Good morning afternoon, readers. I’m here with a fresh slate of material, but I’m going to start off with something a little different. I want to talk about politics. More specifically, I want to talk about Donald Trump. Like most of you here in the United States, I’ve been familiar with Trump almost my entire life. He’s been in the media almost daily since before I can remember (I was born in 1985). Mostly, he was considered a joke of a figure, even though he’s extremely wealthy and successful.

Part of this is due to his over-the-top behavior and speech, but it was always curious to me how he was treated. The media has been trying to say he was lying about his wealth for years. But now it looks like The Donald is having the last laugh. Why is his current run happening? How can the man considered to be a national joke for so long be having the last laugh?

For one, I always said that it would be a real treat if he actually did end up running. I never thought he would, though. I just figured he was pulling everyone’s chain, since he’d been threatening a campaign for years. Still, one thing I knew, is that Donald Trump is gonna say whatever the fuck he wants. There was a realization that he would stand out from the rest of his competitors simply because of that fact alone. There is no cheap-shot he won’t take. If you have skeletons in your closet, he’ll put them on parade. He even made fun of John McCain for getting captured by the North Vietnamese. This would have crippled almost anyone else’s candidacy. With Trump, it boosted him even further.

It’s not really complicated. People feel like the United States is broken and that the current political class are the main ones who did the breaking. It’s hard to argue with that, honestly. They see Trump as a flawed character, to be sure, but he’s also a guy who has no real loyalties to any party dogma. There are no sacred cows for him. The main part of his platform is being anti-illegal immigration. The other part is, “Obama is an idiot, I’ll make us rich again.”

There’s even a large portion of the left who are against mass immigration, and needless to say, it’s not popular on the right. The Obama part of his message resonates on the right as well, since he’s considered almost like the devil to some. This is nothing new. George W. Bush was reviled by Democrats, too. But the way Trump talks about Obama and his competitors is biting and downright hilarious. The public isn’t used to seeing this level of intensity. Oh, and he’s also the most charismatic person in the field by a country mile.

If Trump had laid the groundwork a little bit better, and was more disciplined, I would say he had an excellent shot at the White House. As it is, I wouldn’t rule anything out. The same people saying he was a joke candidate for years are now the ones trying to tear him and his poll numbers down. The media has even resorted to calling him a rapist. His ex-wife shot that down this morning and said he would make a fine president. There will be more dirt. This is only the beginning. But the pols take Trump lightly at their own peril. We’ve seen the power of celebrity in this country. We know that many have lost faith in the entire American project. When people feel like they have nothing to lose, sometimes they say fuck it.


That’s what’s happening with Trump right now. Whether it lasts into the fall remains to be seen. Whatever the outcome, though, Trump is providing a great service. He’s shitting all over PC culture and shaking up our failure of a political class. Keep it up, Donald.

Oh, and I know at least one fabulously blond bombshell who saw this coming last month. Milo, take it away:

In an arid landscape populated with candidates who are terrified of public relations disasters, Trump will electrify the field. A man who is so rich he can offend anyone and say anything is the perfect antidote to a stultifyingly politically-correct atmosphere. He the perfect man to finally inject some courage into the terminally cautious Republican party…

Trump will say exactly what he likes about both the Democrats and his Republican opponents, regardless of how it impacts his own chances. And he’ll say it with such humor and personality that no-one will be able to ignore him, and millions will silently (and in some cases grudgingly) agree with him. Being a populist has its downsides, but no one ever went broke by saying what everyone at home is secretly thinking.

  1. If nothing else comes of it. It will be a great laugh. Politicians deserve getting crap and if he is the vehicle, so be it

  2. I’ve read on the “italian version” of the New York Times (just to give you the political lens of the newspaper that published the article) that this Trump is some sort of an american version of Berlusconi. If it’s true good luck with that LOL.

