Ok, time for a little bookkeeping. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been getting trolled on Twitter by Drybones and some of his crew. I referred to them as the “Triangle Mafia” at one point lol. I think calling them a clique is a more appropriate term. And even though a couple of people in their organization are rotten (such as Drybones), I still have a lot of good contacts with their members, including several mentioned in Neirdan’s exposé.

The funny thing about the article is, they thought I was the one writing it. That’s why Drybones and a few of his loser friends spent weeks trolling me on Twitter. Making fun of me for my site being down was one thing. Fine. I’m trolled all the time. But last night when he tried to make up lies about it being down was the last straw. The dude is a piece of shit, and I would denounce him just like I would anyone else trying to fuck with me. If others don’t agree with me, that’s cool too. The beauty of GamerGate is that we don’t have to agree. But I’m not gonna associate with a jealous hater who tries to use anti-competitive practices to drive my site traffic down.

Here’s one of the loser friends in action. These are the kinds of people who troll and celebrate when my site is down. That’s not the right type of attitude to have, to say the least. There’s plenty of stuff I don’t support, but I don’t actively go around and gloat about it failing (or try to sabotage it behind the scenes). It’s not how teammates are supposed to react.

The column lays out many troubling issues, but I don’t want to get into each allegation. The thing that bothers me the most is, the way this “triangle clique” seems to promote factionalization. You see it right here. This woman clearly thinks she’s a member of some elite squad, and that I should actually give a shit because of it. The entire group doesn’t act this way, like I said. But I’ve seen other outbursts like this one. Personally, I think it would be better if we did away with this sort of thing (large cliques), as it creates unnecessary division. I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way. I know some will say it’s just a shitposting operation, and there is a fair amount of that. But it’s not a great way to operate, in my opinion (which no one has to share, of course).

As for the rest of the article, I urge you to read it, and make up your own mind. I wouldn’t have used the term “council” to describe this grouping, and some of the other stuff was a little over the top. It’s seems more like a loose confederation, or clique, as I said. There’s several troubling aspects to it, although not every conclusion is supported. Still, I’m hoping that we can all move past this after a vigorous debate, and get back to wrecking corrupt journos, and SJWs. If you don’t like someone, don’t talk to them. I don’t like the people mentioned here, but I don’t question their commitment to GamerGate, even so. I just question a lot of their tactics.

    1. checked out earlier- hand full people too much time on hands.
      send emails people!
      better yet stick Jihadi Jon picture next to intel logo and tweet at their reps
      get back to work

  1. Little does the triangle clan know, i am the one behind eveything, i orcistrated eveything in gamergate with the one goal of geting a /v/ free of moot, and annoying kotaku.


    Fuck people with friends.

          1. You see it right here. This man clearly thinks he’s a member of some elite squad, and that I should actually give a shit because of it.

          2. It’s okay to be a hypocrite, Ralph. I agree with you, only you should have the biggest voice. You have the most followers on twitter. I never claimed otherwise. Besides GG is just about having the biggest e-peen, right?

          3. Well it’s certainly not about having the smallest, otherwise you’d be running things HAYOOOOOOOOO

          4. What the fuck are these tumblerettes doing on your site, Ralph? Fucking disgusting, man. Just listen to them squeal like the attention-whoring swine they are!
            I know you like Twitter, but don’t get bogged down with these cunts, the majority of gamers don’t live there.

      1. He accused you of being a bad teammate. Which you are.

        Articles about teamwork deserve to be written, because these are skills that need to be learned.

      1. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the secret IRC cabal, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on SJWs, and I have over 300 confirmed harassment. I am trained in ordering pizzas and I’m the top doxer in the entire elite gamergate harassment squad. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just over the internet. Not only am I extensively trained in shitposting, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the 8chan moderation tools and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

  3. As the leader of GamerGate, all councils, cliques, cults, and intermingling between such must first be approved with me. I then have them attack one another so we don’t look like an organized operation to the opposition and can maintain our guise of being a loosely affiliated mass of consumers in a revolt against the corrupt gaming media. Keep up the good work Ralph, you too Drybones. I couldn’t have maintained my anonymity for this long without you guys, truly masterful work.

