Another day, another dumbass report from BuzzFeed. This one is especially comical, as it deal with kids and their thoughts on Donald Trump’s candidacy. Most sane people would blame teachers and parents for their misconceptions about Trump, but not BuzzFeed.

Take a look at this


Even though the survey questions didn’t identify any candidates, out of 5,000 total comments more than 1,000 mentioned Donald Trump. Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton were named less than 200 times.

“My students are terrified of Donald Trump,” said a middle school teacher with a large student body of African-American Muslims. “They think that if he’s elected, all black people will get sent back to Africa.”

More than two-thirds of the teachers reported that children of immigrants and Muslims expressed concerns about what might happen to them or their families after the election. More than one-third reported seeing an increase in anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment.

“Students are hearing more hate language than I have ever heard at our school before,” said a high school teacher in Helena, Montana.
Another teacher who responded to the survey said a fifth-grader told a Muslim student “that he was supporting Donald Trump because he was going to kill all of the Muslims if he became president!”

The report was authored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which isn’t surprising, considering they are usually at the forefront of bogus reports like this. They’re whole schtick is labeling people and organizations “hate groups,” and ever since Trump’s campaign began, they’ve had a preoccupation with the Manhattan billionaire. I guess anything goes when it comes to drumming up donations and media attention.

Maybe, instead of letting kids repeat talking points for your report, you could launch some sort of campaign to educate them? Or, and here’s another crazy thought, parents and teachers could do their job and keep their children based in reality?

Nah, what am I thinking. Then the SPLC wouldn’t have any Trump hits to write and BuzzFeed wouldn’t have specious clickbait to peddle.