  3. thus far the only politicians worth being the president are bernie sanders (old will could probably die during his term so has no motivation to kowtow to interests other than his own), and trump (simply because as much as a ass he is not beholden to other corporate interests)

      1. So are you claiming I painted events in false light to spread my own lies? A convenient claim but that which can be asserted without evidence…

        And of course I selectively edited the footage for purposes of comment. If they want to watch the full stream I link to your stream for full context.Your audience will find the man confesses MULTIPLE times on stream while you and Ian Davis cry about me.

        1. You’re arguing about an off-topic issue that has nothing to do with Donald Trump. I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say to your bitch-ass already. I let your little fraudulent accusation stay up. But if you keep going down this road, you’re gone. Why, when I let everyone else except Stonemirror stay? Cause I don’t like you. I think you’re a pompous blowhard who has always overestimated both your importance and your ability. So, knowing what I think of you, and that I have no use for you or motivation to debate you, why do you continue to bring your no-count hide to my site? Attention? Is it because people ignore you on Twitter? Or have you just fully embraced joke-status now?

  4. When it comes to politics to me the whole thing is just one big giant circus. Election season is always fun because that is when the idoits come out. But next year sounds like such a train wreck it doesn’t even sound fun to watch. The republicans backed the wrong horse on the gay marriage side that they are now too chicken shit to say anything. Thanks to the media and their own fuck ups they are just a complete joke now. Trump seems to be the only candidate with balls. Then you have the democrats who are tearing themselves apart from the inside. Hillary’s campaign seems to be “I have a vagina.” While Bernie seems to be “I’m not Hillary.” He’s also got the millennial vote because he’s promising free college and 15 bucks an hour minimum wage. Look I’m not an expert on economics but even I know that shit has consequences. So yeah next year is going to be a shit show. I guess best case scenario it’s Bernie vs Trump in the end.

    1. Adjusting for productivity growth the minimum wage in the late 60s was $22-$23/Hour.

      Hell, at this point the American economy is collapsing because the amount of wealth produced is so much higher then the amount of wealth the 99% receive that lack of demand is the biggest problem (it was like that just before the Great Depression hit too).

      1. The great depression, a lovely cause and effect of progressive policies (FDR) and its creation, the centralized bank… which made an effort to, via executive order on FDR’s part…confiscate private property (gold for example) and give it to the centralized bank.

        1. FDR was after the Great Depression. In fact he was pretty much elected because of it.

          Pretty much what got us out of it was manufacturing jobs created from WW2. FDR set up a lot of government-sponsored infrastructure jobs pre-WW2 just to give people income and that’s the last time we’ve really had any updates to our highways. (Hence why unless Congress can get their arses in gear we’re going to have major bridge collapses very very soon)

          1. Let me clairify, since I was way too vague with the articulation. FDR prolonged the great depression by around 7 years, he ignored the supreme court and struck down anti-trust laws while blaming the free market (and competition) for the cause. The Federal Reserve (centralized bank) came from Democrats demanding there be a government owned centralized bank that could print money as congress demanded. The compromise of course lead to it being a private institution instead. FDR later gave them (the people who helped cause the start of the great depression) what they wanted in order to make a fiat currency…aka confiscated private gold from the people and gave it to the big bank.

            FDR deserves literally no praise, and the early era progressives which lead up to the progressive era succeeded in exploding the size and role of a centralized government and the problems that came with it.

          2. FDR prolonged the great depression by around 7 years

            His first 2 terms had by far the highest growth rates in American history outside WWII.

            It’s just not possible for the economy to recover 7 years early.

          3. Citation needed?
            I think FDR deserves some praise, if only because he did – something – to keep people stable and start the economy again. And a lot of the FDR policies have been kept around until very recently, so there must be some value.

            It’s all hypothetical, of course. But I’m not so sure that a non-centralized government would be able to function given how inter-connected everything is nowadays.

            (of course said government isn’t functioning now thanks to polarization / lobbying / whatever but that’s another topic and would not be solved with decentralization necessarily)

          4. I know that it seems like the first impulse in a crisis should be to do something, ANYTHING, but knee-jerk reactions are a HORRIBLE way to govern, ezralyte.

