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As many of you might know, I’m not a fan of Cathy Young. Over the last year, I’ve noticed her drifting further and further towards SJW style thinking. In fact, I think a good descriptor for her now would be SJW-lite. I should have read things clearly after her attacks on Mike Cernovich, but I gave her a pass since we were supposed to be “on the same side.” Now, she’s revealing herself even more with a recent hit piece on Ann Coulter that tries to smear the prolific provocateur as antisemitic. Ann certainly doesn’t need any help from me, but I wanted to talk about the post a little bit.

First off, I just noted that Ms. Coulter has been saying offensive shit for decades now but it was her shots against Jews and the “Israel-First” mentality that finally got Cathy Young’s attention. Apparently, this was enough to make me a Nazi in some rando’s eyes…

Yes, my National Socialism and stance on racial purity is well-known….


You don’t see me talking about race mixing or anything like that. Obviously, I have no problem with it. On the other hand, I also have no issue with white people taking pride in their own race. Why shouldn’t we? And if you feel like race mixing isn’t for you? Then that’s also fine with me! You shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed because you want to marry and procreate with someone who looks like you. It’s not racist. Black people, including President Obama (who is famously half-white, by the way), talk about being proud of their blackness all the time. Why should white people be made to feel ashamed when we’ve contributed so much to the world?

I know I don’t feel ashamed. I’m quite proud, actually.

I’ve sort of gotten off on a tangent here, even though it’s related to the issues at hand. Let me get back to Cathy Young’s piece itself. In it, she portrays Coulter as some sort of Jew-hater because she tweeted out something snarky during one of the early GOP debates. Ann questioned how many Jews people think live in the United States. It wasn’t an attack on Jews themselves, but rather a bluntly worded critique about how much we have to hear about Israel every single day and during every single debate.

The fact of the matter is that for the vast majority of people in this country, Israel doesn’t come into the equation. It’s not that they hate Israel. The just figure that Israelis should handle their own country and we should handle ours. We have a ton of problems and concerns with our nation. Why should every debate turn into “Who loves Israel the most?”

It’s about America, first and foremost.

Oh, and the problem for Cathy is, she can’t really pin any true antisemitism on Coulter. So, she has to talk about people that retweet he, or how Coulter herself retweeted Ricky Vaughn this one time, or a links on her blog. Is the same sort of lame guilt by association that we see from some social justice warriors and those with weak arguments in general. I don’t know that anyone is completely above it, but when your article is titled Ann Coulter’s Anti-Semitism Runs Deeper Than You Know, you would think there would be a little more hard evidence.

Sadly, for Cathy young at least, there isn’t. The only thing hard is how Ms. Young is taking Trump’s nomination triumph.

This is her main argument in a rambling and bitter post…

Those familiar with the alt-right will recognize one of its favorite talking points: Israel supporters—particularly Jews—are hypocritical if they support immigration into the U.S., since they don’t advocate large-scale non-Jewish immigration into Israel or the Palestinian right of return. (It is invoked, for example, in an unabashedly anti-Semitic primer on “How to Argue with Neocons” on an alt-right blog.) Regardless of what one thinks of immigration to the United States, or of Israeli policies, this is a remarkably bad analogy.

Israel was founded as an ethno-state (though it is worth noting that a quarter of its citizens are not Jewish); the United States of America was not. Israel is surrounded by hostile neighbors; the United States is not. A Palestinian right of return would mean forcing a nation of eight million to accept as many as four to five million immigrants many of whom are hostile to its statehood; proportionately, that would be analogous to an influx of 150 million into the U.S. If such a proposal were on the table, Coulter and Trump certainly wouldn’t be the only ones to oppose it.

Well, they pretty much are hypocritical. But even if you agree with Young, how is that antisemitic? THAT’S YOUR SMOKING GUN? Jesus, I know you’ve done a lot of solid work in the past (even if I don’t care for you personally), but Trump and Coulter have turned you into a raving lunatic. She even admits that she has nothing later on in the post!

At the end of the day, Cernovich is right:

This isn’t the first time she’s sold someone up the river, as he well knows. And it won’t be the last. If you check Twitter, you can see all the usual progressive headcases passing this around like it was some kind of hot-take. That should tell you more than I ever could. It’s pathetic and frankly I would have expected better from Ms. Young.

