CHARLOTTESVILLE: Get Ready To Be Silenced

CHARLOTTESVILLE: Get Ready To Be Silenced

Last night in Charlottesville, VA was eventful to say the least. But today was on a different level. Seeing how the media was already shaping the narrative last night, I thought I had a good idea of what to expect.

I expected counter protests and push back from the general population. I expected the usual ‘nazi scums want to make black people their slaves’ etc etc etc. I definitely didn’t expect to hear about a person being killed and 19 others being injured after a car plowed through protesters.

Look how close Faith was to that car. That’s terrifying.

The lady’s body is barely cold and you can already see the left is trying to use this terrible tragedy to censor freedom of speech.

Donald Trump came out and condemned violence and hatred from ‘many sides’, but wasn’t enough for certain left groups.

First, no one has proof yet of who ran over the counter-protesters. Second, violence from every side should be condemned. Trump speech was solid. The whole ‘my side does no wrong’ is a very childish stance. I understand not everyone agrees with the alt-right but I don’t think it’s fair to push all fault on them. I saw the periscopes; the counter-protesters were pushy and aggressive. Just watching the first couple of minutes of Faith’s stream gives you a rough idea of the high tension atmosphere.

It’s clear what kind of discussions will be held, and what thought pieces will be written about Charlottesville over the next few days. The roles have already been cast; the Innocent Left and the Nazis. I see everything from ‘Alt-right sites need to be banned’ and ‘Alt-right accounts need to banned’ coming up. I don’t see any good coming from banning any site. Hell, we’re all independents here but I’m pretty sure people consider TRR an alt-right site.

Another point I want to bring up, you may not consider yourself alt-right but it doesn’t mean you won’t be lumped in with them. It’s like when you hear people say ‘OF COURSE THE RACIST SAYS HE’S NOT RACIST’.

I’d love to know everyone else’s opinion on this shit-show.

Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.