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#Killstream 36: Janet in London, #BLM Nutter, Turkey, Nice & More (7PM EST TONIGHT)

The #Killstream is back after a one-week hiatus to get you caught up on all the week’s news. Nice, Turkey, #BLM nutters, plus Janet’s trip to London…we have a lot to cover. I hope you enjoy the show.   Janet Bloomfield: Nora Malik:...

#Killstream 35: July 4th Weekend Freedom Stream (7PM EST Saturday Night!)

We’ll catch up on all the week’s news with the same panel who joined us for #Killstream 30 (LIVE in London). Also, in the spirit of July 4th weekend, we’ll ask all the panelists what’s their favorite thing about America.

Watch Me on The Patriarchy Show!

I did a podcast last night called The Patriarchy Show and it was a lot of fun. I don’t always have a good time when I’m on other people’s shows, but last night was great. I encourage all of you to check it out. I...

#Killstream 29: Pre-London Finale (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

All the week’s news will be discussed with the one and only Janet Bloomfield, along with the lovely and talented Co-Host Nora. We’ll also talk about my upcoming trip to London, where the #Killstream will emanate from next week. Janet Bloomfield’s info: Co-Host...

Friday Night Shoot Stream: The Ethics of Doxing (9PM EST TONIGHT)

Tonight, I’m going to be discussing the ethics of doxing with the ever controversial WildGoose. WildGoose Info: Muh Patreon:

Amazon Takes on YouTube With “Amazon Video Direct” (But So Far, It’s Lacking)

I’ve been waiting on a decent challenger to YouTube to come down the pike, not because I’m that dissatisfied with the service (although I have had some issues), but because competition usually makes everything better. While I was hoping for a more outsider-type to be...

#Killstream 28: Trump, Amy Schumer, Hogan, DSP & More (Tonight 6PM EST)

Back for another go with the notorious Janet Bloomfield and the infamous…well, me. As usual, Co-Host Nora will be here to balance us out with a little niceness. This week we’ll be discussing all sorts of topics, including: Trump’s GOP nomination victory, Amy Schumer lying...

Janet Bloomfield Discusses Unfair Twitter Suspension

If you saw the #Killstream this past Saturday, then you know that Janet Bloomfield (our regular panelist) has been suspended from Twitter yet again. And if you’re a longtime reader of this site then you know it’s not the first time that she’s been banned...

#Killstream 27: Janet’s Too Hot for Twitter, Plus #TrigglyPuff & More (7PM EST TONIGHT)

Join us tonight as we talk about Janet’s new Twitter ban, #TrigglyPuff, Beyoncé’s Lemonade, Ted Cruz’s creepiness, the 2016 election, and more. Janet Bloomfield info: Co-Host Nora on Twitter: Muh Patreon:

#Killstream 26 Preview (7PM EST 4/23)

We’re scheduled to have Pax Dickinson on the show tomorrow night. There’s a lot to cover with him, as I mention in the preview. Also, I forgot to drop-in his new Wesearchr project with Charles C. Johnson, but rest assured that we will talk about...

#Killstream 24: The Rappening

We’ve got a lot to discuss on the one-day delayed #Killstream this week, but we’re leading off with the recent Alison Rapp news. Janet Bloomfield’s info: Co-Host Nora: Feminist Flow/@FeministPeriod Muh Patreon:

Co-Host Nora & I Talk About Nazis vs Jews Beer Pong

Yesterday, Co-Host Nora and I filmed a 20+ minute video about the beer pong nuttery that’s going on in New Jersey. I hope some of you guys enjoy it. We’ll be back this evening with a full #Killstream. Sorry for the delay, but Janet Bloomfield...

#Killstream 23: Alison Rapp, #FlyingWhileBlack, Abortion, & More (Tonight 7PM EST)

Most of you know that we have a sort of freewheeling format here on the show. But there’s a few things I know that we will be talking about for sure. One, is Alison Rapp. I’m eager to hear Janet’s opinion on all that. Another...

#Killstream 22: Double Deuce Edition (LIVE NOW)

We’ll be going over all the week’s news, as usual. I’m interested to get Janet & Nora’s take on Brussels, the #CruzSexScandal, Microsoft’s full /pol/ bot, Anita Sarkeesian’s floundering fundraising, and more. Join us at 7PM EST on 3/26!