            That impulse — to ‘do something’ — is the source of a lot of our problems. ‘Pass a law!’ they cry — but there’s no thought of the consequences or the costs. Remember, you have to ENFORCE laws.

      2. I agree that minimum wage needs to be adjusted and is too low but I feel that anything higher is going to see increase in prices.

  5. Normally since I am not American I stay the fuck out of the whole American political thing.but as amusing and admittedly savvy a guy as trump is why the fuck would anyone ever contemplate putting him in the president’s chair, he has fucked over as many Americans as anyone else with sending work overseas, bad decisions and dodgy business moves yet from what I have been hearing lately you would think the guy shits apple pie garnished with hundreds. I can’t really say any of your current candidates are that good but it seems like you are all jumping from bad to worse with every election these days. And I thought Obama was scraping the bottom of the barrel

  6. Trump is a massive egomaniac, a mediocre businessman, and a pain in the ass.

    He’s also infuriatingly lucky, and he’s causing no end of discomfort among the ‘establishment’ of the GOP. He’s putting his thumb right on the sore spot of illegal immigration, and fate has conspired to rub people’s noses in it with the Stenle shooting in SanFran. And then to add insult to injury, Trump arranged for the father of Jamiel Shaw to speak at one of his rallies as well.

    Jamiel Shaw was a black kid who, I will presume, was one of the good ones. Perhaps his past has been scrubbed; I don’t know, and I’m going to err on the side of ‘good kid’ until proven otherwise. Unfortunately we’ll never know how he’d turn out, because an illegal immigrant mistook him for a rival gang member and shot him dead.

    There’s an evil genius to it; Trump is showing that the problem isn’t just confined to whites OR blacks, but everyone who is a legal citizen.

    1. Good point(s).

      I personally lost what little respect I had left for Obama when he held that meeting with illegal aliens to discuss their “concerns”.

      Why do criminals deserve an audience with the president to discuss their feelz/needz?

      This may sound nearsighted & foolish, but I’d vote for Trump just based on his view of illegal immigration.

  7. You know who I think Trump is? He’s Ross Perot. He will run third party, split the R vote and get Hillary elected. It’s almost like I’ve seen this before…. twice.

    1. I’m praying to all that is holy Bernie beats her in the primaries. I do not agree with his policies but at this point it’s the lesser of the two evils, or idiots.

      1. They’ll come up with some way to invalidate him, the Clintons excel at it. I agree with some of Bernie’s ideas, and hate others, but then, I’m libertarian almost to the point of anarchy.

        The thing is, Trump I understand to be a lifelong registered Dem, he’s beating the right drums, getting the Tea party types who’ve been crapped on by their own party riled up, and we know that 2M registered Republitards sitting home last election could have gotten Romney’s lame ass elected. It’s almost too perfect a setup.

      2. Bernie’s not evil. I disagree with him on several issues, but I like him more than the rest of the Dems combined.

          1. Oh it’s total deja vu with how the right buried Ron Paul even though he was very popular with the millennial crowd.

          2. Was he? Most millenials were masturbating over Obama and calling RP crazy, from what I recall.

          3. Millenials that were right leaning. I remember hearing that he was very popular from the college crowd but it wasn’t enough to save him since the media acted like he never existed.

          4. People forget that Republicans and moderates like strong personalities — something the Democrats always lack, but Bernie Sanders has. Furthermore where Clinton has had to change and modify her views with the times, and has been forever hated and forever in the public eye, Sanders has always been himself, not led by polls (something the Republican voters loathe! And thus why their candidates have to at least appear not to give a damn about public opinion — sometimes, the more they go against it, the stronger their support!) AND the Republicans have been misusing / overusing “socialism = SCARY BAD!!!” so much that it no longer has any teeth. They can’t rally their base with saying he’ll be weak on supporting Israel — ditto they can’t even decry his Judaism!! — and they have LESS chance of stealing away elderly vote from him than from Hilary.

