Like most Americans, I don’t know much about Canadian politics. Actually, I know more about them than 95% of the rest of my countrymen, but that’s not saying very much at all. I tend to prefer British pols when it comes to my foreign political entertainment. Still, I’d heard of Justin Trudeau a lot before last night.

Hell, I remember reading about him several years ago, and even then, he was being hyped as the savior of his party. As it turns out, those profiles were dead on the money. The son of storied Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is now set to be sworn in as the leader of Canada himself, having won an absolute majority in last night’s elections.

But, as it turns out, this guy has talked about something I care about (other than his plan to legalize marijuana, which he’s 100% right about, by the way):

“My mom raised me to be a feminist. My father raised me, he was a different generation but he raised me to respect and defend everyone’s rights, and I deeply grounded my own identity in that, and I am proud to say that I am a feminist,” he said during the Up for Debate event in September. 

“The things we see online, whether it is issues like GamerGate or video games misogyny in popular culture, it is something that we need to stand clearly against.”

Notice that he doesn’t call his father a feminist. He simply “raised me to respect and defend everyone’s rights.” Well, fuck, that’s me as well. I respect and defend the rights of everyone. It’s a shame that has nothing to do with modern feminism. Instead, this new program aims to make men subservient to women in every way imaginable.

We saw this in action just yesterday. The current crop of rad fems don’t even have time for their male boot-lickers. All men are losers when compared to females. That’s what these psychopaths actually believe. It sounds like Mr. Trudeau has had a heavy dose of that as well. I hope he sticks to his weed promise, but I don’t hold out a lot of hope otherwise. Maybe there’s a chance this is just campaign rhetoric, but it’s disconcerting nonetheless.


  1. Canadians must have short memories, considering Trudeau is already being chased by scandal even before entering office. Guess ten years is enough time to forget.

    1. Canadians also have a short attention span and are impressively incapable of looking beneath the absolute surface. The kids who recently voted Liberals did so because “oh hey it’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s son and he’s gonna legalize weed and he’s gonna raise minimum wage to $15/hour (even though he probably won’t) and by god we need to get Stephen Harper the fuck outta there”. We don’t know what else Trudeau has planned. Whatever backwards, rights-destroying policies and laws he’s going to enact. And he has full power to push through anything he wants, because it’s a majority government. The public need to know a party’s entire agenda before they vote.

      Also, what is it with people with the last name “Harper” being cunts? Glad he’s gone, but is Trudeau really going to be much better?

    2. I kept saying Trudeau was just as bad as Stephen Harper. I’m kinda glad I din’t vote them liberals into office NDP FTW.

      1. Worse actually. Harper was willing to say something and follow through and pay for the consequences. Trudeau has shown he’s willing to follow what his handlers with poll data say, and switch it at the drop of a hat. That’s bad, really bad. It means moral outrage crusaders who start screaming about something can cause changes in national policy.

  2. Point of order: the same article which has the “I was raised a feminist” stuff was actually reporting on Trudeau being called out for racism.

    Why racist? Because he stated that music lyrics — RAP, specifically — causes violence against women. Also, he hates porn for the same reason.

    So, this guy who thinks #GamerGate is about harassing women also thinks a big chunk of black culture results in women getting beaten up and that hey maybe Canada needs to shut down its sex-worker industry.

    You know, for the childr- um, women.

    1. Must be real hard to “respect and defend the rights of everyone” when you’re busy trying to take them away.

      Because people shouldn’t be allowed to make things like music all willy-nilly.

    2. It’s kinda funny when far left politics takes an U-turn and go straight to conservative territory. Fight against black culture and pornography is ok with a feminist lens.

      1. It’s not conservative territory, it’s authoritarian territory, which exists at both fringes of the political spectrum. Although left wing authoritarianism seems to be creeping towards the center a FUCK of a lot faster than it’s right-wing counterpart.

        1. It is authoritarian right wing territory the conservation of moral values and such. You think authoritarian left would be pushing towards forced orgies or something but no.

    3. Video games, rap music and porn lead to violence. Hmm, based on what evidence? The past 25 years have seen all those things explode in availability while at the same time violent crime has dropped to all time lows.
      WTF is wrong with these people.

  3. I fucking called it. They said I was crazy when I said Trudeau was a SJW nutcase. I told them that the NDP was the way to go but no, they wouldn’t listen. Guess I just got to wait until THAT SJW nutjob that those sheep elected starts taking away our rights. 🙁 Man and I thought this election we could actually do something good. Word of advice never get your hopes up around election time. It will eventually come crashing down on you.

