More to come, but here’s the latest: just as I predicted in multiple columns, Ellen Pao has been relieved of duty. That’s right, she’s fucking out of a job and is going to be replaced by Reddit’s founder. More from Recode

Ellen Pao is stepping down as Reddit CEO, a move that comes amid mounting pressure after a series of management mishaps that has angered its very vocal online community. Steve Huffman, Reddit co-founder and its original CEO, is taking over immediately.

In an interview this afternoon, Pao said the departure was a “mutual decision” with the board, due in part to different views on growth potential. “They had a more aggressive view than I did,” she said.

When I asked her directly if she was fired, Pao laughed and said, “Thanks for getting right to the point,” but again underscored she resigned. Reddit board member and Y Combinator head Sam Altman answered more definitively about whether she was ousted: “No.”

This story will be continuously updated throughout the night, starting now. But I wanted to get it up as quickly as possible….

First off, I said I predicted that this might happen. I swear, I’m not making that up. Here’s your standard visual evidence:

As well as my celebration from today lol:

I’m about to go look for some more reaction from around the media, and see if I can get some of the story from behind the scenes. Let’s start with the official announcement that was posted on Reddit, though:2015-07-10_17-34-11

From The New York Times:

Ellen Pao, the interim chief executive of Reddit, resigned from the online message board on Friday after a week of ceaseless criticism from scores of angry users over the handling of an employee departure…

Her exit, which the company described as a mutual agreement between her and Reddit’s board, follows a week of unrest in the Reddit community, which is made up of more than 160 million regular users who use the site to talk about anything from current events to viral cat photos.

Ms. Pao characterized her departure as a result of a disagreement with Reddit’s board on the future of the company.

“It became clear that the board and I had a different view on the ability of Reddit to grow this year,” Ms. Pao said in an interview. “Because of that, it made sense to bring someone in that shared the same view.”

The Verge clearly knows what kind of narrative it wants to tell…

In a statement made on Reddit, board member Sam Altman addressed this streak of obnoxious behavior, calling Pao’s treatment “sickening.”

“As a closing note, it was sickening to see some of the things Redditors wrote about Ellen,” Altman said. “The reduction in compassion that happens when we’re all behind computer screens is not good for the world. People are still people even if there is internet between you.”

In a goodbye letter posted to Reddit, Pao echoed Altman’s comments, writing that in her eight months as Reddit’s CEO she has seen the good, bad, and ugly. “I just want to remind everyone that I am just another human,” Pao wrote. “I have a family, and I have feelings. Everyone attacked on Reddit is just another person like you or me.”

“It undercuts the authenticity of Reddit and shakes our faith in humanity,” Pao wrote.

Ironically, critics who launched sexist attacks on Pao were upset that she fired a woman named Victoria Taylor, citing Pao’s gender discrimination lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins as a source of hypocrisy. To rectify the grievance, Pao’s critics may have successfully driven another woman out of her job.

Gawker is of course throwing their slime around as well…

After spending the last few months turning Reddit into a virtual guillotine for its widely despised CEO Ellen Pao, it looks like redditors are finally getting their wish. Ellen Pao is officially stepping down as CEO, and Steve Huffman, co-founder and original CEO, is taking her place.

Speaking to Recode, Pao claimed that the decision to leave her role as interim CEO was a “’mutual decision with the board, due in part to different views on growth potential. ‘They had a more aggressive view than I did,’ she said.”

The real question, though, is whether the reddit community’s vast and unwavering hatred for Pao played a role in this so-called “mutual decision.” Obviously, having a huge number of users regularly comparing the site’s CEO to a variety of genocidal dictators isn’t something that would be tolerated for long. And nearly every unpopular decision the site’s made since Pao came into power has blamed on her entirely, a phenomenon that seems to have popped up as a direct response to the her lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins for gender discrimination.

More from Twitter, with Sarah Butts (aka The Pedo) weighing in:


And Wu…

  1. Watch i give it like a week before she says it wasnt the clusterfuck she made out of reddit that got her the ax but it was because she is a woman.

