WildGoose from the Bill Waggoner Crew explained it to me pretty well once. Trolls could do almost anything they wanted, except openly post credit card information, bank account info, etc. That will get the attention of the authorities, guaranteed. Well, it seems like some idiots over at 8chan’s “baphomet” decided to ignore that sage advice. As a result, their board was allegedly gutted by Hotwheels (although there are some conflicting screens and rumors). That certainly stands to reason, although they have a backup board going now with some of the leftover rejects mulling about. It’s really pretty hilarious to see them in such a sad and pathetic state. They’re not scaring anyone like this lol. The fact is, they’re a cancer on 8chan. They should not only be gutted, but they should be deleted from the board altogether. Prominent GamerGate members have been tormented thanks to the baphomet board (if not the members themselves) time and time again (Liz, Remi, etc). Today they even started fucking with me, and I’ve been told to expect more attacks from those quarters. Instead of fear, I spent all day laughing at the bastards. One of the mods in particular actually tried to threaten your intrepid editor. It didn’t work, though, because baphomet is a paper tiger. They don’t scare me, and they shouldn’t scare anyone else. Selection_999(148)Selection_999(149)Selection_999(149)


Yea, those are my parents. But who could be scared of an “elite hacker” who can’t even run proper virus scan techniques. Not a good look…


Vince is the edgelord who thinks using some variation of the Holocaust as your Twitter handle is somehow funny and/or clever. That’s what passes for wit among these troglodytes. And they didn’t know Hotwheels had (allegedly) dropped the hammer at first. He apparently didn’t even give them a courtesy warning. I guess you guys shouldn’t have posted those SSNs and credit card information, huh? In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some federal agents are looking into these things as well. Many of you do actually belong in prison, so I hope they’re successful. Although when you have to live life as a mod of this pathetic board, I would imagine that’s punishment enough.


Ouch. I wonder how long we have to wait until ole Holocaust Vince is living under a bridge? Not too long, hopefully. These are of course rumors, so take them for what they’re worth. Also, here’s some additional screens from baphomet, explaining more about their current low (bottom of the barrel, really) standing:

As I said on Twitter today, baphomet is a cancer, and their members are scum. Anyone in their clown crew who has broken the law, needs to be put in fucking jail. There is no middle ground for me. They’ve tarnished GamerGate with their bullshit long enough. Let me say publicly that I denounce their group, their members, and any operation that comes from their disgusting little board. I would encourage anyone else with good sense to do the same, but you are of course free to make your own judgments on the matter.

  1. It’s a place where people go to do that sort of thing, whether you want to blame it on them or not. Also, there is nothing that says baph didn’t do that themselves. Either way, fuck em.

    1. “It’s a place where people go to do that sort of thing, whether you want to blame it on them or not.”

      That’s a similiar logic to what gets levied against #GamerGate.
      Kinda agreeing with your posts general gist, though.

      1. It’s a fucking doxing board. Idk, I don’t think it’s illogical to put some blame on them lol. Especially seeing as how we still don’t know who did it? They dox people there all the time. No, that’s not 100% proof. But it’s enough to be skeptical.

        1. its a Schrodinger cats they have as much chance to do it as they did not, we wont know till someone investigates or admits, but yeah, dumping the blame on em, is the same that aGGro been doing for moths, so its kinda un fair, regardless of the overall activities of the board

          1. baph are faggot, granted, but is an open board, and they are not friends with us but SJW hated em too, so a false flag is not out of question.

            as I said, there is not prove they did , but we cant rule out they did not.

        2. Innocent till proven guilty bro, idc for /baph/ really, but whoever posted it there did it to put blame on them. When it was posted there half didn’t know who she was, the other half said she was not a lolcow so they wouldn’t bother (should’ave saved the img/archive but it’s out there somewhere) tbh /baph/ itself is a lolcow

  2. /baph/ got wiped, and is no longer visible from the main page, but the bord is still up.

    This is the tread where they discuss what has happened

    WARNING!!!! By clicking ANY /baph/ links, you agree to offended.



    It does not seem to be Hotwheels doing. Apparently they got hacked lol.

    PS: I just lurk from time to time, I never posted there.

    1. It’s likely because they were posting SSNs lol (along with my dox, and others, CCNs, the works). This guy is talking about it now. One of them seems to be mulling over selling the Social Security numbers…

      1. Yeah, because the feds totally love it when people sell SSNs! *facepalm*

        Someone’s getting a party van visit at this rate.

