Now this is an interesting bit of information

According to the New York, Department of Health website, Chelsea Clinton’s NYC “Apartment” used to be a medical clinic.  Prospects have suggested that Mrs. Clinton may have been using covert medical clinics to conceal her poor health conditions.

On 9/11, Mrs. Clinton fainted and made an emergency exit during a 9/11 memorial service being held in Manhattan.

Further details have emerged that the owner of the medical clinic, Thomas Savino, was also a major Clinton donor along with his relative, Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn).

I saw some reports about this yesterday over on Reddit, but this post has a lot more info. Like a floor plan, for example…


The further down the rabbit hole we go with Hillary Clinton, the crazier things get. The media was originally quick to dismiss all our previous speculation as “conspiracy theories,” but the worm has started to turn a little bit on that score. I’ll be talk about that in our next post.

  1. That’s some investigative journalism. Be careful don’t want the Clintons to start talking to the State’s Attorney handing your case. Speaking of that you ever worry that they can use your current case as something they can silence you with?

  2. I clicked on your links and this odd coincidence (?) came up. State Senator Diane Savino is an antigamer. And a friend of Hillary. Here:

    Pokémon NO! Disturbing investigation finds pokémon popping up at high-level sex offenders’ residences across the city

    The article was about non-evidenced data that 57% of pokestops were in front of registered sex offenders’ homes. How many such people live in New York City? Does an apartment building with 100 apartments count as a home? The article leaves it in the air whether the average sex offender in NY is a superhacker who has put his address into the game.

    Oh, and guess what? They want new restrictions and constant reprogramming of the game.

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