I guess age catches up to us all, though.


More on this topic from Vox Day


UPDATE: I wasn’t even going to go into this side issue originally, but since Cathy wants to go there, why not? Social Autopsy’s Candace Owens (who I’ve interviewed twice) has accused Ms. Young of gearing up to write another hit piece on her. She obtained a direct message from a third party where Cathy says Owens is either a loon or a scam artist…


Cathy rather snarkily tried to turn this against Candace…

The only problem for her is, she’s made a career off leaking private correspondence. In fact, one of her most high-profile articles was full of leaked messages (it concerned Mattress Girl)…

On Oct. 3, Sulkowicz’s birthday, Nungesser sent her an effusive greeting; she responded the next morning with, “I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!” Nungesser claims that these exchanges represent only a small portion of their friendly communications, which also included numerous text messages. But he also says that during those weeks, they were starting to drift apart; they saw each other at meetings and parties, but plans for one-on-one get-togethers always seemed to end in “missed connections.” Nungesser says that he assumed it was simply a matter of hanging out with a new crowd and, in Sulkowicz’s case, being in a new relationship. He says that “it was very amiable; nothing was changed or different or weird or anything in her behavior.” (To be sure, many rape victims’ advocates would argue that women traumatized by sexual violence, especially by someone they trusted and cared about, may deal with trauma in ways that don’t make sense to an observer.)

After the winter break, in early 2013, Nungesser sent Sulkowicz two brief Facebook messages (one of them saying, ‘tu me manques’—French for ‘I miss you’) to which she did not respond. Then, he says, she texted him in March and suggested getting together, and they made tentative plans on which she did not follow up. Nungesser says he was not unduly alarmed, since such things had happened before.

Ah, I love the sweet smell of hypocrisy! As of now, she has refused to address me on this subject. I highly doubt that will change anytime soon.

  1. it certainly seems like there are only two positions that are allowed with regard to israel- you either support them or you are an anti-semite. i’ve always felt with the amount of nearly unconditional support the u.s. has given israel- morally, militarily, and financially- we’ve earned the right to be allowed to criticise them with out being considered racists.

  2. The Israel first mentality among so called “right wing” or “libertarian” Jews is why I became very suspicious and distanced myself away from the likes of Ben Shapiro. While Ben is good at attacking irrational leftist positions he’s an ardent Zionist Israel firster. I’m not a big fan of Israel and in my opinion the US should not be giving aid and comfort to that nation against the Arabs. They are a liability now. We should be neutral. Now I understand why most right wing Jews hate Trump. The phase “America First” scares most Jews because they don’t want Israel’s priorities abandoned and not supported..

    1. The USA also helps the Arabs actually but they should help Jews because Jews have been instrumental in making Europe and the US go further-Arabs have NOT.

      I agree US should chill with it but I don’t think it’s for the reasons you all feel-I think it’s to try and control Israel so Israel doesn’t go CRAY on it’s Arab enemies.

      I feel bad for honest Jews, especially those who were proud of the country that helped them AND went to war for them but were still proud of the ethnicity.

      Ppl like Young and other neo-conservatives are Western Jews who sit in their towers and did NOTHING when Jews had nowhere to call home. Now, to try and show they care, they talk of Israel. FAKE.

  3. Let’s not forget that after two years of acting like a #GamerGate supporter she threw GG under the bus in her article about Candace Owens and Social Autopsy. Basically generalized us as a group of conspiracy theorists. Now she is attacking Ms. Owens again and even her supporters are going at her. Guess her getting famous off GG dried up when so many stopped worrying about getting fair press coverage so now she is out for blood.

  4. What the fuck is happening to her? She was based aunt, now she’s turning into Ted Cruz or Ben Shapiro. Hope she hasn’t drank any coolaid. Been a while now.

    1. i dig where you’re coming from. young frequently links to good articles that i don’t seem to find any other way. heck, i’ve liked some of her stuff too but our opinions have been diverging more and more frequently. it doesn’t help that she is a fan of tweedle dum and tweedle dummer (the otter kid and the vivian cosplayer)- i just don’t understand how anyone could find either of those people’s acts compelling. that she does find those two buffoons so interesting has made me wonder if the fact that we agree on a few things is just a happy accident.

