When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by a rude email from CloudFlare. In it, they accused me of putting Brianna Wu in danger with the publication of FartToContinue’s article, and informed me that they had given over my webhost information to the third-party who had contacted them. This is a very shady way to do business, even though they admittedly do have the right to do this under the Terms of Service I agreed to. I will be looking at competitors like Incapsula, who’ve I read might be a better choice anyway. This will likely end up being a benefit to the site. Either way, I’m gonna fight these bastards with everything I have. 

I haven’t heard back from my webhost, who have also received a report by now. They’ve been great in the past, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I trust them to do the right thing. But, if they don’t, I’ll obviously be looking into new hosts. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. They haven’t taken down any of my other content, so that’s a good sign.


I just want to say that this decision by CloudFlare, is a fucking disgrace. That they would give out my webhost info, is an absurd affront to a customer. Even though they claim that’s all they gave out, I’m still disgusted by their behavior in this situation. They have the right to do this, as I said. But it’s still bullshit, and I told their representative the same thing. If you do business with CloudFlare, I would advise rethinking your situation. I know I’m going to.

I would have had this response out earlier, but the fools on the other side came for my Twitter account. They did get Fart’s account temporarily, but it was restored just a few minutes ago. They’re never gonna learn. Finding the real truth about doubtful allegations is not harassment. All the info about Brianna Wu was already public. The hissy fit being thrown by the other side is not genuine. They’re simply trying to silence voices.

It’s not gonna work, because I’m not gonna let it work. I refuse to be silenced. I will always have this site running, as long as I am breathing, and financially able. I’m too stubborn to fold in the face of this aggression. Fart’s article will continue to stay up, barring intervention from my webhost. I’m only going to dig in deeper. Fuck CloudFlare, fuck the SJW censors, and fuck anyone who allies with them. We can have conversations with those who come to the table. But these nuts on Twitter who hate free speech are enemies of speech, and should be treated as such. Never stop fighting these intolerance bastards.