    1. Difference between her and Kotaku is a lot more people will read her–and the moment she tries to play the sex card, she’ll be asked about Victoria Taylor by numerous of them.

  2. now the “how can we give in to these people protesting, without making it seem like we are giving into the people protesting” game can start

  3. The big problem with a site like Reddit is the people who run it almost live in a different dimension than the people who made the site what it is, i.e. the users.

    Hopefully Steve Huffman is more connected to Reddit users and what they want. Hopefully he won’t kill subreddits that the hyper-sensitives’ hates. Hopefully he’ll deal out actual apologizes quickly and will communicate openly with the users.

    Also, isn’t today (July 10, 2015) supposed to be “no-Reddit day”?

  4. Who cares? If they still keep the restrictive policy they had with Poa, what does it matter if they released their INTERIM CEO? I’ll celebrate when FatPeopleHate can come back and be the retarded board that I will never visit but at least has a right to exist.

    1. I have a feeling – and hey, I could be wrong! – that things will very quietly roll back to the way they were, plus some folks are gonna get their jobs back…again, very quietly.

  5. “I resigned.”

    Sure ya did.

    This is what happens when you take command and immediately fuck over absolutely everybody under you.

    Take note, SocJus. THIS is what “punching up” looks like.

    1. I think she actually did resign voluntarily, for exactly the same reasons Richard Nixon resigned voluntarily. Financial and PR ones.

        1. Yeah. With the right buzzwords, suckup sessions, social engineering, backstabbing and general bullshit a hustler like Pao can fail upwards into a Boardroom or even the CEO’s chair. Once you sperg your way out of the CEO’s chair though there’s really nowhere else to go.

          1. I think it’s pretty easy to say it’s the end of Chairman Pao. Between suing a female-friendly company that fired her incompetent ass and trying to run Reddit into the ground, she’s pretty much toxic.

            The only way it could get worse for her is if she tried to sue Reddit for discrimination.

          2. She might as well try it at this point, it’s not like she has anything left to lose. She’s unemployed, unemployable and as far as I know still in debt. Might as well try the smash and grab one last time.

          3. Either way, her career is over. She played the game and lost. I feel more sorry for her daughter to be honest

      1. It’d be bad PR if they let her stay, but it’d also be bad PR if they fired her at the behest of “thirty racist sexist neo-nazi confederate flag sympathizing shitbeards.”

        So shareholders pull her into a board meeting, tell her she’s out, and that the story is she “resigned” of her own free will. It’s common enough.

        But there is the possibility that she quit because she no longer wanted the job. Too much pressure and crying herself to sleep every night. Etc etc.

        There’s no real way to tell which it is for certain. But I’m a gambling man when there’s nothing on the line. I’m putting all my misogyny chips on shitcanned.

  6. NOOO!!! I hated reddit! I wanted to see it burned to the ground! Can we at least put Ellen Pao at the head of the Microsoft Xbox devision replacing Phil Spencer?

  7. Also I would posit that Ellen Pao is fucking done in IT. She couldn’t get a job managing a Geek Squad counter in a Best Buy in Milwaukee at this point; she’s humiliated herself not once, not twice, not three times but now four and has done so vocally and publicly. She is D O N E done. I would imagine she’s going to run some bullshit self-funded “tech ‘blog” for the next few years and just hope people forget about her, all the while living on her husband’s largesse. If she does do anything related to high-end IT management it’ll be something ridiculous like a SocJus org like IGDA or some-such.

    I mean, consider Carly Fiorina: HP struggled under her, but she sucked up the criticism and when she was ousted, she was gone. What she did not do was stage multiple public meltdowns, sue the company, and then immediately try to scupper a hugely popular social media forum.

      1. The sexism lawsuit failed, she had to pay restitution, then she tried to blackmail her former employers by saying that she wouldn’t appeal if they paid her $x, which also failed, and she appealed and lost. So there’s three. Don’t mind me, I’m just being nitpicky 🙂

        1. I had lumped all that into her sexism lawsuit but I can see how each one is a failure on it’s own…

    1. all the while living on her husband’s largesse

      Not for long, the SEC is going to be all over his ass about the Ponzi scheme.