  5. I’m a big fan of the United States getting its nasty fucking claws out of Israel. We’ve been forcing their own policy for far too long. Liberal fuckwits have been putting monetary pressure on them to recognize a Palestinian state (nevermind that they’re an imaginary people from an imaginary country that has never actually existed as a nation). I’d much rather Israel be as independent as possible. They need to, before some liberal fuck Bernie-esk motherfucker comes in and decides to tell Israel either let yourself be raped to death by Jordanians and Syrians or we’ll stop giving you cash.

    1. Only cucks like the ADL want to keep the cash flow going, because they feign being pro-Israel when they’re really Pro-Keeping-Israel-Cucked-By-the-US

      1. Interesting angle. Hadn’t thought of it like that before. Israeli government itself doesn’t seem to think it is cucked. They think they’re driving a hard bargain, not realizing a large part of their military prowess is DEPENDENT on American money.

      2. Yeah,so these Western Jews can continue to control you from a far! See my post above! I saw this a mile off. All that BiBi love felt FAKE. It’s like how the White Left are tooo Blacks-ownership.

        These Western Jews don’t want to set foot in Israel but have so much to say about Israel!

    2. What the hell are you talking about? The Palestinians OWNED that land before the UN created Israel and everyone knows it. Even you -.-

    1. That doesn’t mean everyone that objects to her is right but she’s fucking clown shoes. She was dismantled on Real Time last Friday on a number of points.

  6. A few reminders about that shill:
    – tried to drive GG against Breitbart & Milo
    – defended BLM even when they were looting cities
    – pro-immigration (only for the west), universalist (except for Israel) hypocrite
    – has a huge hateboner for trump, says he’s racist/sexist yadda yadda
    – thinks all criticism or even memes concerning jews = anti-semitism
    She’s a generic SJW who played controlled opposition until the GG panderbux dried up

    1. I’ve been trying to say this but Milo thinks she likes him! She could NEVER stand him-the whole thing was ODD.

      1. But today, Milo disapproves her stance and expresses disappointment that she hates Daddy Trump. Kek!

  7. I know Chuck C. Johnson is pissed off at her as well.

    The piece was as shameless and idiotic as anything posted on Buzzfeed. But Ann’s probably got a filing cabinet full of those things by now.

  8. Ralph, dump the video ads with forced sound, or I won’t be able to click these links at work.

      1. Or, you know, he could dump the invasive ads. Forced sound is bullshit any way you slice it.

  9. You guys are seriously giving Cathy Young the disappointed face because a libertarian acted like a liberal and dissed Coulter? COULTER?! She’s a right wing extremist parody who the republican party should be shooing away whenever she tries to endorse them.

    I get that Young’s argument against Coulter isn’t air tight, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back and now she’s an SJW? I don’t know what you were expecting from a libertarian who has actively opposed Trump since the beginning of the election process. What makes Ann “911 widows are professional victims” Coulter some kind of make or break?

  10. “You don’t see me talking about race mixing or anything like that. Obviously, I have no problem with it.”

    You should have a problem with it. While I agree that individuals should be free to choose, white people need to reject whites who reject whites. When a white woman goes with a black guy, she is making a racial choice. She is saying white men are not good enough for her. She is saying black men are superior to her, and her white womb will be reserved for creating black babies for black men. She is a mudshark race-traitor. Even if she should have the freedom to go black we should use our freedom to reject her just like she rejected her own race. Her womb, the creation of 20,000 yrs of evolution in Europe, is shut off to white semen and refuse to create white babies. She would rather produce babies for another race. Interracialism or interracism is a form of ‘racism’ because a woman who chooses the man of another race does so on the assumption that the other race is racially-sexually superior. Jungle Fever folks say ‘if you go black, you don’t go back’. It means black men are BETTER than white men. If white women reject white men, white race needs to reject such women.
    Also, keep in mind that the white race is now in a struggle for survival and territory. Due to low birthrates and invasion of white lands by non-whites in EU, Australia, Canada, and the US, white people have a national-moral obligation to stick together. Any race-mixer is a traitor in this age. In the past, whites were having lots of kids and expanding all over. It didn’t matter if some whites racially mixed since whites were multiplying and conquering so fast.
    But the tide has turned. Whites are not having babies and white lands are being invaded. Whites must stick together. In this day and age, race-mixing is wrong!!
    A white race-mixer has rejected the man or woman of his/her own race. Reject them like they sexually reject whites. Shun them.
    If your daughter or sister goes black, don’t talk to her again. Her womb was created by her white parents, but the whore is using it to produce babies for the black race that is raping, robbing, and murdering whites. Hell with the race traitor bitch.