    Jim, if you’re reading this, keep doing what you do too! Love ya man, I’ll buy you a beer next time we’re out.

  4. I’m surprised that idiot has anyone paying him any attention. He is whiny as fuck, has no sense of humor, his website looks like a featureless fucking blog, and frankly he acts like a bitch. You post sources that link to feeds, archives etc and most of his stuff is pics of conversations that could be from anyone and could also be photoshopped therefore I’m not getting particularly bent out of shape about. Also, I fail to see the problem with MundaneMatt, one of the people who BROKE the GamerGate affair in the first place, suggesting the development of an organizational structure based around the personalities that contribute publicly. A lot of hate for ol’ Ralphy just because he has no fucks to give and the same thing for RogueStar, who again, has no fucks to give. If there’s anything GamerGate has taught us it really should be: Fuck Feelz.

  5. I was afraid you were going to be all KoP spaghetti monster all over that wild screed by that Neirdan guy but I can respect what you wrote here. There are definitely assholes and people that go on ego trips and try to fuck with people for shits and giggles that are moving within GG. I think some unfounded accusations and borderline conspiracy theory dreck has been brought up from time to time, though. And you’re right: we don’t have to get along with everyone to get the job done.

  6. I agree with many others that this is just a lot of fucking drama, but I do think there is still a gem to take from this article, and I wish the people would actually listen to what you meant Ralph.

    This is bad teamwork, an illustration of a case of really bad teamwork. If you are fighting against the same enemy, there is no reason for this pointless trolling. There is nothing wrong with having friends and forming cliques, but harm is done when those in a clique display aggression towards those outside. There’s nothing wrong with normal trolling, and different communities raiding each other and having fun, but I thought you guys were here with a purpose.

    There’s time for war and time for peace. A time to gloat and a time to show solidarnost. And I hope that the people that Ralph mentioned will either realize it soon, or be left behind with their hysterics, fading in importance, no longer having any credibility.

  7. What I think ralph is saying, is we need to stop with the fricking drama, and get back in the game. sort of LOL

  8. I just can’t get myself to care about this “high school” drama. If some people have too much time on their hands and want to devote that time to some egotistical power struggle that’s fine by me. I still support GG for the exact same reasons I started months ago, nothing has changed.

  9. Your site gets mentioned and retweeted all over Twitter, and breaks big GamerGate news .

    I’ve never heard of these fuckers or seen them do shit in the #GamerGate tag

    Ralph : 15, nobodies : 0

    1. As the leader of GamerGate I agree with the above post. And wholly support it’s statements.

      As a member of the Glorious PC Master Race, may GabeN bless you with low temps, and high frames.

    2. Well, that’s because Drybones and others aren’t attention whores and don’t write clickbait gawker-tier articles just to generate hits. They get shit done without whoring themselves all over the place. Drybones has done a lot for gamergate and he pays it from his own pocket, he doesn’t make money from GG out of tabloid articles like certain person…

      1. Ralph has never once denied that he writes a tabloid. (Implying that /gamergate/’s threads are any less tabloid-y)

        The nice thing about it is how he actually cites his information and makes sure his claims are backed by facts. As a tabloid, he’s free to fill the remaining space with jabs, jokes, and insults.

      2. Wow, I’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of my own money on GG causes and done a lot for the hashtag too. I’m sooper-special.

        Someone bake me a fucking cookie!

    1. If anything, if they WERE a group trying to run GG as opposed to just like-minded individuals who talked amongst themselves and started their own ops, then they’re more like the old security guard at the front gate who thinks he’s the CEO.