  8. I read the “official” announcement above and the wording is interesting to say the least.

    Somehow her leaving is a win for women?

    What contributions did she bring to tech?

    “Mutual agreement” sounds like “Resign or we’ll fire you.” So she agreed to resign….

    1. That’s exactly what “mutual agreement” means.

      The board said, “You’re gone.” and Pao agreed to leave.

    2. Well, it’s certainly a win for women who actually do their shit, knowing that they won’t have to compete with whiny shits like Pao.

  9. There is also plenty of salt coming from the usual suspect like the Verge over this. It is delicious.

          1. You bet the Morton’s Salt Co. is getting ready to fill up their product reserves for the year.

          2. They certainly will be able to make up for lost product if they haven’t already. Might want to invest in thicker, stronger walls, though…

    1. Well, a quick Google news search yielded this headline from Gawker.

      “Misogynist Tantrum Officially Drives Ellen Pao from Reddit”

      1. Of course it does, I can’t wait for Hulk Hogan to put Gawker in the fucking ground once and for all.

        1. Yeah, but even the other SJW sites didn’t start their crying RIGHT in the headline. All those others had pretty matter-of-fact headlines like “Ellen Pao steps down following user revolt”, etc.

          1. That’s Gawker for you, proving every time their worse than the rest or at least give it the old collage try to. But the main thing to take away from all of this is “The Salt Must Flow!” And boy how.

      2. The fuckers sure speak out of both sides of their mouths, don’t they? It was not that long ago I read one of their articles that was dumping on Reddit as a whole. Maye they DID want Chairman Pao to run Reddit into the ground. >:(

      3. Yup, all the MSM outlets are running with “it was sexism/racism”, and the NYT has a reporter actually over at #GamerGate’s /r/KotakuInAction subreddit talking about the piece. He has already said that defending Victoria Taylor for being improperly fired doesn’t rule out sexism.

  10. I’m glad Reddit listened to its customers… you know, eventually. This is a huge consumer victory and blow for free speech. It isn’t just GamerGate or Red Pills- it’s everyone who values the freedom to post whatever the hell they like who benefits from this.

    Looks like consumer revolts can make a difference.

    1. Actually, I’d be somewhat skeptical of your word choice there. Certainly, under Chairman Pao’s reign it was looking quite evident that the monetization strategy was going to be boilerplate clickfarming: that is to say, selling the users as product to advertisers. In such a system, we are not the customers, we are cattle.

      Now then, with the old CEO back are they going to change course on this? Will the users who actually grow and maintain the reddit community be treated as a customer base? It very much remains to be seen.

      Symbolic blood sacrifices are nothing new for corporations large and small, and changing the nameplate on the CEO’s door doesn’t mean jack shit if all the decisions coming out of the office are the exact same.

      1. Symbols matter. Pao herself is a symbol. Once she’s out of the spotlight, people will forget her. Will things change at Reddit? I doubt it. But a once powerful individual has lost her power to the demands of the many, and that is a symbol others in positions of power fear and respect. Anything that shakes them from their comfortable worldview and leads them to reign in their excess, even a little; that’s the kind of symbolic victory I can get behind.

  11. Let them be pissed, just shows that they’re scared and angry because no one’s buying the bullshit anymore.

  12. Sam Altman is an interesting man. Saw him on Twitter absolutely crumbling under the abuse of Shanley Kane. Which boggles my mind because Altman is a super smart and successful dude. He didn’t need to take shit like that from a bully like Kane, but he did. Too bad too, because Altman is a guy who has the power and influence to run Kane right out of the valley.

    It was clear that Pao had to go. It was a tough jobto
    job too, monetizing reddit as aggressively as some of the VCs wanted her to. She did not understand the product or the community well enough to succeed, it is simple as that. As a result, she made some astonishing errors that seriously damaged the morale of many key employees and volunteers.

  13. Never forget this moment, folks. This is a victory against people who come into power and abuse it to needlessly censor people, ideas and discussion. It sets a precedence that really shouldn’t have to be set: Don’t piss off your user base. It’s that simple.

