I’ve been taking it easy today, but I’m going to be putting stuff out all evening, so bear with me. Last night’s stream was a ton of fun, by the way. I’ll probably chop it up into segments for the LIVE channel if I have time. You can watch the full version here, if you’d like. But we can talk about that later. What I really came to discuss was the shameful behavior of CNN earlier this afternoon. As it turns out, rushing the stage to attack a candidate is all cool…as long as that candidate’s name is Donald J. Trump.

Look, I know that many of you don’t support Trump. That is fine and totally understandable. I’ve had people in my orbit tell me I was crazy for backing him, although that has died down a bit recently. I’ve outlined my reasons for supporting his candidacy in the past, but I can certainly see why that wouldn’t be enough to win some people’s support. Trump himself has said some incendiary things, true. I think in context, they aren’t as bad as the media portrays, though. I was at one of his rallies and the amount of interruptions was insane. If I had to put up with that daily, I’m pretty sure I might make a couple comments myself.


One of the main reasons that all these protesters get it in their head that they are on some glorious mission is the media coverage they receive after their disruptions. Today, that has reached a new level of recklessness due to CNN. The guy who rushed Trump (@Younglionking7) while he was on stage yesterday was treated to a sit-down interview with one of their correspondents.

Glorifying violence against a presidential candidate, no matter how odious you may think that candidate to be, is reprehensible. The more coverage that thugs like this receive, the more violence that will be attempted against Trump. It’s a pretty simple formulation. At this point, I would not be surprised if eventually a thug truly tries to harm The Donald with some sort of weapon. Yes, you have to go through metal detectors in order to get into any of his events, but those are not 100% foolproof.

You would think the media might not want to contribute to the danger here, but then again, the only thing that matters to them are ratings. Will they at least express remorse if something happens to Trump? I wouldn’t count on it.

  1. How in the blue hell did the cops or Secret Service release this guy? If this was Hillary or Bernie or Rubio or anyone else, they’d be in jail getting sized up by the sisters.

    1. The Koch brothers have the money to do ANYTHING ,,, and they fear Donald Trump because he cant be bought.

    2. a concrete cage would be a nice place for him but i’m surprised that the idiot is not currently occupying a pine box secret service should not be a organization that fucks around when they have to guard someone’s ass (like a presidential candidate or president) dumbass rushing the stage should be put down as if they have a suicide vest clearly strapped to their body.

  2. It’s truly amazing how hard and consistently ALL american media is applying a hardcore double standard for trump.

    Disrupting democracy and free speech? Terrible things, unless done to trump.
    A potential attack on a candidate? Usually bad, but it is ok if done to trump.
    And there’s a new case of some different double standard almost daily, random things everyone does =Bad if trump does them, things that are always bad =good if done to trump.

    They wonder why more and more people are starting to support trump.
    Gee it’s almost as if people are tired of being treated as sheep by the mighty media with an agenda.

    1. Exactly. Yes, that old guy who punched the protester was in the wrong and deserved to be in jail, but at the same time, if you go into an assembly to protest someone, don’t get surprised if you popped in the face for getting into someone else’s. If a Trump supporter went to a Hilary event and started waving signs in people’s faces, they would get slammed to the ground and all the people who are bitching at Trump to “take responsibility for his supporters” would be cheering and popping bottles.

      I’m not a fan of Trump at all (i’m not voting for Republican), but the double standards in play are staggering. This guy makes it clear that he’s a Bernie supporter, and yet no one is calling for Bernie to disavow this idiot’s actions or rein in his fans. The hypocrisy is thick enough to cut with a butter knife.

  3. Judging from the abundance of shirtless black men on his Tumblr page, and what he posts on his Twitter, this dude is just a wanksta looking for easy street cred.

  4. “…the only thing that matters to them are ratings.”

    The only thing that matters to be is printing whatever their paymasters tell them to print.

  5. So the only way to get CNN to interview a pro-GamerGate supporter is for one of us to throw a rock through Anita’s bedroom window.

  6. Great
    So now every two bit dindu is thinking: “Is gonna get me some CNN exposure…..where is my 15 minutes?”

    As much as I fucking loathe Trump this shitshow is starting to look decidedly fucky. As the article states, and comments, any other candidate would be properly protected, and these fuckeroos be behind bars.
    The unwanted candidates (by the party elites) like Bern and Trump get fuck all protection and support while the chosen ones, HillDog and Wee Marco, are wrapped in walls of adamantine.

    Bern and Trump should take a leaf out of Brit Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s playbook. When a protester lobbed eggs at him at an event he roundhouse punched the fuckwit and knocked him on his arse. The idiot should not have tackled with an ex-services boxing champ. As a result Prescott’s popularity rose dramatically.

  7. If Trump didn’t make himself such an easy target his rallies wouldn’t be so easily-manipulated.

    Trump is against radical Muslims: “Islam hates us” OK Trump

    Trump is himself a radical protester, and so draws radical protesters. They deserve each other’s fists.

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