      1. I know 🙁 I kept saying the NDP where the real party to vote for as they actually had some legit good campaighn promises and were willing to tackle a lot of issues that Canadians were facing. Hell I even met with my NDP riding to discuss some of the things I wanted to see in the debates.

        1. Trudeau may be an SJW scumbag, but the Liberal party itself is far less concerned with that shit than it is with lining its own pockets and getting re-elected. The NDP however, are hardcore socialists top to bottom. Mulcair attempted to promote a centrist message while on the campaign trail, but the NDP is the party of political correctness, feminism, terrorist adoration and collectivism. If you think Trudeau is going to be a bitch because he’s an SJW cunt, try having an entire party in power who are SJW cunts.

    1. I’m not worried at all, the leaders were all pandering to twitter over the end of the election, now that Mr Trudeau has real life things to worry about, and a public that doesn’t care about twitter feminism at all.

      He is aware things like the TPP and bill C-51 toppled Harper, Candians tend to be fiercely protective of our rights

        1. Justin is for government oversight on C-51 and is for free trade not TPP. He understands we got a shit deal and is for brining the issue to parliament.

          1. So government oversight on a government spying bill….RiiiiiIiigt. Free Trade not TPP… lets reneg so that Justin’s friends benefit instead of Harper’s. I’m so enthralled. Totally believe he has the best interests of Canadians. After all legalizing pot, and prostitution, and right to die, and shutting down energy production, and giving free uni to lazy people, and welcoming terrorists, and ‘fn’ supporting them. Ya, he is totally going to revolutionize the TPP and C-51. I say again. BULL

          2. Just trying to be a bit optimistic here. And hey, free university means I don’t gotta go to my meh college.

          3. He’s going to do exactly what his handlers tell him to do: squawk about the unfairness of the deal that the Conservatives deceptively maneuvered the country into, and then sign it under duress. They aren’t going to let all of their primary trade partners enter into an accord that they aren’t part of, full fucking stop. Trudeau has known that for months. All that’s left is the cheap theatrics (obediently covered by the CBC) to discredit their political nemesis, the Conservative Party, a little further.

    2. Same shit different pile, Flowey, the NDP is full of crazy, anti-free speech, socialist, die hard, feminazi, fuckers too.

    3. NDP was more SJW than the liberals. Muclair wanted to introduce a ministry of women and force employers to hire 40% women and changes the laws of “Hate Speech” so that it would be harder to shitpost online. I’ll take Justin’s wild ride over Comrade Muclair’s bright future anyday. Only voted NDP because my riding’s candidate fought for worker’s rights and pensions as our steel workers have it rough because of multinational companies.

    4. Never put hope in anything that involves other people doing something intelligent. Especially not voting. As the saying goes, if voting could change anything they’d have made it illegal by now.

  4. >be me
    >wake up early this morning
    >check phone
    >mfw Liberals won
    >mfw first thing I hear of Trudeau after is he’s against GamerGate and “misogyny” in video games/pop culture

    I’m really not fucking happy with this, I don’t like the Conservatives either, but I’d prefer them over some faggot who can’t do the most basic amount of research on GamerGate and video games. What can he even do about either?

    1. The Gamergate quote is from a month ago. Pushing it out into the media was one notorious antiGG “journalist” who got parroted by other outlets in the same way that the “Gamers are dead” bullshit happened, except this time it went to regular media and not just game journos. It is a perfect example of how Ralph and Milo and others have stated that SJW bullshit goes beyond Gamergate and thus powning those hugbox fucktards beyond the scope of Gamergate is an absolute necessity. Harmful Opinions has ferreted out this recent fuckery and how it was signal boosted not out of a true conspiracy but in lazy, follow-the-outrage, SJW media cuck style. Have a look.

      1. Yeah, I saw the video last night. They’ve all got dirty laundry and fear that we’ll go after them after we win the fight against the game journos, so they back the game journos pretty much ensuring we go after them as well.

    1. Sweden 2.0, I have a friend who moved there and the poor guy has a family. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE CANADA? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

    2. He’s a man, there’s no such thing as a male feminist!

      It’s a sad day when my friends at college believe this and other similar things. (For example, they think that only black people should be praised/discussed when reporting on events that took place during the Civil Rights Movement)

    3. Hopefully he takes advice from his late father and fight for EVERYONE’S rights. He’s just uninformed on GamerGate and doesn’t realize how crazy third wave feminism is. I’m chopping this one up to campaign rhetoric until he actually starts implementing insane feminist policies.

      1. Eh

        I’m informed on Gamergate and the media is right, it’s a lot of bullshit. I’ve lurked soon much on Chan and kotakuia and it’s hilarious how ignorant three quarters of gaters are when they bemoan feminism while also bitching about how toxic masculinity doesn’t exist while crying on its effects.

