While I’ve been taking it easy this weekend and not doing much, Mike Cernovich has been exposing another false media narrative. Does this guy ever sleep?

If you’ve been seeing some of the headlines coming out of California the last few days, you would think there was some major hate crime that recently occurred out there. Media hacks have loudly been proclaiming that a father killed his son over his homosexuality. To be fair, they were repeating the talking points of the local prosecutors, but that still doesn’t cut them much slack. After all, unflinching repetition of spin isn’t something to be proud of.

From CNN:

The father threatened repeatedly to kill his son because he was gay.

Then he allegedly did so this week.

Shehada Khalil Issa, 69, was charged with using a shotgun in the premeditated murder of his son, Amir Issa, 38, Los Angeles County prosecutors said…

Advocates in the LGBT community described the incident as “gut wrenching” and a reminder that “the LGBT community face not only abandonment but also abuse for being open about our sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Jim Key, spokesman for the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“When we won marriage equality, so many people thought this was the end of the battle and LGBT people were equal, but this (alleged) murder is a stark reminder of the violence that the LGBT people can face even within their own family,” Key said.

Cernovich was pretty much the first person out there challenging this convenient narrative

Maybe the father is guilty of killing his son for being gay. Maybe he isn’t. Maybe the son, Amir, who is clearly unwell, murdered his own mother…

Again, this may be a legitimate hate crime.

But we always question the narrative, as there is more to the story than is being reported.

Amir Issa sounded like a lot of other crazy people I’ve seen during my lifetime…

Mike Cernovich’s Danger & Play

But you heard almost none of this from the media in the first day or so after the attack. Thankfully, not every outlet is complete shit. I got this sent to my smartphone earlier this morning, and it’s from the Los Angeles Times. If you read this and still believe the original hate crime story, then I think you need to have you need to check yourself into an inpatient mental facility, like Amir should have done before possibly murdering his own mother…

There were a number of signs that Amir Issa’s killing was not a simple story of a father acting out of murderous rage that his son was gay.

Turmoil appears to have reigned behind closed doors at the Issa home since Amir moved back in with his parents, which neighbors said occurred within the last two years. LAPD Sgt. Greg Bruce said officers had been called to the home to help evict Amir, whose parents were attempting to sell the house against their son’s wishes. The son had even vandalized the house, according to police…

Joel Munoz, 38, has lived across the street from the Issas for 15 years. Speaking through the bars of his driveway gate Saturday, Munoz said he had recently done handiwork for Shehada Issa, who complained to him about what he described as his son’s problems with drugs and mental illness.

“He was a good guy. The son was a bad guy,” Munoz said. “I’m so sorry for the old man.”…

Those problems were evident, among other places, on Amir Issa’s Facebook page. In his last post, 10 days before his death, he said he worried that his parents, brother and sister were “literally controlling me in my sleep” and that “they tell people to rape and molest me and make it seem like I enjoy that.”

“If there is a devil or evil spirit, I truly believe it manifests itself in my family,” he wrote.

Amir also posted a video to his Facebook page in which he interrogates his parents about whether they had performed certain sex acts.

“That’s not appropriate for a child to ask his parents,” Rabihah Issa says to the camera as she sits on the sofa, a large crucifix on the wall behind her.

Shehada Issa responds more angrily to his son, calling him a “pervert” and saying, “None of your relatives want to have anything to do with you.”

Yea, Amir sounds like a peach! Can you imagine living with this nut? The police better have some strong ass evidence if they want to make this supposed hate crime stick. If I had to guess, perhaps they have some messages sent in anger after this guy baited his dad one too many times. Also, it sounds like the elder Mr. Issa made the mistake of talking to police without his attorney present.

Here’s some free advice for you all: NEVER DO THAT! I don’t care if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did not commit the crime(s) you’re accused of. The police can and will lie to you, feed you things that are meant to trip you up, and quite literally use every single thing you say against you in a court of law. Just don’t do it! It’s stupid.

Oh, but wait, there’s more from the LA Times report…

According to court records, a man with the name Amir Issa whose parents live in Los Angeles was convicted in San Diego of assault with a deadly weapon in 2010. He had slashed his ex-boyfriend across the face with a knife, leaving him hospitalized. Issa, who fled to Las Vegas during jury deliberations, was sentenced first to treatment at a state mental hospital and then to three years’ probation with further mental health treatment…

Francisco Gonzalez Jr., whose parents live next door to Shehada Issa, said he had been aware for some time that feelings ran high between Issa and his son. Gonzalez’s parents, who do not speak fluent English, could hear the father and son next door shouting at each other but didn’t understand what was being said. Gonzalez said he saw Shehada Issa several months ago standing out by his fence and asked him what was going on.

“It’s just my son acting crazy again,” Issa told him. “It’s the drugs. I called the cops, so I’m just waiting for them.”

It very much sounds like the police failed Shehada Issa, which led to his beloved wife being murdered by his psychopath of a son. Now, they’re attempting to fail him again by pinning a first-degree murder rap on him. The cops aren’t your friends, although they are of course necessary for a functioning society. Do not think they have your best interests at heart when you go in for questioning. I can’t think of a case off the top of my head that illustrates that point better than this one.