I’m busy cleaning out my old house today and FINALLY wrapping all that up. But, I had to stop what I was doing so I could come here and do a short hit on the recent news concerning BuzzFeed. It looks like one of their authors stole a young woman’s story idea, then possibly threatened her with retaliation over outing the theft. Just another day for the scum over at BuzzFeed, unfortunately.

Here’s the archived screenshots





So, she says it wasn’t BuzzFeed themselves threatening her, but I can only assume that one of their writers has been. This looks like it may cause this young lady to quit the journalism profession altogether. Who do these people think they are, Leigh Alexander? This is just the sort of story that should be spread far and wide, as it shows the complete depravity of BuzzFeed and the people they employ as “journalists.”

FeministPeriod, who is a regular contributor to the site, thinks we should start some sort of retweet campaign about all this…I happen to agree. I’m going to be using the tag #BuzzFeedThieves, which I think accurately sums up the situation. Also, I don’t have a lot of time to sit around and think of a better one. If one of you comes up with an improved tag, I’ll certainly roll with that. Either way, spread this shit around as much as you can.