OK, fresh news. I was alerted some a thread on one of the DeagleNation forums (hell it might be the main one, I have no idea) by KingofPol just a few short minutes ago. I spent some time digesting the data, and and gather evidence. Now, I can bring you the story.

It looks like I was right about Jace Connors. The board memebers saw that one of the Steam accounts he used during a recent stream belonged to a performance artist named Jan Rankowski. It looks like that person is playing the role of The Commander, Jace Connors. The master ruseman has now been crowned (if this holds). All the threads on the board are now locked. It looks like everyone has accepted that it’s fake now, even the diehards. Xx5rOHN nBTCgmtinvestigation

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There’s a few reaction shots. It looks like he’s tied up with a group called MDE, who are allegedly working a future Adult Swim show. It’s all starting to come together, isn’t it?Selection_999(445)Selection_999(449)

This is all I have for right now. I will continue monitoring the thread, and update this as news rolls in. I’ll leave you with a few more shots from the thread, and a screen of all the other locked ones. Now this all begs the question of just what in the hell happened with Wu’s supposed restraining order. Has she known this was a fake this whole time? That’s for her to answer.Selection_999(440) Selection_999(441)Selection_999(448)Selection_999(447)



UPDATE: Here’s the /cow/ thread on the matter.


UPDATE II: “Jace” confirms…


    1. LOL! Game Journos Admit that Jace was a fake – but now he’s “being harassed” and he claims it is 8chan/gamergate’s fault. SMH.

      https://archive.today/49TKo – Interview on Buzzfeed

      https://archive.today/9aiwr – The Verge (Reports that Wu is still mad)

      https://archive.today/LKLV6 – New York Post (Reports that Connors was fake, Wu’s still mad, but Gamergate still is just a hate group)

      https://archive.today/T4iyy (Jezebel Interviews Wu about the whole Connors stunt, and admits that she didn’t cancel PAX because of this dude, and states “We were lined up to show our game in front of a ton of press and we had to pull out.”)

      There are others, most of them trying to say “Joke wasn’t funny” but latching on to this dude’s statement that he’s now being harassed by gamergate – But the journos now have to “quadruple-down” on their bogus lying rhetoric, because now they all look like stupid idiots for buying this stunt to begin with.

  1. I was genuinely shocked when I saw “JACE IS A PERFORMANCE ARTIST” at the top of the Kiwi Farms. Props to MDE for keeping the hoax going for so long even John Flynt fell for it.

    1. Flynt does not care about facts. Look at him claiming GG was planning a sarin gas attack at Pax even though he knew it was one of his own side talking about it back in October.

      1. I’m just saying, he could just be THAT stupid and not check the date or the name of the poster. I think that’s the main difference between us and them.
        We can argue, but we’re not invested in this cult like mentality of absolute black and white and denying the truth even when it’s right there.

  2. Doesn’t matter at the end of the day. People believe this guy was real and Wu and Gawker got their propaganda to slander GG out of it. Doesn’t change the damage done unless someone prints this story on a legitimate news site for everyone to see, and I doubt it’s worth it to anyone to criticize Gawker.

  3. Ah Brianna. Please, take a seat at the table. We will be serving your Face Full Of Egg and side order of Humble Pie shortly, served of course with lashings of warm Milk! The main course is our speciality…. LolCow Pie. There is plenty of salt to be had.
    Here is Commander Jace….. he will be your server today.
    I will just put the soundtrack for your Feast of Embarassment on….


  4. So this is yet another example of “danger” toward anti-GG proponents that turns out to be completely fake. SMH. Why the fuck won’t anyone report on these things?

    Oh that’s right – corrupt journalism.

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