We had a blast this weekend with both the Shoot Stream on Friday night and the Killstream on Saturday night. For the new year, I’m trying to keep us set to a schedule. It goes a little something like this: Wednesday’s are for TheRalphRetort LIVE shows, Friday nights are for the Shoot Streams, and Saturday’s at 6PM EST are the Killstreams. I will have a poster up on the site within the next couple days so you can be reminded daily if you’re on a web browser. I might try some kind of reminder for mobile as well, but I’m weak when it comes to setting up things there.

Anyway, like I said, the streams were a lot of fun. The one that’s been getting the most attention, is of course the Friday night Shoot Stream on Liana K. She’s probably still sperging out about her fake Jewishness even now. Who can say for sure? Also, the companion piece that Jack Outis put out yesterday just pushed her further over the edge. Here’s some visual evidence…



Yes, you certinaly are, Goose. Who’s the target for this week’s Shoot? It hasn’t been finalized just yet, but it’s looking like we’re gonna go in on Brianna Wu. More details will be forthcoming. Until then, catch up on the last show if you haven’t seen it already.


The next night, I was joined by Janet Bloomfield and Liberal Lunacy Shannon for another episode of the Killstream. We talked about my trip to England as well as some news topics, such as the refugee rape gangs in Cologne. Zoe Quinn came up as well, and we also discussed the reaction to the Shoot Stream from the night before. Just when we were about to sign off, Master Milo also chimed in…


Yes. Yes she did. I don’t think the weekend could have went any better, people. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Oh yea, watch the Killstream if you missed it.