It’s been awhile since we heard from Janet Bloomfield. So, I figured I would let her catch you up on her work. She’s still banned from Twitter over some bullshit, unfortunately. I know her voice is very much missed on that platform. She’s on Facebook, though, so check her out over there. Also check out her website, linked above.

You covered me back in December when I was banned from Twitter for quoting Jessica Valenti back to herself. I’ve recently been busy shining a spotlight on feminists, who bleat from the hilltops they are only interested in EQUALITY, and their curious opposition to … equality. Feminists oppose shared parenting. They literally oppose equality. Within hours of my article going up at Thought Catalog, NOW removed all its statements opposing shared parenting. Curious. Does NOW endorse equality? Or are they just hiding?

Gloria Steinem once famously said “women are not going to be equal outside the home until men are equal in it,” a sentiment that is both easy to agree with and likely true. Feminism loves to refer to the dictionary definition of itself, and point smugly to the central concept of equality, but something happened between Gloria Steinem and “Christmas is a goddamn clusterfuck that oppresses women” Jessica Valenti. Somewhere on the journey, feminism became about hating men, keeping all of women’s traditional privileges and actively opposing any version of equality that doesn’t embrace the two basic tenets that govern everything feminists represent: men suck and women deserve their privilege.


Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at the history of shared parenting. The majority of this research was conducted by historian and citizen blogger Prentice Reid. As early as 1986, the president of one chapter of the National Organization for Women, the largest feminist organization in the US, complained about the unfairness of equality when it meant giving up a traditional female privilege. Women, feminists argued, are equal, except when they are special and then equal doesn’t count and is unfair and won’t everyone please remember that men suck? In 2001, feminists refused to even sit at the table with men to discuss men and women sharing, equally, the responsibilities and decisions involved in parenting.

What is the rationale behind opposing equality? Men suck. That’s what feminist opposition to equality boils down to.


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So Twitter is now suspending politically conservative users, in addition to suspending users who are critical of feminism?

Are you sure this how you want to play?

Please verify and restore the accounts of all users who are engaging in criticism. Criticism is NOT harassment.


I will second that last bit. Twitter really needs to stop censoring opinions that don’t fit in with their radical San Francisco attitudes. Keep your eyes on the site. I’ll have more posts before the morning.