Fresh off being targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center, so-called “male supremacist” Christina Hoff Sommers had to face some special snowflakes today at Lewis & Clark Law School. Some of the footage is pretty amusing, so strap in and enjoy.

Five minutes into the lecture, spergy radical feminists get pissed because CHS won’t stop talking and answer questions *now*….

Later in the event, a student asks CHS if she co-signed the raping of drunk girls. She says no, but that simply being drunk while having sex is not enough for a female to later on claim she was raped. There has to be more, such as force or incapacitation. The student says “Why does that change anything?,” which leads to an epic burn from another attendee: “Cassidy, you should understand it if you’re in law school.”

Wow. Nuked from orbit.

Then we have yet another bit of cringe. It doesn’t get more lame than this. A custom tune for Christina…

I think you get the idea. This is just one of many examples of attempted censorship by leftists taking place all over the world today. There are so many that I don’t know for sure that I will be able to cover every single incident before the #Killstream tonight, but I’m certainly going to try. It’s important to shine as much light on these nutbags as we possibly can.