    “On the other hand, I also have no issue with white people taking pride in their own race. Why shouldn’t we? … It’s not racist.”

    I would argue it is race-ist, and race-ism is a good thing.
    Race means race, Ism means belief. So, racism or race-ism should mean belief in races, racial differences, and need for racial consciousness.
    Don’t let our enemies define terms.

    Why should race-ism means ‘hateful racial supremacism’ when Ism only means belief? Race + Ism should just mean belief in races.

    Race-ism should be a wonderful term. It should be about the truth of race and racial differences.

    Cathy Young is a Jewish race-ist who loves her people, culture, and Zionist nation. Fine!
    Then white people should be white race-ists who believe in the white race, white nations, and white pride.

    Let Cathy be a Jewish race-ist, and white folks will be white race-ists.

  11. Neocons are now bitching about how Trump has the support of ‘white nationalists’.

    Given the bitching-kvetching, one would think ‘white nationalism’ is a bad thing and that Neocons don’t want to have anything to do with people who espouse such feelings.

    But in fact, neocons would have no problem with white nationalists as long as white nationalists kept their white nationalism at home and channeled their repressed passions toward Israel.

    Neocons are not really upset with white nationalism per se. They are upset with white nationalism going public. Coming out of the closet and coming out of the house… as white nationalism.

    Neocons had no problem with white nationalism as long as it remained in the home and stepped outdoors as pro-Zionist or pro-Jewish-nationalist.

    In a way, Neoconservatism has depended on the very existence of white nationalism or white nationalist passions. Why? Because despite all the shibboleths about ‘spreading democracy’, ‘universalism’, ‘proposition nation’, ‘color blind society’, and etc, Neoconservatism is really about support of Jewish identity, Jewish interests, and Jewish nationalism.

    Neoconservatism will have little appeal to white people who are REALLY and TRULY committed to universalism and global identity. After all, the truly ‘progressive’ white Liberals are increasingly critical of Israel and Zionism. Why would white Libs who are truly obsessed with commitment to pure universalism be attracted to Jewish identity, interests, and nationalism, esp when it’s doing much harm to Palestinians?

    For the true agenda of Neoconservatism to be served, it has to harness the repressed nationalism of gentiles, especially white gentiles.

    Neoconservatism invokes ‘universality’, ‘equality’, and ‘diversity’ to the extent of suppressing and taming white nationalism, but it doesn’t want to totally extinguish white nationalism because white nationalism has to be reshaped and channeled to serving Jewish nationalism.

    When a people’s nationalism is repressed and forbidden, it seeks release through approved outlets. And the approved outlet for repressed white nationalism has been Zionism, Jewish identity, and Jewish interests. By rooting for Jewish power and Jewish nationalism, repressed white nationalist passions found an outlet.

    THAT has been the dirty secret of Neoconservatism.

    Though it now rails against white nationalism that supports Trump, it has thrived over the yrs by feeding off repressed white nationalist passions that were channeled toward Zionism.

    Zionism is a nationalism(based on imperialism), so it isn’t easy to convince sincere universalists to support it. The Holocaust-guilt stuff isn’t as effective anymore because the Occupation of West Bank has been going on for so long, Israel has turned more right-wing and religious, and Zionism forged close ties with the GOP. Also, the ‘left’ has run out of great causes and sees the Palestinian one as the last great one left.

    So, when Neocons now bitch about white nationalism, they aren’t really upset over its nature and existence. They are upset that it is no longer repressed and taboo, therefore directed to approved outlets like Zionism.
    If white nationalism is no longer repressed, it is more difficult to tame, irrigate, and channel toward serving Israel and Zionism. White nationalism unleashed and unchained will serve its own interests.

    It’s like a horse. A horse is a powerful and dangerous animal. Suppose someone wants to use the horse in battle. The horse must be tamed but it must remain powerful and dangerous. It just mustn’t be dangerous to the rider. The rider channels the horse’s aggression and explosiveness against his chosen enemies.

