1. Trump wasn’t even all that ON in that debate, I think with his poll numbers now being equal or greater and now rising he’s reigning it in rather than risk overextending himself.

  2. I think that stupid bimbo (tautology?) is confusing “PTSD attacks” (no such thing) with “panic attacks” – which would mean that either Trump or someone like him traumatized her in the past OR she’s a thin-skinned special snowflake who can’t handle conflict and ideas that conflict with her own beliefs. I’m going to go with the later and recommend she be tied in a sack and thrown into the river. For the good of society you understand.

  3. Men are mentally broken by repeated traumatic experiences, generally from war.
    Women can’t handle someone interrupting them.

    Good job promoting sexism regressive left.

  4. How does this bitch even know that millions of women are upset? Did all these women tell her or did she automatically assume? Real fine journalism there.

  5. Another woman getting PTSD from basically nothing. First it was Twitter now debates on TV. Maybe she should be housed in a mental hospital to deal with her many issues.

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