After a long night putting together that Mike Sacco piece, I’m back at my desk. Actually, I’ve been here since 2pm EST, it’s just that it sometimes takes me several hours before I’m ready to start writing. I like to feel the pulse of the community and see what’s on their mind. I also have to reach out to sources and the like, while catching up on all the news, digesting it for myself, etc. Today, this lull period took even longer than usual, because so much shit was going on. I got mentioned in Jezebel, for one. But there’s so much more to unpack here.  [Intro written last night lol]

As I said, Jezebel name-dropped me in a column yesterday. Actually, it wasn’t too bad. They actually examined the interview Kingofpol and I conducted, and gave us props for it. Here’s an except from the article, where they linked me without an archive link. I’ll return the favor (but throw in an archive for those who still say fuck that lol).

“This weekend, two popular Gamergate podcasters who go by the names The Ralph Retort and Kingofpol posted a video interview with Connors. Clad in sunglasses, a camouflage jacket, and a yellow polka-dotted tie, he seemed much calmer, but still said that he believes Wu is trying to assassinate him. (He also said he is “definitely a Gamergate supporter.”)

Connors said that on Friday, he’d gotten a text message that he believed at the time was from Wu, and said he was racing to confront her and maybe race her when he wrecked his car. He suggested that she had positioned a sniper to cause the accident. He also admitted that he’d previously believed that Moot — also known as Christopher Poole, the founder of 4chan — was working with “Islamic assassins” to try to kill him. When the hosts laughed at that, he grew angry, telling them, “There’s nothing funny about that. My life was on the line. The evidence is real.” (Correction: A previous version of this post stated that Connors accused Wu of siccing the “Islamic assassins” on him. That was incorrect and it appears corrected above. I regret the error.)

After the crash, Connors told the hosts, he refused to go to the hospital: “I was convinced — and still partially am — that there was an attempt being made on my life, and did not want to be stuck in a hospital.” He said, too, that he hasn’t been questioned by police regarding the statements he’s made about Wu, much less arrested: “I’ve seen Law and Order, they have to come to your house and give you a thing.”

…He also said that he doesn’t plan to end the “Wupocalypse,” as he calls it: “If you think I’m the type of person to let anything go, you don’t know me. It’s not just ongoing, it’s just beginning… The long-term exposé of the social justice community that I have planned is just beginning. Brianna Wu is just a small part of it.” He added, a few minutes later “I will try as much as I can to bring this gaming criminal to justice. I still believe Brianna Wu is responsible for the car crash.”

OK, not too bad. Also, the author of that piece, Anna Merlan, gave us props on Twitter. Even though I’m not her biggest fan, I have to say, that was very fair of her. 

Jezebel being fair to GamerGate? I’m impressed with them for possibly the first time ever. Also, if you look at the headline, you’ll notice that they don’t label him as a GamerGate supporter:Selection_958

Now, juxtapose that with Sam Biddle over at Gawker. I would never expect GamerGate to get a fair shake from him, but his column on Monday took the fucking cake. Rarely will you see such a disingenuous pack of lies. The media often goes this route, don’t get me wrong. It’s just usually disguised a little bit better than this:Selection_965

“Game developer Brianna Wu has been stalked, tormented, and harassed by GamerGate—the amorphous reactionary movement centered around video game journalism—for months now. But it’s never been as frightening as it was this weekend—when she watched a terrifying videomade by a deranged fanatic who claims he crashed his car on the way to her home. “I’m worried my husband and I are going to die,” she tells me…

The video is the work of a man who calls himself “Jace Connors,” and claims to be both a retired Marine and Navy Seal. It’s unclear whether he has any real military affiliation, present or former, but his fantasy love of violence is clear, and he frequently shares images of himself posing with guns and knives. He can be seen here assaulting some guy over a stolen Xbox.

Jace Connors might’ve just been another wingnut who lets Call of Duty bleed into reality, but he’s become a popular figure inside GamerGate, which has egged him on through increasingly bizarre and disturbing acts. This culminated with a video on January 30th, showing Connors’ wrecked car on the side of the highway.”