    So, not only does the rider have no problem with the horse’s power & dangerousness but he depends on those very qualities. Taming the horse doesn’t mean getting rid of its power and dangerousness. A war horse is useless if not powerful and dangerous. Taming the horse means directing its power and dangerousness at the enemy of the rider.

    But suppose the horse were to waken from its enslavement. Suppose it were to realize that it’s being exploited by the rider. Suppose it throws off the rider and tries to kick him.

    The rider might then revile the horse for being powerful and dangerous… BUT the dirty secret is that the rider had no problem with the horse’s power and dangerousness AS LONG AS it had served his interest.

    Indeed, he valued the horse for its power and dangerousness because they could be directed at his chosen enemies.

    So, it is disingenuous for him to bitch about how the horse is bad for being powerful and dangerous. He is really upset that the horse is now being powerful and dangerous for its own interest than being used as war horse by the rider.

    As long as Neocons could ride the repressed passion of white nationalism to serve Israel and Zionism, they were perfectly fine with white nationalism(as long as it took orders from Neocons). Indeed, they not only tolerated white nationalism but depended on it(as long as it could be repressed and channeled).

    But now that white nationalism has thrown off the neocon rider and is running wild and free, the neocon is kavetching that white nationalism is a terrible, terrible thing.

    Neocons told white nationalism to throw away or burn the Confederate Flag but raise high and wave the Zionist Flag. And that was like the last straw for many white nationalists. Enough was enough.

    Just think. Suppose all the white nationalists in this election cycle had decided to keep their white nationalism at home and come outside as Zionists willing to support anything Jews to do Palestinians, Russians, Syrians, and Iranians.

    Suppose this repressed white nationalism shouted hurrah to Jewish nationalist aggression against the Middle East and Ukraine. Do you think Neocons would be complaining? No. Indeed, Neocons loved people like Ann Coulter as long as their aggressive repressed-white-nationalism had been channeled to waving the Zionist flag 24/7.

    The whole trick of Neoconism was the science of repressing and channeling white nationalism to serve Jewish nationalism. From a psycho-political point of view, only repressed rightism can serve the rightism of another people.

    After all, it’s getting harder for Liberal Zionists to channel sincere universalist white Liberals passion toward supporting Zionist occupation/oppression of Palestinians.

    By conventional standards, what is happening in Israel is ‘racism’ and ‘imperialism’, the kind that European nations once used to carry out around the world.

    White Liberals do support Israel(due to Holocaust guilt and coolness factor of smart Jews), but they feel increasingly uneasy about Zionists kicking Palestinian butt.

    In contrast, white nationalism is for identity, racial consciousness, and pride. In some cases, it can be hostile, aggressive, and even imperialist-minded. While such feelings about whites is taboo under PC, those are precisely the kind of passions that can be channeled toward serving the nationalism and imperialism of Jews that goes by the name of Zionism. White nationalists who can’t bitch about blacks and illegals in the US are likely to channel those passions toward cheering for Jews to kick Palestinian butt.

    So, when Neocons bitch about ‘white nationalism’, just tell them, ‘you had no problem with it when it was channeled to serving Jewish imperialism’.

    Neocons are just bitching about a horse that threw them off and ran off on its own to be free and serve its own horsey interest.

    White nationalism without Neocon masters = white horse without a rider.

  12. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Trump’s troubles with the GOP started in earnest last August after a speech in which he told a bunch of high roller Jewish Republican donors that he didn’t need their money and wasn’t beholden to them.

  13. lol, i wrote the trs article referenced in cathy’s daily beast article. I am only finding out about this now.

    She didn’t refute the analogy.

    Ok, so if israel can’t allow millions of pals to immigrate because its economy can’t handle them, then don’t let millions in. Just let some in. At the very least let in as many as you let in Jews under aliyah.

    Finland? if you’re average fin looked like this, then OK

    The thing she says about Finland having an immigration policy that discriminates on the basis of religon/race is not even true. Her point is wrong on two counts.

    And of course America was founded as an ethno-state. All the founders held racialist views. The first immigration policy of the US restricted immigration to ‘free whites…’. America was definitely founded as an ethno state.

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