I’ve been watching the James Comey testimony all morning. To say it’s been a bad day for the left so far would be an understatement. Comey has trashed President Trump in several key ways, but the news he let leak about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was previously unknown to the public. He said she had told him to refer to the Hillary Clinton investigation as a “matter” instead of what it actually was, an investigation. He also said that Bill Clinton’s now-famous tarmac meeting with Ms. Lynch let him to determine that he had to handle the “matter” independent of the Justice Department.

This alone is a pretty big bombshell. But that’s not all we heard this morning. Comey also admitted to using a friend from the Columbia Law School to leak the contents of one of his memos to The New York Times. This is the document that deals with Michael Flynn and says that Trump hoped the investigation matter involving him would be dropped. This is a rather stunning revelation, to say the least.



So, to recap, there’s been no bombshells dropped on Trump, but they have been at least two dropped on Comey and the Democrats. It’s been a pretty good day for Republicans so far and this testimony is shaping up to be of greater benefit to Trump than most anyone could have imagined before it got underway.

  1. I saw the Bustle article and now I know that this is absolutely the first superheroine film in theaters.

    The I remembered Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. (2005).

  2. Comey will ask for immunity and will name names. Hillary, Obama and others are going to do prison time.

  3. …..and the lamestream media pivots immediately to screaming about “tapes” which may or may not exist, these alleged “tapes” being of the conversations Comey already relayed the content of in his testimony yesterday. Totally predicted this outcome, every time Comey makes one of these appearances he just shits himself in public and prior to needing him for muh narrative everyone trying to put him on a pedestal now went on record calling him a useless piece of shit.

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