You may not agree with Candace Owens and her idea for Social Autopsy, but I think that by now most of you see the value in what’s she’s doing. Late last night, she put out another piece that shows how fraudulent the media has become. She caught The Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey in a major lie and when she got Dewey’s boss involved, he spiked the story rather that admit fault with his reporter and her methods.

You don’t have to co-sign every single one of Owens’ conclusions later on in the article to see that Dewey flat-out lied about what she claimed Candace told her. Personally, I do think Jeff Bezos has run The Post into the ground. Ever since he took over, the paper has been a joke. SJW mouthpieces like Ms. Dewey have been given free reign, and it’s sickening. Is he behind Zoe, Randi, and the rest of the crew? I can’t say. But regardless, we know he doesn’t care about hiring reputable journalists and holding them to the highest standards.

Go read Candace’s post right now, if you haven’t already. Once again, she has decided to have a one-on-one interview with me tomorrow morning. This infuriates my enemies. I’m sure they’ll once again steal the audio and upload it to Vocaroo, but that’s OK. I guess I’ll just have to keep myself happy with the fact that they’re irrelevant and I’m not.

If you have any questions you might want to ask her, put them down below in the #BasedCommentSection. I’ll try to get to the ones I deem the best. Most of all, I’m just happy to be sitting down with Owens once again. She’s a really fun person who alway has a lot to say. I’m hopeful that this last week of attacks haven’t beaten her down too much. Either way, we’ll find out what her future plans are tomorrow.

Look for the interview to drop on my YouTube channel at around 2-4pm.