If you’ve been reading this site over the last week, then you know we’ve been calling out #FlyingWhileBlack scammer Imani Cezanne. And when I say we, I mean FeministPeriod, a contributor here on TheRalphRetort.com. But, hey, I run the stories, so let me bask in some of the glow, if you don’t mind.

This morning, an interview with Ms. Cezanne was released by New York Daily News. In it, Cezanne showed that she was in the wrong and was in fact disputing federal law with the flight attendant. Well, she doesn’t ask for forgiveness or knowingly admit anything, but just read this section…


Imani Cezanne was one of four people seated in the exit row of the flight from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA on March 25 when a female flight attendant asked them if they understood English.

Cezanne, 26 of Washington, DC, noticed the couple across the aisle seemed frustrated as if they did not understand.

The flight attendant immediately asked them to switch seats with another couple. The couple did not object, but Cezanne did.

“This is 2016, why don’t they have at least the translation in other languages to at least explain what’s going on … knowing they cater to people who speak other languages?” Cezanne asked.

“That couple looked frustrated and upset because they physically had to get up … I felt it was necessary for me to say something,” she said.

Federal regulations issued in 1990 say passengers must understand English in order to sit in the exit row.

OK, here’s a simple tip for anyone who is about to fly. If you have a problem with federal aviation regulations, the place to argue them is not on the plane.

You can start a petition. Maybe you could write a thoughtful letter to one of your representatives in Congress. Perhaps you could contact the media and try to get them on the case. The flight attendants and crew can do nothing about the law. If you insist on making a public spectacle out of your disagreements with the law, you can and will be removed from your flight. It really is that simple, folks.

This idiot actually uses the “current year” defense in her statement to the Daily News. It wouldn’t matter if it was 2136, you still have no right to argue about things like this as your plane is about to take off. You certainly don’t have the right to get belligerent about it, which is what this woman did. Shut your mouth and get ready to fly. It’s that simple.

I found it curious that Cezanne waited this long to present her case somewhere other than Twitter. Then, I did some minimal digging into the background of this reporter.


Interesting. Ms. Carrega-Woodby used to work for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, which was then and is now run by Ken Thompson, a Democrat. She was one of his press officers. In other words, this person is nothing more than a glorified Democratic Party hack. And even she couldn’t make this thing sound great for the hoaxer. It’s right there in the text. Cezanne was a belligerent passenger who was justifiably removed from her flight. Now, she’s trying to bully American Airlines into a settlement.

“Once I brought up race, that’s when the manager got upset, declined to put me on another flight and banned from American,” said Cezanne.

Sources said American Airlines declined to book her on another flight since she didn’t peacefully leave the aircraft.

“There were a lot of personal and subjective decisions being made here. They did not refund her money or rebook her flight, they just banned her. That’s not American Airlines policy,” said her lawyer Tahanie Aboushi.

“They need to conduct proper training for their employees to identify what is a threat instead of throwing that word around as a convenience to avoid addressing non-threatening situations on a flight.”

Cezanne intends on filing a lawsuit against the airline for breach of contract and other allegations.

I really hope American Airlines stands tall and refuses to give this fraud a payout. If they don’t, it’s only going to encourage other fame-seekers in the future. Ms. Cezanne has been waiting to cause a ruckus on a flight like this for years. She accomplished that goal, but she picked a bad thing to start a fight over. The flight attendant was correct and doing nothing other than following the law.

Don’t pay this woman one single dime.