Good morning people! I had a really good time with the stream last night. If you know my streaming history, that’s not always the case. To be fair, it’s almost always fun “in the moment.” When I wake up and listen to the replay that’s not always the case haha. But anyway, thanks to everyone who tuned in. The replay is up for those who missed it or want to watch again. I’ll be doing another stream on Friday night @ 8PM EST, so check that out. We have a lot to cover this morning, so let’s get to it.

Oliver Campbell has withdrawn from Airplay after the dust-up from yesterday. I hate to hear that, as he was one of the biggest engines involved with this operation. But, these things happen. Before I get into replacement scenarios, let me excerpt some of Oliver’s blog post explaining this move:

I will not be attending Airplay. The committee spent weeks debating the merits of the chosen representatives. I know there was a great deal of support from the community for my nomination. It will always be my honor to have been chosen. I’ve never claimed to be the voice of Gamergate; I’ve just always tried to make sure you all are heard.

I’m no longer sure that AirPlay is in GamerGate’s best interest, and I’m no longer confident that the issues you brought to the table will be addressed in the way you deserve…

When panelists are not being consulted about the very panel they’re going to be involved in or asked about how they’d like to see things handled, that’s not good for GamerGate or AirPlay.

When the person putting together AirPlay intentionally makes an antagonizing update focused around myself removing nuance, context, and omitting the bulk of their own actions during a private conversation in order to spin a story… that’s not good for GamerGate or AirPlay…

And again, it was an honor to have been selected, and I’m sorry to have disappointed you. I’m disappointed as well.

For the rest of the panel, I think they’re amazing speakers and I think they’re going to do a great job. Give them their your support.

So, that’s that. Oliver is out. I wish him the best, and hope he sticks around GamerGate. I know this has to be a bitter disappointment for him, so try not to be too hard on the guy. Replacements are already coming into the picture, though. Sargon of Akkad’s name has been floated. A friend of mine, Paolo Munoz, has also been mentioned. No decisions have been made as of yet, but these are the current front-runners, I would say.

So, I guess we’ll figure this shit out. I’m pretty pissed at Koretzky. I don’t think his conversation with Campbell was meant to be on the record, and so I think this was a pretty shady ass move right up there with some of the more flagrant violations we’ve covered here on this site. But, it is what it is. We move on from here and make the best out of it, like Cathy Young said this morning:


Lemme know what you guys think down below. More Reddit news is on the way, so check back for that piece within an hour.

  1. With how eager goobygobbers are to come out so they can defend harassing women, it’ll probably take no time at all to get a replacement. I wouldn’t be surprised if the replacement even comes out wearing a confederate flag shirt and talking like Milo about how cis gay men only wanting to sleep with other cis gay men isn’t transphobic.

    1. Samantha, by the way, I am a #Notyourshield, brother too, so go suck a lemon, and may freedom of speech & expression reign ahead of idiocy & fake victimhood.

        1. I am pretty sure she is a he (and want s to stay a he)
          If she was a she or wanted to be treated like a she, she would not wrote some like “i identify as a she”

      1. I know you’re not my shield, you just want to be the shield for a bunch of transphobic bigots who wouldn’t let themselves enjoy the company of another man unless they have a dick.

        1. afcourse I am not your shield, you are a misguided, ideological, idiot, demagogue who’s can’t tell the difference between accepting herself or himself for the human being he or she is without being an airhead who see’s thyself as a victim first, then a human being who deserves to be happy and free, I was raised as a Muslim too, you ” Moran ” and they aren’t much different then fucking Christian religious bastards, or feminazi , commie’s and ideological authoritarians throughout history.

          1. Feminism is religious in nature anyway. It has original sin (being born as a straight white male), it has it’s devil (the patriarchy) and it has it’s lord and saviour (feminism).

            They’re as dogmatic as some creationists, they hate non adherents like some creationists, feminism would fit the billing of a religion.

        2. Some A+ trolling here.

          Especially the stuff about it being transphobic to not want to fuck someone who does not have to proper genitalia.

          The stuff about harassing women is rich, because breaking up the SJW echo chamber = harassment to you weak of mind snowflakes.

          I would NEVER want to fuck a gal who pulled out a cock or had one of those odd looking dickginas post-op gals have. By the same token, if someone likes that, who am I to care? People are entitled to do what they want and fuck who they want. If that means they never fuck (whatever) because reasons, I don’t care. No one is under any obligation to fuck anyone else.

    2. I’m sorry, fuckstick. you were saying something? All I could hear was “BLABBA BLABBA I’M A VICTIM PLEASE GIVE ME PATREON WELFARE GOOBYGOBBERS HAHA PLEASE LAUGH AT MY GAMERGATE JOKE!”

    3. This one must be a troll, read what he wrote lololol:

      “The followers of Islam know how to respect women and not make them suffer from the male gaze while also helping to maintain cohesive communities”

      Yes, Islam know how to respect women and I’m Santa rofl.

        1. I identify as mockingbird. Which means I have the right to call you a eunuch, and you’re oppressing me if you disagree.

