Someone on Twitter just said that it seems like Caitlyn Jenner has become the SJW’s Muhammad. What they meant by that was, making a joke about Jenner is now grounds for immediate sanction and ostracization from the “tolerant” radical activists. If you know me and have read this site for any length of time, then you know that I believe in making jokes about anything and everything. Life is about laughter. One of the funniest days I ever experienced was when I buried my grandfather. We told stories and laughed on the way back. I don’t see how this no-fun patrol makes it through those traumatic times. Maybe that’s why so many of them seem so unhappy and borderline psychotic. Or it could just yet another double standard. They never seem to stop making fun of the people they think are undesirables.

Earlier today, this cult of personality around Caitlyn Jenner reared its ugly head once again. Troy Baker, a renowned voice actor who does The Joker on Batman: Arkham Origins, as well as Joel from The Last of Us, was chased of Twitter by the SJW hate mob. Our friend @atlasnodded did a great job of compiling the abuse, and I used it in the cover as well:

What was so deserving of this scorn, you ask? Here’s the joke he originally retweted…it wasn’t even his to begin with:

“Brett Michaels looks like Mickey Rourke tried to become Caitlyn Jenner.”

I put my own spin on it moments ago:

But the thing is, Baker’s retweeted joke isn’t actually a dig at Caitlyn Jenner. It’s making fun of Brett Michaels. What is the problem here, people? Can we no longer make jokes about anyone, ever? I don’t want to live in that kind of world. People have made fun of me…I didn’t move on to wanting to outlaw comedy. I would just as soon outlaw air.

Erik Kain, writing in Forbes, feels much the same way:

And it is a shame that people can’t take a joke, especially one that’s pretty obviously not malicious. Nobody should be above a little ribbing.

Humor is the great leveler, after all. It’s part of what makes us human, regardless of gender or race. If you can’t joke about a particular demographic, you’re basically saying that demographic isn’t equal. I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty terrible.

Drop in with your own opinions below. I’m about to go scrounge up some dinner, although my appetite has been diminished after reading this fuckery. When will the SJWs stop harassing people of Twitter for no fucking reason? Probably never. But we’ll keep exposing it so long as they persist.