OK, let’s rock some overnight news, shall we? First off, I thought the recent move by Ian Miles Cheong was worth doing a short hit for. In case you didn’t see it earlier today, IMC released a new ethics policy for his Gameranx website. This pretty much completes the stunning trasnition from SJW headcase to reasoned gaming industry analyst. If he’s pulling a ruse, then it’s a damn good one. At this point, I don’t even care. He’s saying and doing all the right things. Let’s take a look at the announcement itself:

We like to consider ourselves professionals, because we are. We’re paid for this. I was paid to write this very piece, you know. So because we’re professionals, you can expect some modicum of professionalism in everything you read on Gameranx. If we don’t meet your standard, feel free to call us out on it…

In order to respect our PR contacts and maintain order we request that you do not ask for or accept free items, swag, merchandise, or games exceeding in value of $60. Items exceeding or equal to that amount must be reviewed or otherwise appraised in an honest editorial fashion.

We honor all NDAs and embargos, with the exception of those that are scheduled post-release.

If writing a feature or post that relies on an anonymous source, please disclose the nature of the source privately to upper management for our editorial approval. Limit the extension of anonymity to those who are at risk of danger or retribution (financial, physical, etc.), and state clearly in your article why the anonymity was granted.


There’s a lot more there, and it’s definitely worth checking out in full. I’m still stunned at Cheong’s amazing turnaround. This is something I never thought I would see back in the fall. But it serves as a lesson to other journos. You can still turn your fortunes around. Ian has pretty much been welcomed by all the gamers who used to shit on him daily. Yes, there were some doubt at first, but I think most people have come to accept his recent moves as genuine. Plus, even if they don’t, who cares, like I said in the open. He’s doing what we asked him to do. That’s nothing to sneeze at.