        2. I’ll have you know that I identify as UFO robot Grendizer the defender of Earth and I don’t appreciate when someone speak to me without using binary code.
          (pic related: its me)

        3. LOL! Ok DUDE. I identify as a Kamov-50 Attack Helicopter (SLAVA!) and one of my headmates is a trans-Potato.

    4. Wait, if it’s transphobic to have a particular preference, ie, homosexual men wanting to sleep with real men and not someone playing dressup are in the wrong, then isn’t any woman who ever turned me down also wrong? How can rape exist then? These people are owed consent!

      also fuck you.

      Edit: stop identifying as a woman, you don’t have the looks.

    5. Wait, can you explain to me how a cis gay man wanting to only sleep with other cis gay men is transphobic? I could understand if the individual was trying to enforce their preference on others (like if the individual tried to make it so that ALL cis gay men only got with cis gay men), but in what way is individual discretion or preference in any way -phobic? Does that mean that I’m a bigot for not being attracted to someone who displays a lack of intelligence? Are you going to start condemning straight people for not being attracted to members of the same sex?

      Regardless of one’s orientation, the only way one is entitled to sex is if they paid for it, the terms were explicitly outlined, and money had already been exchanged with no offer of refund.

    6. What exactly is your purpose here? Anything else aside from trolling?

      My SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) is “No”.

  2. I’d adore to see Sargon go, but sending Pablo would be cheaper.

    On the flip-side, can someone explain why Campbell is out, since I don’t have the time to listen to a long-arse stream? From what I understand it’s pretty time limited, which kinda kills us because proof and evidence are in longer format that buzzwords and soggy knees.

  3. I would rather see Paolo than Sargon, personal opinion and all that. I have never put much hope in airplay anyway, Koretzky is as shady and scummy as expected of a journalist these days and his actions since the start of airplay have been anything but giving us a fair chance despite his claims which are so easily dismissed you would think he was a who.

    Nothing against those who want to continue with this course of action but don’t be surprised when it all blows up in our faces and just becomes one more smear job. In the meantime I am going back to looking for shady shit and playing games

  4. Either Sargon or Paolo would be great. Sargon would have more star power, but would be expensive to send. Paolo is an experienced Game Dev and knows GG inside and out, also he’d be a lot cheaper to send.

  5. I think the SPJ showed there real colors
    Why would any of us want to talk to these people is beyond me

  6. I’d be fine with either Sargon or Paolo. Brad Wardell or Mark Kern would make good options as well.

  7. I keep trying to be optimistic about this, but that’s seriously hard right now. About the only good thing to come from this is we now know for sure that we can’t trust Koretzky, so the other panelists know to be on their guard.

    I still wish Oliver were going, but I absolutely understand and respect his decision.

  8. I’ve been doubting Koretsky’s impartiality for a while now, but this kinda puts the final seal on my doubts really. This is going to end up being just another in a long series of letdowns, sadly.

  9. There’s talks with Sargon about going with Sargon asking questions about funding, travel documents needed etc. Some people following Sargon are willing to pitch in money to get him there.

  10. I think Campbell made a mistake, frankly. While I can’t say I think Koretzky shared everything with his update, like, importantly, whether or not the initial 15 minutes to explain GG will involve questions/clarifications/cross examinations (has this been answered yet? would go a long way to explain why Campbell was upset), this is still overwhelmingly GGs best chance by far to get anything resembling a fair shake. Acting like Campbell did, even despite any antagonizing circumstances, is unprofessional, immature, and mostly damaging to the very group Campbell wanted so much to be “good for.”

    I think it’s for the best that he stepped down. Unless their conversation was strictly off the record (anyone said anything about this yet?), I’m not sure you can blame Koretzky for revealing details of it. I think it’s also for the best that people accept that this was Campbell’s mistake, and accept his apology and move on. Becoming Antagonistic to Koretzky is definitely not going to make this any better, it’s pretty much the worst thing GGers could do.

  11. Shame he is pulling out and TBH I don’t know enough specifics about this thing to say much more than I hope the discussion is worth the drama.

    While Koretzky is by no means impartial or unbiased I do think he is an individual under a lot of pressure trying to set up an event/RL-public-forum/outlet that no one else has offered gamers and GG (or were ever likely to).

    I have seen oliver have obstinate outbursts before, he is certainly a person behold when on a roll, but in podcasts it has taken 2-3 familiar people to calm him once he gets energetic. With that in mind (that and I have not read his take on the conversation yet) I can not be certain that the events on airplay do not at least portray a rough framework of the conversation talked about.

  12. I have been very cautious about this whole thing especially after every update just got more ridiculous…

    Im just thinking we are being set up in a major way…

  13. Id rather send some one who can argue coherently and logically, and has a broad range of debating skills – Sargon fits the bill. Send another Brit. You know it makes sense. Things just sound more authoritative and better with a Brit accent.
    Still…I am a bit biased.

  14. GG is lucky Campbell is out. I don’t know the guy but from listening to the youtube stuff I’d say you’d have ended up hearing a lot more about his personal life than GG. I don’t care what his wife thinks, how brave he is, his doctor story or whether he’s a journalist or not – I just don’t care.

  15. I can’t help but think Oliver made the right move and the only logical response isn’t to replace him but to pull out entirely until Koretzky is replaced. He’s not neutral and not interested in the facts.

    Why bother?

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