            Get excited. It’s happening.

    2. He just said last night in a Bill O’Reilly interview that he won’t run independent, because that’s ridiculous. He’s running as republican because he doesn’t want a split vote.

      He is also very aware of how popular he is over other republican candidates.

      1. I don’t know, I read somewhere he was considering third party because of their knucklefuckery. I’ll have to look for it again.

    1. But we made history by getting the first woman president elected guys. Doesn’t that mean something! Yeah!

  8. Ok Ralph….time for a reality check from someone outside the US goldfish bowl.

    Trump isnt some self made success cum Cinderella story. He was born a rich spoiled brat scion of a rich set of parents. He started life rich, and despite being a total blunderfuck has managed to stay that way.
    He isnt a business wonder either. Trump is such a good business man he has managed to bankrupt casinos. Thats casino with an S…..I seem to recall reading the total so far is four. Thats right….he is such a business wunderkid he managed to bankrupt four businesses that are basically money printing machines.
    And believe me chum…what you Americans see as bluff charm and everyman speaking his mind appeal, the rest of the world view as a thick as shit meathead bully boy with all the charisma of a turd floating in a swimming pool. Outside your own borders he is almost universally loathed and looked down on as the embodiment of everything wrong with America. Another rich twat who thinks money buys everything from a country where intellect and reason are dirty words.
    While all 16 (at last count) of the GOP slate so far are an even bigger fucking freakshow than the last big election slate Trump is the greatest indictment of how far off the rails your anti-intellectual money crazed whorehouse of a political system has gone.
    Personally I think the Democrats should cheer him on, for either way his candidacy would be a win win. If he runs, theres a good chance his fat head and big mouth will loose him the election. Even if he wins, he is guaranteed to send the US down the shitter so hard and fast that the GOP can forget winning an election for a decade thereafter.
    By the way, exclusive leak of his election poster….

    1. What an idiotic post… its just one big confirmation bias that follows the stereotypical lines of socialist “logic” aka whine about wealth and promote class warfare. That class warfare logic is the same crap that keeps getting you “chums” into tearing down your own countries so some dictator or regime can get put in place. Talk about gullible.

      1. Dude, guy has a big hard on for hating america. Any excuse to talk about how antiintellectual and backwards we are as opposed to his enlightened UK where tweets get you jail time.

        1. As someone living in the UK I can tell you now we have gone so far down hill in so many areas that getting sent to jail for a tweet is the least of our worries.

        2. Yeah…I can call ‘Citation required’ on that. So criticism = hate eh? Now where does that sound familiar?
          I dont hate America in the same way I dont hate Spain, Russia or any other country.
          I dont have much time for your politicians, just as I dont have much time for politicians anywhere…especially here in the UK.
          I have zero respect for your law enforcement and officers, and little for your courts. Im pretty certain that Im in the happy company of a majority of Americans there. Money+politics and Money+Judges/Courts doesn’t work.
          And as for the charges I lay of anti-intellectualism and how it is celebrated in the US….well again I seem to be in the company of a range of US thinkers and writers, from Hunter S Thompson to Chris Hedges and Sam Harris.
          And as for being some massive Brit patriot…well the fact that I have spent half my life on and off living in far flung foreign countries shows just how much I love the UK. As I always say, better to be a stranger in a strange land than one in your own.

          1. Let me rephrase my assessment of you then: Every time you talk of Americans, you come off as a cock. I have seen you say exactly 0 positive things about America or the American people. I get the impression you like to comment on a culture and society you have no real vested interest in or much first hand knowledge about.

            You seem to have an awful lot to say about a society that its people choose, that you have no interests or experience in.

