Amy Schumer

I have to give Amy Schumer credit for one thing: she certainly knows how to keep herself in the news. Whether it’s a sexed-up photoshoot, stealing jokes off a dead comedian, berating a kid over things she herself has said in the past, or attacking Taylor Swift over her body…the woman is clearly skilled at making sure her name stays in the press.

Today brings us yet another example.

Glamour magazine has published a plus-size issue with the stated goal of showing that women of all sizes can be beautiful. That’s not for me to take issue with, but apparently Ms. Schumer fells differently. You would think this might be unseemly for a feminist “icon,” but then again, the rules are always different for them…

I will give Roxanne Gay some credit, though. At least she called out the startling hypocrisy…

Don’t get me wrong: Gay is a nut. Still, credit where credit is due. Also, I think Schumer is full of shit. If she’s a size 6-8, then something is wrong somewhere. A viewer speculated that perhaps her staff is changing out her labels in order to make her feel better. If only they would replace her pastries with salads. Then maybe she could actually get down to that size.

Amy literally says that plus-size women are not cool and not glamorous. Some of you probably agree with the chubster comedian, but then again, you aren’t trying to suck up to feminists on the regular. I think she needs some help with her messaging to go along with the help she needs on her diet.