        But modern feminism is nutty too, just not as full of horse shit as Haters.

        1. He’s referring to the infamous ‘human rights committees’ that would go after someone — with the full force of law — if someone else got butthurt over their public speech. Mark Steyn was one such target.

          1. HRC’s didn’t go after someone with the full force of the law. They went after people with the full force of their kangeroo court, if it had been the full force of the law they would have been in for a jury or judicial trial.

          2. As far as I know, the ruling of a human rights tribunal is enforceable by the courts. This is why those who have been persecuted by them feel obligated to observe the sentences. Tribunals have no enforcement arm of it’s own. They rely on the police to act as the “force” behind their decrees, which requires the consent of the judiciary.

            That’s my layman’s understanding of the process, at least.

          3. Yes and no. The tribunals can set a fine, the courts may or not use the judgement of the HRC, the police act as enforcers of the law because the police uphold all laws. The law in force is the one that provides the HRC’s with the power do to what they are doing, that’s specific HRC legislation.

          4. As was Ezra Levant. Although now it’s the actual courts who are squelching free speech on behalf of butthurt feminazi whores. When Trudeau begins legislating that kind of human rights violation in the name of social justice (just wait for it), then Canada will have finally arrived at our Guy Fawkes moment in history. I wonder if we will have the collective balls to do what needs to be done when the time comes.

        2. In Canada S.1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms restricts all following sections. S.1 states: “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
          guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such
          reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a
          free and democratic society.”

          That means S.2(Fundamental Freedoms of speech/protest/media/gatherings/etc) is restricted by S.1. Here’s an example: The RIDE program is unlawful search under S.8(no unlawful searches), the courts ruled that while the RIDE program is a fundamental breach of Charter rights, the rights of society outweighed the rights of the individual.

          Before the revocation of S.13 of the Federal HRC as an act of parliament, that law revoked rights of speech, and criminalized some speech/statements under with S.1 of the Charter being the primary force to place restrictions on S.2

    1. Look at the bright side, laws passed by Feminists typically are written broadly and are not being used against them.

  5. “Maybe there’s a chance this is just campaign rhetoric”

    And exactly what would there be for anyone to gain by siding with the increasingly unpopular SJW crowd whilst slandering anyone who partakes in a hobby that’s literally bigger than Hollywood as being misogynists?

    1. “And exactly what would there be for anyone to gain by siding with the increasingly unpopular SJW crowd?”

      Social Justice Warrior does not always automatically equal feminism.

      In this case, Trudeau would be siding with feminist ideology. This ideology is built entirely on lies, deceit and bullying, but this matter because this will no doubt get him the votes from the women, white knights and manginas. Don’t forget the average neutral knuckle-draggers who swallow every drop of shit feminists shovel into their mouths as well.

  6. Come on now, he obviously isn’t going to say anything that will make GG appear in a neutral or positive light now would he?

    You know these people/politicians, they go with ANYTHING to gain that positive PR and votes.

    But Trudeau does sound like an absolute cunt of the highest order already though. Because he could’ve stayed silent and not mentioned GamerGate.

    It’s clear that SJWs/feminists are winning the culture war now. It seems every major political organisation sides with them immediately without hesitation, simply because the words “misogyny”, “sexism” (only exists against women of course) and “harassment” (again only exists against women of course) are involved. No-one would dare to question these claims in fear of being labelled a woman-hater. That’s how strong a grip feminists have got on society and government. Just lie and lie and lie, cry rape, cry harassment, cry sexist, cry misogyny and politicians and society will bend over at every turn, ready to take orders from them.

    I’m fucking detesting feminism more and more everyday. I’ve been following the gender wars for around 7-8 years now and people (men) still just sit back and watch it happen. Maybe it’s time I took a break from it all? Hopefully when I come back the tides will start turning perhaps.

  7. When I read this quote from him before the election, it fucking broke my heart.:( I thought he’d be okay (in a lesser of three evils kinda way) but after that? The only reason I even voted was to get rid of the monster we had before him. <.<

    1. “Stephen Harper has plans for Canada.
      Scary plans.
      Scary, evil plans.
      We can’t make this up.
      We’re not allowed to.
      Stephen Harper owns a dragon.
      He keeps it in a shed.
      Stephen Harper drinks his own blood.
      We saw him.
      We’re not allowed to make this up.”
      – This Hour Has 22 Minutes

      In 2006 this was satire. in 2015, it’s the official narrative. No wonder Trudeau won. With an electorate who can be made to believe any amount of unsubstantiated propaganda, the liar and reprobate has home field advantage

  8. Well Canada is fucked. I’m not too worried though. Soon they’ll have the Honey Badger Revolution once the insanity reaches critical mass.