  14. “I just want to remind everyone that I am just another human,” Pao wrote

    No Chairman Pao. You are a sociopathic, lying shyster whose slash and burn policies included firing an employee because he had leukemia. You are fucking scum. You were scum when you were shitcanned by Kleiner Perkins. You were scum when you tried to play the sexual prejudice card to bilk them out of money. You were scum when the court threw your case out. You were scum when you tried to break Reddit’s user base and sacked anyone who came up against you. And you are scum now, as your ugly face leaves the building for the last time. Now fuck off and cry on Twitter while you try to bilk some SJW Patreon Pitybux you utter fucking failure.

    Here is some music to play out your shabby exit stage left…..

  15. I’ve been comparing this to what happened to Brendan Eich. Eich was forced out over something that was completely not related in any way whatsoever to his job at Mozilla. Pao was forced out specifically because of what she was doing to Reddit, as well as the extreme level of liability that the Reddit board put themselves under knowing Pao’s past (and at the time, current) legal issues, as well as the legal issues of her husband.

    In the Eich case, it was the SJWs (who were not personally affected in any way by what he did) demanding his head on a platter. With Pao, it was actual people who had been affected, as well as their supporters, calling for Pao’s resignation.

    Pao admitted that she wasn’t a Reddit user, which tells me that she never had any insight into the culture of the property. She made HR-related moves that showed she had no clue about proper business etiquette, with some of the decisions bordering on illegality. She instituted policies that drove users away, and caused contained pockets of “filth” to be scattered across the site, while allowing other pockets to continue completely unaffected.

    It’s best for the future of Reddit that she’s gone.

  16. The same people defending her are more than willing to fire anyone that opposes their views in the workplace

    Can’t take what they dish out, can they?

  17. Pao talks about experiencing “the good, the bad and the ugly”. Let me help you out with that Pao.

    The good: you’re gone. You sucked as a leader and rightfully so your sorry ass needed to go. Hopefully your bullshit politics go with you.

    The bad: you did some damage and harmed some people. One person people genuinely enjoyed was left without a job. Hopefully all goes well from here.

    The ugly: my god have you checked the mirror lately? If not, I would recommend buying one ms pao.

  18. Again, it just shows what class of people SJWs make idols out of. Pao was another authoritarian gender ideologue with no management skills at all. People like her set back women in tech far more than anyone else does. If the tech world stopped hiring feminists and started hiring normal well rounded women they would coexist with the men in the tech industry just fine.

  19. “Perception of a woman’s incompetence gets her fired” – Sarah Nyberg.

    As opposed to actual incompetence?

    Under Pao’s watch there were new anti-harassment measures implemented that seemed to be quite draconian and scattershot. An integral member of the AMA sub was ousted with no explanation whatsoever, which she flat out refused to clarify when in media interviews.

    It’s shows a distinct lack of understanding of Reddit as a product when you make decisions that deeply affect the product and the community and offer no explanation for your actions. Reddit’s product is the people who visit, so you should do right by them.

    Whereas a man needs to say something which can be *construed* as sexist (even if it’s taken out of context) and he is made to resign. A man cannot even wear a certain t-shirt without being hauled in front of the court.

  20. “Ironically, critics who launched sexist attacks on Pao were upset that she fired a woman named Victoria Taylor, citing Pao’s gender discrimination lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins as a source of hypocrisy. To rectify the grievance, Pao’s critics may have successfully driven another woman out of her job.”

    Did they ever stop to think that, maybe, they weren’t sexist attacks? It’s hard to believe that GamerGate’s been going on for almost a year now, and yet the “Incompetent woman gets attacked for being a woman and NOT for being incompetent” excuse still flourishes. I swear to god, if Osama bin Laden had been a woman and our mainstream media back in the earlier ’00s was as it is today, they would have had nothing but sympathy for the 9-11 attacks.

    1. Absolutely. A woman is fired and people rally to demand answers, which leads to a different woman resigning. But only the latter is “sexist”?