  3. That being done, /baph/ is strong willed and won’t give up that easily.
    Twitter anons won’t be anons for long if they decide to do something.. it’s not like Randi LARPer and her shitty ” doxxx “.
    Be careful guys. This is something new.

  4. Honestly Ralph I think the last thing we as GG should be doing if the /Baphomet hornet’s nest just got kicked again is getting even tangentially involved in the aftermath. Someone is gonna get fucked hard for this for the next few days, probably whoever just seems to be acting happy about it. Then it wont let up until they figure out who ACTUALLY did it and go after those dumb bastards.

    Look Ralph I get it things have been very quiet for about a week now. The other side is going to spend the next year or so bleeding out and drama/big events are going to get continually scarcer. I worry you’re getting into a bad habit of going off potentially half cocked about dumb shit that might not even be good info. Don’t go KoP on us.

    1. If you wanna be a pussy, that’s on you lol. I’m not gonna be scared. If you wanna be, go right ahead. I speak for myself. And fuck this “go KoP.” That’s some more dumb shit. There’s nothing conspiratorial about this post at all. Baph is a shithole filled with shit people.

      1. I’m not “scared” of them I just don’t see the point in fighting them at all. So far they’ve spent more time attacking the other side and while I don’t endorse it I recognize that it’s their nature to always be attacking *somebody* so I say just avoid twerking at them in their cross-hairs like a baboon in heat and let that target be *somebody else*.

        It’s all ego and ritual with these /Baph fuckers. Standing up there and beating your chest just encourages them. Why do you want to get into a slapfight with them that can’t possibly accomplish anything useful?

          1. You encourage them by reacting man, if you’d just ignored them full stop they’d have gotten bored in a few days.

    1. “This board doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. This board isn’t the bottom of the barrel. This board isn’t below the bottom of the barrel. This board doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as barrels.” –adapted from a quote by Roger Ebert.

  5. Whatever you do Ralph, take some precautions against them. Baph can hit hard sometimes and disperse enough no one knows who to blame. I don’t want them to get the best of you.

  6. Hey Ralph – Here is an article for the lulz and also the congrats – the gaming industry still won’t join the SJWs like good little crazy people – Re/Code wanted to whine about it:


    “If someone else is on fire and I try to go put her out, I’m just going to catch on fire myself,” one developer said.

    Pure Awesomeness.

  7. “They’ve tarnished GamerGate with their bullshit long enough.”

    How? Its entirely up to the press to stop misrepresenting GG as being every board on 8chan and they’ve ignored the far more numerous doxings and employer harrassment pro-gg has dealt with so far so I doubt they will. Even if Baphomet never existed you’d still have to deal with being called pedophiles for whatever /b/ or the loli board does. Best not even entertain their guilt by association non-logic.

  8. you shouldn’t blame /baph/ for doxing liz; both parties (her and baph) said that they//baph/ didn’t do the doxing.

    ‘They’ve tarnished GamerGate with their bullshit long enough.’
    as a lurker, actually they pretty much hate everyone blaming GG for their actions btw they’re not proGG or antiGG and getting ‘fight’ with them is not a very good also. 4chan’s pretty tarnished too with its boards such as /b/ and other boards.lol

    eh~ that dox posts are just normal. just ignore them they’ll be bored in a week or two.

  9. /baphomet/ is what happens when internet sperg-lords with tenuous connections to reality get together to egg one another on. The concept of legality and hard prison time become forgotten. For reference, ordering pizzas in someone’s name is, at best, misdemeanor fraud under laws dating back before 9/11. With the patriot act, it’s quite possible this has been re-catorized into a felony.

    I’ve been a chan-lurker since the very, very beginnings in 2003 and comparing these guys to /b/ is just a non-starter. Despite the grating diction, /b/ had a conscience* and the tech-literate there would track down, dox, and report sources of the most egregious images (cp, animal abuse). /baph/ did the exact opposite: they’d post animal abuse and dox random people just because they didn’t like them.

    While it was fascinating to watch the slow-motion train-wreck on their boards, I’m glad to see our federal law enforcement are not entirely incompetent.

    *For any more open-minded SJW’s dropping in from places like Ghazi or SRS, /b/ had its own brand of “social justice” which involved diluting the power of slurs through deliberate over-use. The 90’s terminology for this was “reclaiming”.

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