  9. A politician says something in order to pay lip service to the type of people they’re trying to court. I dare say this is a coached quip in the hope he can’t be labelled a misogynist.

    Good luck to him. You can’t appease these people.

  10. Pierre Trudeau was a great lad, shame to seen his son has fagged out on the issue of egalitarianism. Shame the neckbeard saviour of Canada Mulcair never got to power.

  11. TrueDOH! is nitwit. If Anita had power, it would look like Justin. This baked (on pot) moron, who thinks he should sit down and chat with ISIS (I’m quoting here) thinks he knows what soggyknees is. He is an utter freakwit born of a self serving vindictive Castro supporter. Canada is in for 5 years of Switzerland (and that is assuming nothing bad happens), and I’m considering moving.

    1. Canada has a huge swing vote population. I wouldn’t throw in the towel just yet. Worst comes to worse it will just mean a new conservative rep will win next election.

    2. He doesn’t think HE should sit down and talk with ISIS. He’ll have some expendable staffers do that on his behalf. I mean, it’s not as if this feculent little fuck is exactly brimming with conviction.

      1. No, but he did use the words sit down with ISIS….I’m just ‘hoping’ he does it himself. Then he will be the shortest sitting PM.

  12. So fucked up. I feel bad for you folks out there in Canada, I really do.

    Honestly, go to forums and find like minded motherfuckers. Band together so you can at least “try” to defend yourself when shit really starts hitting the fan. Strength in numbers. Numbers are all we’ve got to stand against SJWs and they shit they spew.

  13. Anyone who is seriously put out by a POLITICIAN who makes an off-the-cuff pandering statement AND thinks that it means doom and gloom for the entirety of Canada needs to get a grip. This is what politicians do. This is what they always have done. This is what they will always do. I would be extremely surprised if Trudeau has had more than a 2 minute explanation about #GamerGate, and 90 seconds of that was “How can we use this controversy to court a group of vocal and NOT ANONYMOUS supporters?”

    Anyone who thinks that Trudeau, even if he is a Rad-Feminist Beta Male, Anita Sarkessian with a penis (and better hair), is going to be able to enact ANYTHING like what they fear is going to happen, needs to learn how to use their hands again. Then, once they’ve relearned how to use their hands, they need to get a grip. Harper couldn’t get anything like that really passed (Yes, Bill C-51 is horrible… but it’s not nearly as horrible as many people make it out to be. It needs to be repealed and burned, yes, but the hyperbole surrounding it is stupid.) in the last 4 years, with a majority AND with his main political rival literally dead (Jack Layton). Trudeau isn’t going to do anything worse. (What a ringing endorsement.)

    People who think this election was about Trudeau need to get a clue. This election was entirely about getting rid of Harper. Fullstop, end of story. Liberals have a better reputation at all levels of government, across the entirety of Canada, so when Canadians are looking for an alternative to the Conservatives, their first instinct will always be to look at the Liberals. (the opposite is true as well) And only if the party not in power is utterly incompetent will they look at the NDP. And thanks to the Conservatives and the NDP starting the campaign with statements like “If Justin gets to the debate with his pants on, it’s a successful debate for him.”, they set the bar for the Liberals so low that the Liberals would have had to have made an effort to miss it.

    Naturally this makes the Liberals look good, and the NDP – who was right there with the Conservatives with the “Justin isn’t competent.” line of attack – look bad. As time went on, and the more the NDP did that was ironically Conservative-Lite (Balanced budgets! Tax cuts!), the NDP stopped being the main opposition to the Conservatives and Canadians actually had to start looking at Strategic Voting. (Something that doesn’t quite happen in American politics) So if the choice was either vote Liberal and get rid of Harper, or vote NDP and maybe the Conservative candidate wins because the Liberals and NDP “split the vote”, alot of us went “I’m going to vote Liberal to get rid of Harper.” I was fully committed to doing that if I needed to; my riding had been Liberal for 20 years, and only went Liberal in 2011 by about 500 votes. I’d rather vote Liberal than vote for Harper.

    And finally, for everyone mocking the intelligence of Trudeau, how can you possibly think he’s going to be a problem for Canada if he’s such a dimwit? This isn’t America – the PMO does NOT have the same amount of power that the President does. Parliament, and the Party, can have a great deal of power in our form of government. If Trudeau wants to pull the party in a direction the rest of the party is uncomfortable with… it just takes 10% of his caucus deciding to vote against him in Parliament to defeat him. 18 MP’s voting with the Opposition defeats whatever bill is being proposed. To put that in American terms, imagine that when Congress passed a bill with enough votes to bypass a Presidental Veto, the President was forced to resign from office. That’s sort of what this is like.

    tl:dr – THE SKY ISN’T FALLING YOU KNUCKLEHEADS. Take a deep breath and let your testicles come back out.

