
“Hateful content that promotes violence has no place on YouTube. We carefully reviewed the livestreams that were provided by BuzzFeed, and found that the content does not meet our threshold for hate speech. However, we found that the comments shared in Super Chat do,” said a statement from a YouTube spokesperson.

How long before YouTube does away with Super Chat for anyone under 100,000 subscribers? Hell, they might even go one step further and change it to manual approval so that even a threshold such as that isn’t enough.

BuzzFeed truly is cancerous.

More, from their hit job…

The power of Super Chats is most visible in the growth of a series of live debates dubbed “internet bloodsports.” Many of the most contentious debates have been hosted by Warski, a self-described comedian, or pro-Trump internet troll Tim Gionet, better known as Baked Alaska.

Warski initially agreed to speak to BuzzFeed News but then broke off contact. He did, however, talk on a livestream about whether he should do the interview and mused about broadcasting it without the reporter’s knowledge. Gionet, who years ago was briefly employed by BuzzFeed, did not reply to an interview request.

While theoretically open to all viewpoints, the participants in these livestreams overwhelmingly come from the political right and the far right, including some of the most prominent white nationalists in the US. The resulting conversations inevitably focus on topics such as race science, white identity, and the so-called “Jewish question” — and generate thousands of dollars for the channels hosting them…

The bloodsports discussions are spread even further by other YouTube channels devoted to clipping the most dramatic moments, as well as by dedicated websites and Twitter accounts. The various personalities and shows also have large, engaged communities trading gossip and memes on Discord, a messaging platform popular with the far right…

YouTube told BuzzFeed News its community guidelines against hate speech, harassment, and other prohibited content apply to chats as well as videos, and that viewers can flag inappropriate comments. Channel owners have the ability to bring in extra chat moderators, ban specific words and phrases, or turn chats off entirely. The company also pointed to a February announcement that it is taking a harder line on content that brings “harm to the broader YouTube community.”

As you can see at the top of that excerpt, BuzzFeed name-dropped Baked Alaska, which I thought was notable. They do briefly point it out in the post, which I originally missed. Still, the entire salty screed is pathetic, even more pathetic than Baked himself.

As you would imagine, we will be discussing this at-length on tonight’s #Killstream…assuming YouTube lets it air after this pressure piece.