  21. I love all the comments about how we chased another woman out of tech… Sorry but we didn’t chase anybody and we only didnt iike her because she was a lying incompetent scam artist it had nothing to do with her gender.

  22. Butts and her stupid shit:

    “Actual” competence doesn’t matter.

    Yes it does and you know it. Fuck your doublethink, pederast dog fucker.

  23. While seeing any rabid highly positioned SJW hurled down is always a very good thing I wouldn’t get too optimistic about Reddit just yet, getting rid of Chairman Pao would just be step 1 in fixing shit. I’m not a redditor but it seems to me they also need to purge every toadie she’s placed in the hierarchy, the openly shitty admins too and rehire that Victoria person before the community can be 100% sure shit is back on track.

  24. In response to Bat-Wus’ question about her or Sarkeesian being a better Reddit CEO, I say put BOTH of them in charge.

    Watching Anita & Wu run Reddit into the ground would be epic…

  25. Poor Wu she didnt even understand Sarkeesian is way more useless than her. At least she has the coding skill of an 8 years old, what about Anita?Alongside with McIntosh they are the embodiment of the “social parasite” concept.

  26. How is this dishonest, incompetent fraud-cunt a “pioneer for women in the tech industry”?

    If anything, she is making women look extremely bad, since you have to ask yourself:
    If such a snake gets that much support … are there really no better examples?
    No competent women, who do their job, because they love it? No women, who don’t bitch about sexism, where there is none? No women, who did not try to SCAM money out of a company by slandering them as sexist?

    Of course, there are a lot of women in tech, which are not like that.
    But the media and writing like this doesn’t make it look like it.

    Ellen Pao can fuck herself. And the fact, that she is still advisor and all the positive words make me very sceptic about the future of reddit.
    Don’t make the mistake to be silent now. If they go on with their censor- and commercialize-route, we have to kill reddit to make room for a better platform.

  27. Awwww look! They’re making it about misogyny. I swear, there are days I wake up and don’t want to live in this country anymore. Seriously kids, not EVERYTHING is about “mysoggyknees” just because the recipient of the online shitstomping was female. Ellen Pao made a series of CENSORSHIP DRIVEN, CONTROL FREAK moves the community of Reddit DID NOT WANT/LIKE and it blew up in her face. Butts assertion that a man could have done the same thing and it would have not pissed people off just goes on to show how much of a misandrist freak (well, that was established from the pedophilia and dog fucking) she is. Race baiting? Nah, the left is all about Gender Baiting. I actually had a nightmare the other night about that kind of shit, fortunately I can’t recall most of it. -_-

  28. That was classic hatchet work. It’s not the users who shafted her, it was her bosses. They got her in to do some dirty work and take the heat for it. Not that I’m at all sorry for her. There is no honor among thieves or SJWS

  29. The was forced out, because she was terrible at her job. Even in her resignation, it is explained that it is because she can’t deliver the numbers they wanted.

    That’s what happens when you change the aim of your site from “free expression for the internet” to “puritan whitewashed content” and you implement stupid shit that is counter to the success of a corporation… like fucking banning salary negotiation.

    Anyone claiming that this was because of a “sexist racist internet campaign of bigots and trolls” is a fucking ignorant dipshit who is paving over the real history of her actions and inability to produce.

    I’m not a stakeholder in any way in reddit, but if someone — whatever the race or gender — like Pao performed the way she did and implemented the practices and attitudes she did at a company I have a stake in, I would immediately pull out.

    1. And removed for breaking the “Metareddit stuff unrelated to GamerGate, censorship, or major Reddit happenings don’t go here” rule.

      Jesus Christ, the Hatfriends really have no clue just how out of touch they are.

  30. Reddit makes diversity hire. Pao assumes they want to follow “nonaggressive growth” strategy of promoting SJW ideology at the expense of the business. Unqualified hack Pao gets fired. Reddit pays lip service to diversity while turtling up for now to keep business alive.

  31. Have you guys read the news? Every mainstream media outlet is parroting that Pao didn’t fire anyone. It’s being taken as fact when it’s just an allegation from an ex CEO. Look that shit up. The SJW masses are seriously using this as a weapon.

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