          2. Wrong again chum
            Till 1990 to 2004 I traveled to the US three or four times a year for work. I spent three months (3 x 1 month) riding a hire-bike round the western and southern parts of the US. I have mates Im in weekly contact with who live there (a couple even in SJW la la land Frisco, and one in deepest god-n-guns Alabama). Some of my best traveling memories (and anecdotes) involve my wanderings round the US, and the people I met along the road. Some of the most beautiful, breathtaking scenery Ive seen has been in America. Hell, I even got married in Vegas with a full Elvis wedding.
            However, none of that changes my opinions of your law system, law enforcement system, and your political system/politicians as nothing more than money raddled whorehouses. And Donald Trump, as I assert in my OP, like Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, Gohmert and all the rest of the fuckchugger GOP clown parade are damning indictments of how fucked the system has got.

      2. Utter bollocks.
        I dont have a problem with rich men who worked their way there.
        Don’s UK equivalent, Alan Sugar who is “the tycoon” in The Apprentice UK, IS a self made man and business success story who started off “on the barrows” in the East End of London. Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, started life off small. The lads who went on to form Apple and Microsoft are all self made men. Started small, now mega rich.
        Oh…and they aren’t Trump alike meatheads as well.

  9. Trump can’t win because he’s running on the exact same premise that Perry did – He’s super rich and therefore, because he thinks this country is an oligarchy and not a democracy, that the super rich should be calling all the shots. I’ll personally rip his head off if he somehow managed to violate the decency of the democratic process by getting in. We need that imbecile like we need a hole in the head. He does seem to be eating away at what remains of the fractured Republican base… which is just alarming if they consider him a more viable option than actual politicians. This is the man who declares bankruptcy whenever he has a problem. Perhaps that would be his strategy for resolving America’s debt issues; just reneging on them. Hey, America’s credit rating already got down graded thanks to the Tea Party, so it’s really not so inconceivable, is it?

        1. Well depends. As I said to Hildred if he was born on a military fort or in the time we considered the other area a Territory, McCaine was in the clear. if not, well that is certainly odd.

      1. Wow birther nonsense? Wish you were around for the Obama’s little episode of getting hit with Birther-ism. And strange fact is: I know what your saying isn’t exactly true thanks to my Dad. Both of his parents are natural born American citizens, however he was born on FRENCH soil. and as constitution says, It needs to be on American soil. While Obama was born in Hawaii neither my Dad (since Grandpa was CIA Analyst none use of stuff on fort is beyond me, maybe they lived off base) and Ted Cruz are not so lucky. Unless you know if he were born on a military fort up there that no one else does?

      2. McCain was born in Panama, George Romney (Mitt’s dad, ran in ’64) was born in Mexico, but in both cases to US citizen parents. That counts as being a natural-born US citizen

        1. Again if a base we have around the world they are safe. If not then crash time. I know it’s freaking weird as a rule but it be there matey.

          1. “Both confirm that the original meaning of the phrase “natural born Citizen” includes persons born abroad who are citizens from birth based on the citizenship of a parent.”

            Military base abroad isn’t a requirement, just as long as at least one of the parents is a US citizen, you’re considered “natural born” Cruz was born in Canada to a US citizen mother and former US citizen father. That makes him “natural born.”

          2. Huh, Heard differently from Teachers, My Dad and School Text Books but well what do you know. Guess you learn something new everyday.

    1. I don’t mind that Trump is rich, Hell I would rather vote for a self-made rich person then for someone who never had any success or experience in running any kind of business (and politics and business are tightly related), but he owes his success to his father and he really isn’t much of a businessman, like you’ve said, he solves his problems by declaring bankruptcy among other things, he doesn’t have a real understanding of the value of money.

      1. Exactly. I view Trump as a bully and a showman, nothing more. He’s something of a caricature.

      2. “Hell I would rather vote for a self-made rich person then for someone who never had any success or experience in running any kind of business”

        So you wouldn’t vote for Trump, since he’s not self-made nor has he had any real success in running business without having to be propped up by one entity or another (often taxpayers)?

        1. Please read the whole comment:

          but he owes his success to his father and he really isn’t much of a businessman, like you’ve said, he solves his problems by declaring bankruptcy among other things, he doesn’t have a real understanding of the value of money.

