I’ve been up for 17 hours and have done a grand total of one story. I failed today. But, I did get some trip planning done and bought some books, which Amazon was kind enough to send to me the same day. I didn’t even know they had that service up and running yet. To be fair, it’s only in select cities and only for Prime members. Still, it’s pretty cool. And yes, I do work with Amazon, but I hardly ever make any money with them, so whatever.

The books I picked out?


All those books are supposed to be stellar, but I’m really looking forward to Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar. I had somehow missed it coming out last fall, but the prequel to it is Rubicon and that’s one of my all-time favorite books. I remember reading it when I was in college for fun. What a blast I had going through that one.

Anyway, enough about my book club, although you really can’t go wrong with any of those, according to the reviews. I’ll give my full opinion after I’ve read them all. One person who isn’t waiting to give her opinion, is Candace Owens. She did a pretty nice article yesterday on Cathy Young. I’ve made no bones about this: I like Candace and I don’t like Cathy. So, I’m obviously bias.

But I can honestly say that I enjoyed the post.

Young is neither regressive left nor far right. She is neither feminist nor chauvinist, nor republican or democrat, in fact she’s not even a remarkably good or bad person either. She is but an insecure grown woman, placating her need for acceptance, through the ever-shifting sentiment behind her written works.

She is a terminal appeaser. The Harvey Dent of Journalism.

And so, it is my recommendation to her that while she continues her desperate search for support from the faceless trolls of her twitter feed, that she also pause and consider this debacle; that there is now a Jewish attorney, a gay journalist, a black-woman-scam-artist-loon, a racist, a misogynist, and an anti-semite, that have all somehow stumbled upon the same, ironic conclusion. regarding her;

That she is a woman who makes a career of assigning harsh words to strangers, who might be better off at long last deciding which ones ring true within herself.

Ms. Owens did a video earlier today as well. I liked it even better that the post. She’s obviously not too hard on the eyes, so maybe that helped. That wasn’t the only reason, though. She laid out some truth bombs about the election, namely that the establishment on both sides are full of shit. In fact, this is why I am no longer a member of any organized party and consider myself an independent.



Even if you don’t agree with every point she makes, I think most of you can admit that this was a solid effort. Good stuff, Candace. Keep it coming.