  10. So if Jennie Bharaj is our GamerGate version of Anita, is this Jessica Hunter trying to be our Leigh Alexander? Cuz Leigh is just an awful person at core and her role has no place outside of the money-hungry bigotry of the SJWs…

  11. Im just gonna say for people supposedly “important” 95% of them I don’t know 1 of them I follow and another blocked me for disagreeing with him when he tried pushing the boycott a while back…

    So my conclusion is if they supposedly pull the strings they arent really good at it…let em keep trying however I just keep doing what I do…

  12. I tend to lean towards “clique of individuals” more than “council” because, if they are some secret cabal trying to control #GamerGate, they’re doing a pretty shitty job of it. None of their Ops have really amounted to anything. And the people they allegedly “forced” out of GamerGate, with the exception of IA, are still around, and I still see them talking to many of the same people I saw them talking to before. They’re just not taking parts in ops/streams like they were before.

    If anything, the biggest problem with GG now is that for many it became too much about action/reward. Everyone would send emails, send emails, send emails, and then there’d be a new announcement of another advertiser dropped, and that’s all you’d hear about, then back to emails.

    But then people got distracted by the Cobert thing, and then you heard less about advertisers dropping, and because they weren’t getting that “reward,” many stopped emailing. So stuff’s not getting done like it was before. Not because of some secret cabal “ruining” gamergate, but because people are looking for that reward in different ways now. I’ve seen many who get as excited by getting a butthurt response from McInjosh or SS Cheong as much as if Gawker lost another advertiser. It’s become more about shitposting and “exposing” things than it is about emails.

    Everyone wants to be the next GG hero who “exposes” something, or the next to tell off McIntosh, or catch a SJW in a lie, etc.

    1. I pretty much agree with you, I don’t think anyone could ever control GG if they tried since we’re a group of individuals not controlled by anyone or any group of people, if people think there’s some “Behind the scenes” it’s just them trying to feel all important.

    2. Well said.
      It’s demoralising to see no reward though, especially when the media narrative remains unchanged.
      I think they’ll keep repeating it til we all die of old age and they can declare victory.

      I’m happy to mostly lurk while shilling our position and alternative media to people I know as much as possible.
      Fact is, the recent reaction to Charlie Hebdo proves that the public are NOT on the side of SJW idiocy.
      Every single person trying to push SJW ideology is having to backpedal, justify, explain and hand wring because their hypocrisy is a little too obvious when people are murdered and they STILL cant bring themselves to support freedom of speech (even if you find it offensive: it the only support of free speech that actually counts)

  13. They really are a collection of nobodies.
    I’m more sad they had an impact on people with their bullshit than anything.
    This is a literal tiny minority representing itself as a important, much like the SJW do.

    It’s sad because they can do whatever they like, nobody stops anyone from participating in GG (I have plenty of people I disagree with and have only ever unfollowed one person)

    I thought it was bullshit when IA and Jayd left, but it really was a few bullies that took a dump on people for…. disagreeing? And they think they’re BETTER than the people we’re fighting?
    Le sigh.

    Just goes to show, nothing is perfect, not even GG 😛

    1. Can you show me the proof that they bullied someone? Those logs are just laughable. There is a lot of accusations and zero proofs.

      And if you think that a guy who created archive for 8chan, who created gamergate.me, gitgub and more, all of it for free for gamergate, is nobody, then I really don’t know who is “somebody” according to you. I hope you don’t mean certain gawker-tier blogger…

      1. This is what I mean.
        “Collection of nobodies” requires you to fanboi out because what?
        I see it for myself plenty, a minority of people that CONSTANTLY warn against drama but are ALWAYS in the mix of it, even instigating it with “no drama bros”
        I made no direct accusations, I said there’s DEFINITELY a minority of self important tossers that do this shit, and this article at least points to some bad players.
        Consider: I’ve openly disagreed with and even criticised Ralph, and he’s never been butt hurt over it.
        If Ralph started being belligerent and saying he ruled GG or had any say in who was proGG and who was not, he’d get slapped down VERY QUICKLY.

        If you think that the drama just happened and there was no shit stirring, then you’re fucking blind.

        1. There are named people in that article, so when you speak about “minority of people making themselves important and bullying others”, it’s clear accusation against those people. And then you are suggesting that these people are responsible for IA and Jayd leaving, based on this bullshit article. It’s ridiculous.