    2. We’re a democratic republic actually. We use the democratic process, but our legislative system is styled after a republic. So, there’s that. Easy mistake to make.

      Your second point fails in that you assume the wealthy create jobs when, in fact, they invest their money overseas where there is little to no regulation and almost 100% tax free status. So, that’s another easy mistake to make. You should also be aware that companies only create jobs when it will also increase their profits. They don’t do it to be socially responsible.

      Your third point makes me laugh. Cruz is an open bigot and religious zealot. All you have to do is compare his ideology to Bush and he instantly loses out with moderates/fence sitters. The fact that gay marriage and marijuana now sit at greater than 50% approval rating in this country should tell you something about the way the political landscape has shifted. Hillary is going to win, although I’d rather it be Sanders since Hillary is FAR to buddy buddy with corporate America for my liking.

      But we’ll see, won’t we?

    3. So my Dad is a political writer, and we’d both been following Trump for two decades, only to be baffled by his 2006 about-face turnarounds. My Dad recently posited this theory that my overwhelmingly leftist friends (No, I mean, like again, SJW is a badge of pride with them ALL, right?) have scooped up en masse: That Donald Trump has been punking the Republican party, and we just didn’t realize it before because it blended in with the other insanity too damn well. Basically as I said it, “Holy shit, he did what I would have if I’d had that money and been born a rich, white cis-het male.” See, you can no sooner “lead” Democrats to victory than you can lead a cat to a can of tuna. You can open the can. You can leave it there. You can bring the can to the cat. And the cat will just stare at you like you poisoned it. They’re incompetent. But sabotage the Republicans? PIECE OF CAKE.

      In 1999 before the Gore/Bush non-vote he was proposing pretty much ALWAYS common sense things. — Like if you want to deal with the debt so much, don’t have a permanent tax, just get rid of the stupid as fuck excesses that have been accumulated Monopoly style via hoarding, and thereby encourage true entrepreneurs but not dynasty birth winners. Only Republicans in 2000 voted for Bush to literally piss it all away and make it rain. :|/ Then they started acquiescing their cucks to “No tax raises ever of any kind, even a one-time only one fuck you” crowd, only fuck themselves up. Good job guys.

      He was pro-choice.

      He used to be in favor of Universal Healthcare and loved Hilary Clinton (YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!)

      Now it’s like WTF? Have you been drinking hair regrowth? HOW DO YOU GO INTO CRAZY LAND?

      Friends assumed he was just senile, but I can safely say sitting through his speeches online, not a chance. He’s extremely lucid and sharp as a rapier. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING IN THE FORM OF SHENANIGANS.

      It gets better. The whole birther Obama thing? Trump’s doing and always exacerbated. Even when it was PROVEN, he kept at it. But BEFORE that, the Republican party had been insisting that the law about having to be born on American soil should be changed because they wanted Schwarzenegger to run! He was pulling them along in his pace and dragged out all the fucking lunatics. If anything, the whole “But Obama was born in Kenya” thing only HELPED Democrats because it made anyone sticking to something so stupid and easily disproven and irrelevant besides; look blatantly racist or out of their depths.

      And what’s he doing now? Last Republican midterm (2012) saw the Republicans throw away Reagan’s advice to them to never smacktalk each other because it was just fuel for Democrats, and the voter base wasn’t QUITE that guppy like that they’d forget everything. Now, a LOT of what happened with the midterms is because of the U.S.’ mass media spin-machine. They make more money (Fox News, MSNBC, ALL OF THEM!!!) by dragging it out (that is why so many “red” states moved up their primary voting) and the more attention and dicking around they do, the more clickbait revenue that generates. NO ONE WITH HALF A BRAIN came out of the first Republican primary debate with ANYTHING less than “Why is this even a debate, we all know it’s going to be Romney, because the others look like lunatics.” But follow the money. None of them would say Romney, instead they insisted all each other were “front-runners” and bullshitted ANYTHING to keep the gravy train going a little longer. They also wouldn’t talk about Obama FOR EVER in his primary run against Clinton because they are fucking clueless. (clueless being nice here but:) “Oh but America’s too racist to let him win.” hell how many times did they assume his NAME ALONE would get him chucked?

