Here’s a cartoon inspired by our Felicia Day column from a couple days back. People really liked the first two, so hopefully, we can keep bringing you this feature. I can draw worth a shit, though, so it’s up to you to send them in.

By: @mantolicous of 

(shoutout to the /gg/ board as well)



  1. I never once though Felicia Day held any importance to gaming culture. More of a glorified ‘gamer gurl’ if you ask me. Not saying she can’t play games with us though.

    1. Well, she can’t play games with me. I try to keep away from idiots online as they tend to degrade the general IQ levels of everyone around them. I imagine Day would have us bottomed out in about 10 minutes.

      1. She wouldn’t game with us anyway – she crosses the street to get away from people wearing Halo tshirts just on the off-chance that they are a GooberGrape…

        I like to imagine that GG has turned her into a massive agoraphobe.

    2. Yeah she didn’t hold any importence to gaming culture, rather she “got lucky on something” and ran with it. Not faulting her for that, but pretending that she was important? Meh. Comparing her to say Sebudai(of “this isn’t rocket surgery” fame) Sebudai contributed more.

      1. While I agree that Felecia initially may have fell into the nerdy typecast. (like many people on the set of shows like “Eureka” etc). I think calling her a ‘glorified gamer gurl’ is perpetuating the stereotype that you are a shallow minded closet sexist.

        While i disagree with most anti GG propoganda, the type she recently came out with, apparently there are also people just as stupid on the other side of the argument.

        I mean, who in their right mind WOULD want to do nerd stuff when you could be doing AAA blockbuster, but you take what you can get right? Once the nerd angle was working for her and was her reality, is there really any argument that she isnt dedicated to making interesting content for the nerd adjacent stuff?

        I personally liked her voice work in fallout new vegas, and she wasnt bad in the DA expansion either. She was doing high end vod work/youtube stuff pretty early in the lifecycle for that kind of content.

        The problem you have is probably that she is put up on a pedastal for being a beacon of good works for gaming which is clearly an overstatement but to come out and call her a ‘glorified gamer gurl’ is just outright embarrassing. Its bordering on severe case of mountain dew neckbeardage, get reasonable bro.

    3. The thing about her blog post is that is seemed so… played out. To many oddly specific details. “Halo and Call of Duty” shirts? Honestly. How stereotypical.

  2. Searching for “Felicia Day” at Destructoid came back with 547 results. I didn’t see any disclaimer in her blog posts about being given constant, positive press by these sites.

  3. Meh. I actually do like her work. Never met her personally though. It’s a little sad though to see that she drank the kool-aid wrt seeing her potential audience in the manner described in her blog post.

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