You guys can now check out my interview with Lana Lokteff of Red Ice (which is a badass name for a site, btw). It hasn’t been posted on YouTube yet, and I can’t embed their player here on TRR, so you’ll have to go to their site to watch it and/or download it. I think we had a very good conversation, even though I was a little bit nervous for some reason. It’s odd, because I almost never get nervous when I’m doing my own shit, but when I go on someone else’s show (especially a decent-sized one like this) I sometimes get butterflies in the ol’ stomach.

Anyway, check it out, I think you guys will enjoy it. I’ll come back and post the YouTube when it’s up, either in this article or at the tail end of another one.

More posts coming up, since I can’t sleep anyway. Hopefully the Clinton’s didn’t poison my chili from last night.