      Trump played them like a fiddle for that. He has not stopped mocking them SINCE. They opened that gate, and he went RIGHT ON THROUGH IT. I’m STILL convinced that Herman Cain was trolling them, but Donald Trump must be the ultimate master of it.

      It’s even basically what Francisco in Atlas Shrugged was doing, ONLY BETTER. Because Francisco was just making a mockery of the elitist Gangnam lifestyle by living it so satirically, that way he wouldn’t lose his family’s assets to morons (other than the quick burn of it), but Trump? Trump is doing it -BETTER.- He’s mocking EVERYTHING they do on extremism, and pulling them around like Satan’s own personal satyr on display at a dog and pony show. And HONEST TO GOD, if I’d had the money and power myself and been in that position both in 2000, and 2006 respectively (and again in 2012 after seeing the INSANITY, and NOW as it gets even crazier) that is actually what I would have LOVED to attempt.

      He might be truly crazy, but there’s something sort of legitimately beautiful in that insanity. He’s destroying the Right with their own curses, and the only way to stop him from it, is to finally redress their wrongs and get good like they should have done from the start.

      I for one, welcome our new faux-haired overlord and his satirical charm. All hail the hair!

      1. He seems to be calling everyone out, so maybe he’s just had enough of all the shit. He does say some truly outrageous shit, but then again that might very well be him going “fuck political correctness” to an extreme. I don’t like the man, and I never will, but he certainly is rather curious.

  10. Fox news had a good take on how he might perform in the debates. That he might start as a “statesman” but as soon as anybody attacks him, he will destroy them. Because Trump is very good at tearing people apart, it’s his element. The biggest mistake would be for anybody in the debate to attack him.

    Honestly, as a socialist / moderate leaning democrat type person, I am kinda interested in voting for him.

    Because like most of us Gamergaters, I’m very disenfranchised with the left these days.

  11. for someone in the UK Trump running for candidacy makes me smile, a shame the UK does not have anyone sufficiently popular. rich and mouthy to give it a go over here, the innate reserve of most UK persons tends to go against that likelihood though.

  12. i get the feeling that this is one of those things where people are like ‘well, never thought it’d get this far. i kind of want to keep going and see how far it goes’.

  13. Yeah he is anti PC but being anti PC is not really an excuse to be an asshole, he is using his political incorrectness not as a tool to discuss some real sensitive issues but simply to insult like a child on a playground. Now if he were a self made man, who owes most of his success to his own hard work, maybe I would trust his capabilities to run a country, but he sure as hell doesn’t have a posture of a diplomat and his success comes from having a rich daddy and capable children. An average at best businessman who bases his communication on cheap shots and appeals to emotions wouldn’t really be a good president.

  14. I fully support Trump, even with not aligning w/ a lot of his stances. He’s self-funded, he’s not beholden to big banks or other politically connected corporations, he doesn’t apologize for his existence, and he’s taking shots at the dishonest media & cowardly GOP that has caved to the Dems repeatedly during the Obama years by bringing up issues that many conservatives have vented about but have gone ignored. Best of all he’s causing chaos in the otherwise boring and predictable electoral process.

    I want to see this cause a split in the GOP, and I hope Sanders can pull off something of the sort on the Dem side, since I’m otherwise sure we’ll just end up with Bush III vs Clinton II. If that’s the case I may seriously consider an exit strategy from the US. The 2-party system needs very badly to die.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, another thing that many media figures complain about is how he’s desecrating the electoral process or some shit. Good. He’s giving it the treatment and respect it deserves. As we’ve learned with SJWs, the most important weapon to use against those in power is mockery, and Trump has it in spades.

  15. ,,,for all th’ squawk over his business acumen, just remember: Trump is th’ first person in history to lose money from owning a casino.

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