Guest Editorial by Maintenance Renegade

We’ve seen social media and irl (in real life) virtue signaling. We’ve seen companies careen towards virtuous bankruptcy after pushing SocJus propaganda. And we’ve just watched the MSM and “progressives” around the USA virtue signaling all the way down the path to a crushing defeat in the 2016 elections… which their response was to virtue signal even harder.

Well apparently we haven’t seen anything yet because now a Polak self described “traveller, blogger and journalist”, a mother of two living with her German husband in Berlin has concocted a bold plan to march from Berlin Germany to Aleppo Syria in what she hopes will be the company of several thousand like minded individuals from all across Western Europe and beyond.


She’s gonna bring ALL them feelz to Syria.

The first thing I immediately wondered when this came to my attention by way of Christi Junior’s tweets is how this movement intended to reach a bombed out and completely encircled battlefield in the middle of a vast warzone, and also what they hoped to achieve by doing so. It turns out that this project has it’s own website divided into both FAQ and “Manifesto” sections that you can find here.

It also has it’s own hashtag #CivilMarchForAleppo where you can go if you’d like to offer your feedback and encouragement.

So anyway, here’s how they plan to get there and their proposed logistics for doing so right from their own FAQ.


They have no plan whatsoever. Their proposal is for thousands of people to march from Germany to Syria DURING THE WINTER with no provisions or shelter except what they can carry, buy, beg and forage along the way. It gets even better.


They intend to do this march on the exact same route that the “migrants” and “refugees” use, except against the flow. They therefore intend to be in the very thick of a crowd of the same sort of people who have been looting and pillaging their way across Europe and who have continued to rape and rob the locals even after being settled and sheltered. Remember the mass sexual assaults and other violent crime that occurred in Cologne during New Years? That time a migrant raped a ten year old boy? I could keep giving examples, but “migrant” crime and brutality is well documented.

That’s how many of these Islamic Third Worlders behave when well fed and in the midst of a modern Western city with the authorities present, so just imagine what they’re like out along a secluded country road, in some random field or the concealment of a forest.

This proposed route also takes the marchers through the Balkans, not the mountains proper, mind you but the region. Keep in mind, the Balkans are not exactly the safest, most stable or pleasant region on the planet. Constant warfare in the region during the 90‘s and the burden’s of Merkel and the EU’s idiotic policy toward the migrant crises haven’t done the place any favors. With the locals struggling to deal with the Islamic hordes themselves for about two years now, it’s doubtful they’ll be very pleased to see a few thousand weepy protesters marching into their towns from the other direction and also begging for handouts.

So that’s their travel plan in a nutshell and it operates on the assumption that Turkey will even grant them entry (Turkey probably will not). Turkey hardly stands to gain by granting access to another horde of bedraggled moochers and the nation is not part of the Eurozone and therefore will not have to grant them entry.

Lets say they actually get to the Syrian border somehow though and get to enact their plan…what is their plan, exactly? Well, according to their manifesto, it’s to wave white flags. So their plan is to surrender. These people want to walk from Germany to Syria in order to surrender….to Assad maybe? It’s unclear from the manifesto, but here’s more from their FAQ.


It’s astounding. These people are delusional and filled with such an overwhelming sense of entitlement that they truly believe, or at least want to believe, the powers that be will step in and halt the Syrian Civil War, lest a few thousand SJWs deliberately get themselves hurt in the icky mean warzone. This is a child trying to get his way by threatening to hold his breath until he passes out.

Here’s what they believe the UN can do in order to halt it.


They want a no-fly zone, the one that requires going to war with Russia. Assad is head of the official and internationally recognized Syrian government. Russia is his military ally. They are the ones are bombing the hell out of Aleppo and other rebel held areas. The entire aim of this peace movement would incite WW3.

It should be noted that Russia and China both just vetoed the last call for a ceasefire in Aleppo in the UN Security Council and that the rebel forces in the city are on their last legs. Aleppo is almost certainly going to fall completely within the next few weeks, after which Assad will once again control all of Syria’s major cities.

If the virtue marchers want to get there in time they better start marching right now and at highway traffic speeds. However, the march is scheduled to begin on the 26th of December and they intend to cover about twenty kilometers a day. It’s a 3,404 kilometer trip. If they don’t run into any problems along the way they should be able to get there by about late June 2017.

What a plan! It sounds perfectly reasonable and not crazy at all.