          You evidently have absolutely no idea what has happened. The whole drama started Ralph and Neirdan, no one else. The only thing that Drybones does on twitter is shitposting, I had to unfollow him because he does it all the time. And when Ralph’s server was down, he just shitposted like any other time and made a joke about it, posted some picture or something. And Ralph imidietly jumped on it and went like “OMG DRYBONES YOU WANT TO DESTROY ME BECAUSE NO ONE VISIT YOUR SHITTY WEBSITE?? YOU ENVY ME?? BLOCKED!! Y U HATE ME??? I WILL DESTROY YOU IN ONE OF MY ARTICLES!!!”

          That’s literaly what happened. It was sureal, Drybones just kept shitposting and Ralph was more and more butthurt. Then Neirdan published his ridiculous KoP-tier article, and Ralph wrote this bullshit where he claim that Drybones is “piece of shit”, just because he tweeted a joke about his site. 😀

          You are right that the drama didn’t just happened. Ralph created it by being complete moron who can’t take a joke from someone who makes these jokes 24/7.

          1. I wasn’t referring to the drama of this article, or the beefs Ralph gets into.
            I’m talking about the eceleb bullshit that ended up with prominent proGG folks leaving in a hissy fit.
            Egos are to blame, indeed.
            On both fucking sides.
            I’ve not pretended it’s all one sided and one side is a poor victim.
            Fact is, you’ve just added a lot of crap to what I said based on… loose associations?
            You did the equivalent to my comment of Sarkeesian blaming gamergate for her harassment because they happened at the same time.
            At least disagree with what I say, rather than what you think i might conceivably mean.

            I personally think Ralph does take things personally and get too emotionally involved in beefs sometimes.
            I also think it’s at least *partly* hamming it up, and he’s probably not so worked up IRL (at least not at whatever he’s writing about)

            Let people vent.
            Don’t tone police.
            Understand that not everyone is going to get on.
            My comment was referencing the bahaviour I had seen FIRST HAND.
            Lots of triangle names on twitter behave like raging arseholes on a regular basis, but even I don’t think it’s all a nefarious conspiracy.
            I think ego is at play and they have their own “clique”
            Hell, the one person I’ve unfollowed and irritates me with this bullshit the most isn’t mentioned here, has no triangle and seems entirely self involved/self absorbed.
            Wonder if anyone can guess who 😀

  14. This article is just a joke. You haven’t provided a single evidence about what exactly Drybones has done that he is supposed to be so bad. Seems to me that you are just butthurt because she made a joke about your site being down. That’s childish as fuck. He has 2000 followers and all he does on twitter is shitposting. And you are butthurt that he dared to make fun of your site?? That’s your new low. I can get when you write shitty articles about anti-GG people, but to write a character-assasinating article about fellow pro-GG guy who has done A LOT for GG and who actually pays his own money to keep pro-GG servers up and doesn’t make a cent from it unlike you, just because he hurt your feelings by a joke, that’s totaly moronic and disgusting.

  15. I find Ralph to be right. Drybones is being a Asukafag again and doesn’t seem to recognize the fact that GamerGate isn’t his personal army. And just because he’s operating gamergate.me doesn’t make him some kind of High Ranking Officer. We pull our own weight and strive for a goal by deciding for ourselves what is right, and depending on the action and the reaction, you either are shunned or praised for it. Pro-GG is a Stand Alone Complex, not some damn Militia.

  16. I just ctrl+f through the comments and am very sad no one mentioned this yet

    “A house divided against itself can not stand.”

    Even old George Washington had a few things to say on such matters: “the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and the duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.”

  17. I don’t even know who these people are. RalphRetort is where I get most of my breaking GG news now that Socks doesn’t update regularly. Fuck the haters.

  18. Apparently this article got a lot of new faces here – I don’t really care what your opinion of Ralph’s site is – it has more damning information on the SJWs published and ranked on google than any other gamergate site.

  19. I don’t blame Neirdan he is a good guy, what he did made GamerGazhi shit in their pants when he mention Illuminati.

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