Good morning afternoon, readers. I’m here with a fresh slate of material, but I’m going to start off with something a little different. I want to talk about politics. More specifically, I want to talk about Donald Trump. Like most of you here in the United States, I’ve been familiar with Trump almost my entire life. He’s been in the media almost daily since before I can remember (I was born in 1985). Mostly, he was considered a joke of a figure, even though he’s extremely wealthy and successful.

Part of this is due to his over-the-top behavior and speech, but it was always curious to me how he was treated. The media has been trying to say he was lying about his wealth for years. But now it looks like The Donald is having the last laugh. Why is his current run happening? How can the man considered to be a national joke for so long be having the last laugh?

For one, I always said that it would be a real treat if he actually did end up running. I never thought he would, though. I just figured he was pulling everyone’s chain, since he’d been threatening a campaign for years. Still, one thing I knew, is that Donald Trump is gonna say whatever the fuck he wants. There was a realization that he would stand out from the rest of his competitors simply because of that fact alone. There is no cheap-shot he won’t take. If you have skeletons in your closet, he’ll put them on parade. He even made fun of John McCain for getting captured by the North Vietnamese. This would have crippled almost anyone else’s candidacy. With Trump, it boosted him even further.

It’s not really complicated. People feel like the United States is broken and that the current political class are the main ones who did the breaking. It’s hard to argue with that, honestly. They see Trump as a flawed character, to be sure, but he’s also a guy who has no real loyalties to any party dogma. There are no sacred cows for him. The main part of his platform is being anti-illegal immigration. The other part is, “Obama is an idiot, I’ll make us rich again.”

There’s even a large portion of the left who are against mass immigration, and needless to say, it’s not popular on the right. The Obama part of his message resonates on the right as well, since he’s considered almost like the devil to some. This is nothing new. George W. Bush was reviled by Democrats, too. But the way Trump talks about Obama and his competitors is biting and downright hilarious. The public isn’t used to seeing this level of intensity. Oh, and he’s also the most charismatic person in the field by a country mile.

If Trump had laid the groundwork a little bit better, and was more disciplined, I would say he had an excellent shot at the White House. As it is, I wouldn’t rule anything out. The same people saying he was a joke candidate for years are now the ones trying to tear him and his poll numbers down. The media has even resorted to calling him a rapist. His ex-wife shot that down this morning and said he would make a fine president. There will be more dirt. This is only the beginning. But the pols take Trump lightly at their own peril. We’ve seen the power of celebrity in this country. We know that many have lost faith in the entire American project. When people feel like they have nothing to lose, sometimes they say fuck it.


That’s what’s happening with Trump right now. Whether it lasts into the fall remains to be seen. Whatever the outcome, though, Trump is providing a great service. He’s shitting all over PC culture and shaking up our failure of a political class. Keep it up, Donald.

Oh, and I know at least one fabulously blond bombshell who saw this coming last month. Milo, take it away:

In an arid landscape populated with candidates who are terrified of public relations disasters, Trump will electrify the field. A man who is so rich he can offend anyone and say anything is the perfect antidote to a stultifyingly politically-correct atmosphere. He the perfect man to finally inject some courage into the terminally cautious Republican party…

Trump will say exactly what he likes about both the Democrats and his Republican opponents, regardless of how it impacts his own chances. And he’ll say it with such humor and personality that no-one will be able to ignore him, and millions will silently (and in some cases grudgingly) agree with him. Being a populist has its downsides, but no one ever went broke by saying what everyone at home is secretly thinking.