Man, it’s been a busy afternoon here on the site. The last story was completely bonkers, but I thought it would make for some interesting weekend reading. Another thing that will make for some good entertainment this Friday evening? Candace Owens’ new post on Jesse Singal and New York Magazine. Wow, she really roasted these clowns. In fact, I would declare this piece even better than her first one. If she keeps going in at this rate, the third one is going to meltdown Twitter.

Before I give my thoughts on the post, here’s some key excerpts…


You will note that Jesse was trying to stall my own article detailing how these girls harassed me. His promise to me was that if I didn’t write it, he would draw “a million plus readers” to my cause. It was an irresistible offer and yet I still had my drawbacks. He then pretended to sympathize and understand my reasons as to why…


I thought he was being genuine. Because the New York Magazine allowing a writer to scam an individual into anything seemed unfathomable.

But the truth is that Jesse was developing tactics to stall my article, whilst simultaneously gathering as much evidence in terms of what information would propel my allegations against Zoe Quinn and Randi Lee Harper…

The second request, was not only an obvious attempt at phishing for information, but it was a DIRTY ONE. On the day that Jesse Singal had reached out to me, an interview I had given to the Ralph Retort was published onto Youtube.  About 32 minutes into the interview, I admitted that despite the obvious pitfalls of having our Kickstarter campaign cancelled, the resulting good that came from it was hard to ignore. The truth is, Quinn and Harper’s bizarre and disproportionate anger aimed at our anti-bullying efforts had made us viral, and we had both technology firms and Venture Capitalists (VCS) all reaching out to us as a result; yes a flurry of individuals who had known nothing about us, were now suddenly interested in SocialAutopsy.

Look at what Jesse messaged me a day after that interview published:


That last part is amazing. Was he feeding all this back to his “girlfriends” (as Candace hilariously called them) Randi Harper and Zoe Quinn this whole time? I personally have no doubt that he was. This guy is a scumbag of the highest order and his only purpose is run propaganda for the SJW machine. That’s all I’ve ever seen him do, with the exception of one article. And guess what happened with that post? He got blown the fuck out so badly that I doubt he will ever step outside his lane again.

But not only is Mr. Singal a fraud, according to Ms. Owens (and me) so is New York Magazine…

No I have no doubt when it comes to the fact that this particular journalist is a fraud, but I have plenty of doubt as to whether or not the New York Magazine is aware of his game…

Because the truth is, by allowing the article to stay published, they are permitting the scam he used against me to write it; and why would any reputable magazine allow for that?

It is my hope that this article will present the truer version of Jesse Singal. I hope it is shared, retweeted, and passed around at the same rate and speed in which his slander against me was passed amongst his Twitter followers.

And that’s not because I harbor any ill-will toward him, but because I do not want his deceitful strategy to victimize any other individuals, who like me, may unwittingly rely upon his position to grant him authority.

Do not, as I already have, become a victim to Mr. Jesse Singal.

Don’t worry, Candace. I won’t. Spread her post far and wide, and also spread the hell out of the interview we did together. I took no sides and played it straight down the middle. I guess it was too much to ask for Jesse Singal to do the same. What a hack. I’m not surprised he screwed Candace over, of course. But I hate that she had to find out the hard way.

(Oh and check out the petition she started in case you might be interested in signing that.)

  1. Jesse is the typical op-ed slanderer of New York publication along with the New York Times, The New Yorker and The New York Daily “News”.

  2. This is sneaky as shit! I freaking love what she’s doing. If anyone has noticed she’s presenting to us through these articles basically what she wants with social autopsy.
    Although we already know if these people we’re seeing proof of their actions, though this tactic of screen capping people isn’t new to many of us she’s still showing how it works. The more they do this shit the more they are working as an advert for SA.
    Maybe I’m crazy to see this.

  3. I’m still unsure about her motives, but she is doing an excellent job showing where Quin and Harper’s tentacles have spread.

  4. From the looks of that convo, it sounds like “Virtue” Singal was fishing Candace for info on the organizations and businesses that were working with her on Social Autopsy, so he could feed this info to mistress Quinn.

    It’s been revealed since that he’s one of the +300 people allowed on Quinn’s private Twitter account (a fact he did not divulge to Owens or in his article), so his interview with her was a severe conflict of interest. His whole article looks like it was made simply to torpedo Owens and defend Harper and Quinn.

    1. Seriously to this day I can’t fully understand what’s going on with this pale, fat and histrionic cunt. Is she in the Illuminati or something? What the fuck resource or power does she hold that causes all these organizations and individuals to fall in line with her bullshit?

      Is it all accidental? Is she simply the exact right entity in the exact right place in time? Is she secretly some sort of mastermind who has fooled them into building a web of lies around her so tight she now holds their careers and reputations in her pudgy hands?

      Is it some kinds of mass hysteria? A dread panic gripping the hearts of the far far far authoritarian left now that they’re becoming about as popular as cancer and the blowback against their shitty ideology seems imminent?

      1. Good points. It is very strange to see most if not all of the mainstream oped writers defend this instigating lying pos.

      2. I think part of it is luck (now is the perfect time to be a professional victim), part of it is being in the right circles (it’s evident that Quinn knows a lot of people with connections in media and gaming), and part of it is being a manipulative witch (every time Quinn gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar, out comes the talk about depression and a flood of crocodile tears).

  5. “This is why, I chose not to believe any of the tweets directed at me
    over the last week insinuating that there was an “organized press
    effort” to protect the reputations of Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper.”

    Oh Candace, you’re precious. I feel bad for you. You’re so…naive, so innocent. It’s a damn shame you’re getting this wake up call but I guess now is better than later.

  6. “As a lover of all-things-journalism, this makes me sad. This makes me question everything. This affords the slippery slope of the human mind whereuponwhich we must all now wonder how many articles we’ve taken in that were really just a vindictive measure of one individual against another. And if companies stand by such purposeful harm, how can we ever rely upon the news for anything?”

    Looks like Ms. Owens just got a first dose of the Red Pill.

  7. I love the supreme, almost karmic irony to all of this. It takes an SJW (and yes, I consider Ms. Owens to be, at some level, an SJW, albeit a less repulsive one than the sort we’re used to dealing with… perhaps it’s that bitter Red Pill Quinn and Harper forced her to swallow?) to really destroy other SJWs… like two black holes ripping each other apart before collapsing into something that’s just going to die all the faster for it in the long run. Ahem. I like how Singal basically recognizes it for what it is and I absolute GUARANTEE you the slimy fuck was feeding every word back to Quinn and Harper for them to try and protect their interests. Ms. Owens might be the very thing to truly see just how deep the rabbit hole goes and finally kill the disgusting beasts lurking at the bottom… metaphorically speaking, of course.

  8. Quinn and Harper are freaking out that they’ve finally come up against someone who isn’t the least bit intimidated by their thuggery.

    No doubt they’re calling in favours (or, in Quinn’s case, offering sexual ones) to try and take Candace Owens out.

    Despicable people.

  9. The reason he wanted his article to hit first was narrative control in the public square. He wanted to paint Ms. Owens as a conspiracy theorist and bad before her story hit.

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