OK, let’s rock some overnight news, shall we? First off, I thought the recent move by Ian Miles Cheong was worth doing a short hit for. In case you didn’t see it earlier today, IMC released a new ethics policy for his Gameranx website. This pretty much completes the stunning trasnition from SJW headcase to reasoned gaming industry analyst. If he’s pulling a ruse, then it’s a damn good one. At this point, I don’t even care. He’s saying and doing all the right things. Let’s take a look at the announcement itself:

We like to consider ourselves professionals, because we are. We’re paid for this. I was paid to write this very piece, you know. So because we’re professionals, you can expect some modicum of professionalism in everything you read on Gameranx. If we don’t meet your standard, feel free to call us out on it…

In order to respect our PR contacts and maintain order we request that you do not ask for or accept free items, swag, merchandise, or games exceeding in value of $60. Items exceeding or equal to that amount must be reviewed or otherwise appraised in an honest editorial fashion.

We honor all NDAs and embargos, with the exception of those that are scheduled post-release.

If writing a feature or post that relies on an anonymous source, please disclose the nature of the source privately to upper management for our editorial approval. Limit the extension of anonymity to those who are at risk of danger or retribution (financial, physical, etc.), and state clearly in your article why the anonymity was granted.


There’s a lot more there, and it’s definitely worth checking out in full. I’m still stunned at Cheong’s amazing turnaround. This is something I never thought I would see back in the fall. But it serves as a lesson to other journos. You can still turn your fortunes around. Ian has pretty much been welcomed by all the gamers who used to shit on him daily. Yes, there were some doubt at first, but I think most people have come to accept his recent moves as genuine. Plus, even if they don’t, who cares, like I said in the open. He’s doing what we asked him to do. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

  1. I retract my previous “Too late” statement. It seems like Ian is REALLY wanting to change the perceptions of himself and Gameranx as a whole. Let’s hope this trend continues.

  2. I feel it is too late for some (Leigh, Kuchera, Grayson, Hernandez, etc) but some can still redeem themselves. It takes real character to admit a fuck up like that and apologize, it’s a rarity in this day and age.

    I also believe that Ian’s Deepfreeze page should be updated, though not removed. There should be a note on it stating that he has since reformed his ethics policies and appears to have turned over a new leaf, but the information on the page is being kept as a record or documentation of the past.

    1. Not every single one can be redeemed, but if there is a legit effort made, I feel like most could be. Leigh? No, I don’t see it, unless there’s a VERY sincere apology (and a long one, at that). Even then, eh.

      1. I wouldn’t accept an apology from someone like Leigh. She has proven time and again to be malicious for the fun of it and I think she’s the worst offender on Deepfreeze at the moment. I can’t trust a single word she ever says again because she was blatant about the fact that she’s in it for herself and to shamelessly promote her friends.

        She could write a 500 word essay (lol) on why she fucked up and I wouldn’t believe it for a second. Some people do change and some people never change.

        1. One thing these people all seem to have in common is lots of people from their past with less than positive things to say about them. I can’t wait to see what Milo dug up on Harper.

      2. Every property can be redeemed, but it must first redeem – or eject – the personnel causing the problems.

        Graft and Payola is one of the two problems – the second is they are supposed to review the games as games, not make social statements, otherwise the review is just another version of Randi Harper’s “review” GoodReadBullies pointed out. She never read the book – did the journalists before #GG actually play the games?

        I want honest news – there will always be bias and personal viewpoints – different people like different games. But those are honest differences. My RSS feed includes right and left (Reason’s Hit and Run, Democracy Now! – I got a strange look last time I checked out both Ann Coulter and Noam Chomsky). Who has the better arguments?

        It is no longer left-right, but libertarian-authoritarian, and more importantly reason, honesty and forthrightness v.s. Triggers, feelings, and unreason. Glenn Beck and Penn Jillete can have a good discussion at length. Even two SJWs will end up triggering each other in a few minutes. Do we need multiple “Safe Space Suites” so they can have their own rooms for puppies and playdough?

        Reviewers are paid to give the honest opinion about the game, much as a judge has to insure only proper evidence is allowed in court. I can disagree with an honest and fair review. But if a review is anything other than an honest opinion about the game and nothing else, the reviewer should be fired – for doing a job other than what they were hired to do.

        And that is what #GamerGate is about for the properties. Instead of getting honest reviews of games, the ratings were based on how politically correct they were, if the author was on the in or out list (triple entendre intended), how much cash was provided, and everything else that had nothing to do with the actual quality of the game, assuming they even bothered to play it (like Randi never reading the book).

        We noticed something was wrong, but until “Five Guys” there was no smoking gun. Then came the private mailing list. And more. So everyone started dropping the politically correct game “journalism” and moved elsewhere – to youtube, to blogs, and to magazines that were interested in games. We fired one set of media and adopted another – which gave honest reviews.

        The properties that have good and honest reviewers will prosper. The rest will disappear. Like the games – there are good women game designers, but they are pilloried, probably from envy, by the bad women game designers that promote their gender more than their design ability.

        1. I’ll agree, and go farther. The background, theme, zeitgeist, or bias of the game is fair game for the review. Something can be AO for different reasons. That is reporting.
          Editorials or Op Eds are also ok, when labeled as such. I might even get more insight from an editorial. But there is a line.

    2. Alexandria doesn’t come off as some who started with an ethical foundation towards her job. Only sees it as a platform for exploitation.

  3. Gameranx now joins the very few gaming-related sites I am willing to follow since #GamerGate began. If it follows through on this policy, I don’t see any reason I’ll need to stop doing so.

  4. I will say good for him. If he was fooling us he’s doing way too much to do so but I am thinking he is sincere. Also I remember his was shitting on McIntosh so that’s a plus in my books.

  5. Like he said he got tired of watching frauds like Johnny and their cronies shit on gaming. It’s good that he did as he is a good writer and his site is nicely put together. Though he may have sided with the enemy in the beginning he never went full retard like Polygon and Kotaku. People like Alexander and Kuchera would NEVER admit they were wrong or apologize. They are too far gone and their massive egos would never allow it.

  6. I definitely appreciate what Cheong has done so far, but I want to hang back and make sure these changes are truly genuine before I click on any Gameranx links.

    You really have to give the guy some credit, though. He flat out apologized and appears to be doing everything he can to make it right. If it’s a ruse he’s doing a pretty good job so far.

  7. Reddit has gone and banned NeoGAFInAction. Expect KIA to be next on the chopping block or nearing it. It’s only getting worse before it gets better.

  8. Trust, but Verify!

    I’m all for a cease-fire since he decided to pony up to an ethics policy.
    Still will be watching for shenanigans.

    Talk the talk is one thing.
    Walk it is another.

  9. The problem is IMC has sold out for money before, so you can’t trust his change of heart, it’s more a change of revenue stream.

  10. I have to admit, when Cheong put out his apology, I really was surprised and willing to hear him out. I think he’s really turned around. This just further cements that. I wish him well in the future, whether he wants to leave GamerGate or not. Thanks Ian.

  11. Good on Cheong indeed. I very much doubt he’ll be getting the holiday party invitation from the San Francisco indie culture clique anymore though. ;P

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