    1. Been watching too much go wrong this past year to think that the course will magically reverse on its own.

      Third wave feminism is causing problems outside of Canada, as pretty much everyone here already knows. We’ve been seeing this nonsense gain a bit more ground no matter how many lies are told in defense of it.

      Sitting back and hoping? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

      1. Third wave feminism is a non-issue in general politics. It’s causing problems in very specific areas – like Universities – but outside of those confines, it’s barely present. Even in Canada, where the Human Rights Tribunals can call people to task for heckling a heckler, the Third Wave Feminists haven’t done much.

        Maybe if they manage to get themselves a competent group of supporters up here, things will change. But Third Wave/Intersectional Feminists are woefully lazy and ineffectual – even in a place like Canada, which has the tools for them to make peoples lives a living hell. They just plain don’t have the drive, discipline or courage to actually step up and do it.

        I don’t see that changing anytime, ever.

        1. feminism is just a subset off SJW and the damage they are done to culture, values and anything worth a dime is huge.

        2. I see people every day at work call out our Neo Feminist co worker everyday. In fact when she started targeting me one of my co workers stood up for me and told her to go piss up a rope. Everyone at work knows I support Gamergate and they keep telling to fight the good fight almost everyday now XD.

    2. I’m less concerned with his off-the-cuff #gamergate comments than I am with his carefully scripted carbon tax and cap and trade comments. With a majority, those ARE going to happen soon. Then let the bleeding begin in earnest.

  14. As much as it sucks for our friends up North, this result fills me with hope for the US. Canada goes to such lengths to not be like the US it’s actually laughable. If SJWs get full rein in Canada, it can only mean they sense a conservative uprising in the US, and after five years of SJW bullcrap, I for one welcome a leadership change.

  15. Justin has too fulfill his promise on marijuana, otherwise this guy is a total failure to me.

    Did you hear Justin is also going to make his cabinet “gender equal”? Yep, he definitely drank the “feminist” Kool-aid. We will see how he handles himself over the next few years. Hopefully he’s a politician before he’s a feminist (saying what the populace *wants* to hear.)

  16. So he’ll legalises weed and then prosecute men for rape if they have sex with a woman who’s imbibed, because women can’t give consent when stoned, drunk, horny, or distracted by kittens, etc.

  17. Identity politics is cancer.
    It was (is) cancer for the right, to the point that the US republicans openly apologised for “the southern strategy”
    It’s just as much cancer for liberals and the left.
    Give it 10-30 years and these exact faggots will “apologise” for all this shit.
    I just hope I’m wrong and they hurry the fuck up.

    Just gotta hope it bites this jerk in the ass while he’s in power.

    1. I don’t know, only losers apologise. Germans woudn’t live in apology and shame if their Nazi bros remained in power. Let’s hope they lose in the long run.

    2. No, what will happen in 20-30 years is the new crop of corrupt sobs will blame the whole thing on the old crop of corrupt sobs, while everyone praises Russia as our savior.

  18. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new PM … Prime Mangina. It will take a generation to unfuck ourselves from the mess this pathetic little worm will submerge us in.

  19. Legalizing weed doesn’t do shit. It’ll just make health care more expensive, as in, more taxes to pay to keep it free.

    Imagine this. Legalize it and we’re going to have really high people while driving. Oh, I need to take my weed break during work because without it, I can’t live without it every couple of hours. Then again, I guess that goes the same for smoking?

    My friend compared legalizing weed to the opium war. British legalized it and it became a huge problem on both sides of the war I believe? I don’t exactly remember what he told me.

    Then he mentioned how Russia has zero tolerance for these “illegal drugs,” which is why their military is so invincible.

  20. His quote is a month old. it is a repeat of the “gamers are dead” media push, except now its regular media and not just game journos. This demonstrates Ralph’s long-standing position that SJWs need spanking and reporting on beyond Gamergate, as this is a clear example of their virus of shitful propaganda spreading to the larger outlets once more. Harmful Opinions scooped out the source and exposed how they frame it as if it were said now, to appear that a sitting Prime Minister declared it and not a campaigner pandering to the feminist vote, which it was. De ja vu anyone?

  21. His mother was a certifiable wack job, not to mention a national embarrassment as First Lady. In other words a typical feminist. Jr. was probably well indoctrinated by Mama.

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