Keep in mind, this is the work of a troll. In case you couldn’t tell by our hilarious interview with Jace Connors, it’s a fucking act. He even started a Patreon last night. And take a look at the new video from his partner. This whole thing is for show. Legitimately disturbed people don’t do all this. And they don’t knock down the punchlines I set up, like Jace was doing in the video. He’s awesome at what he does, don’t get me wrong. Not just any troll could full these many outlets all at once. It’s pretty amazing, really. I never totally bought in, which was why I’ve always been laughing about it. But he even had me questioning it at least a little bit.

Some of you may think this stuff is in poor taste, and that’s fine. Personally, I think it’s hilarious. Jace just provided a great example of the media being full of shit. Gawker tries to paint him as a popular figure within GamerGate. Since when? The only ones who look halfway decent, are Jezebel and Anna Merlan. We don’t even have to get into GamerGhazi’s bullshit too much. Still, I don’t think they went as #FullMcIntosh as Gawker and Biddle. Let that sink in.


Oh yea, I almost forgot the part where Sam Biddle trashed a veteran and made him out to be insane:

“Connors’ unhinged campaign against Wu resembles that of another GamerGate favorite, a game developer named Slade Villena who tweets under the handle @_RogueStar_. Like Jace Connors, RogueStar claims to be a military veteran, and demonstrates terrifyingly obsessive behaviors—most recently, in a relentless campaign to ruin the life of Peter Coffin, a D-list YouTube personality.”

I talked to definitely-a-real-veteran RogueStar (real name Slade Villena) yesterday. Here’s what he had to say about Bully Boy Biddle’s attack on his service, and sanity:

“In my opinion, David S. Gallant, based on his online behavior, demonstrated a pattern common in suicidal folks I’ve encountered in life. Calling out that suicide potential was an act of decency, not malice. I was also particularly interested in the case of Peter Coffin, because he seems to be milking the GamerGate controversy for his Patreon (Patreon has rules against fraud). Allegedly, Coffin has been faking his relationship status and family for clicks. I contacted one of Coffins brothers over Twitter; just a few honest questions via tweet, nothing too serious. Overall, my opinions are my own on the matter of those tweets. How they can be associated with “psychopathy” is beyond understanding. Biddle has resorted to posting dumb ad hominems about GamerGate people, including broke-ass gamedevs like myself.”

Oh, and here’s his discharge from the military, Mr. Biddle. It’s called research:

I think that’s about it, as far as rounding up this DeagleNation/Jace situation goes. It’s all a lot of misinformation by Brianna Wu and the biased media. None of their bullshit is surprising at this point, but Gawker’s hit was particularly deceitful and nasty. They didn’t get their reputation as the Internet’s Shithole for nothing, I suppose. Also, stay tuned, because I’m sure they will try to blame future acts of trolling (whether by Jace, or others) on us as well.There’s not much we can do but document their lies, and laugh at the absurdity.

    1. The Tupac in Gaza story is hysterical. Was reading it in the one of the Gawker comment streams and laughing like an idiot. Am still not sure if this Jace Guy has actual mental issues but what I found interesting was no one writing any of the hyperbolic headlines sat down and thought things through:

      We have a guy who is supposedly crazy.
      We also have his friends who are crazy.
      They’re so crazy and disjointed they can make youtube videos, do streams and record comedic fights. While stoned.
      Their material may be somewhat offensive but its fucking funny and surreal.

      So what does Gawker think is going on? Folie a trois schizophrenia with delusions of Richard Pryor? Hopefully this new illness can be added to a future DSM.

  1. I honestly haven’t followed this closely enough to have an opinion on it. But all I know is that I watched that video of the “xbox” incident linked in the Biddle quote, and it’s fucking hilarious.

    It’s not everyday you get to see someone get nunchuk’d lol. It honestly looked extremely, extremely fake. The guy got some cuts on his head, but I don’t even know. If that was their real fighting, I have to just laugh. He wasn’t even swinging hard, and I doubt those things were even real.

    I haven’t followed any of this Wu stuff. But yeah, you can’t really threaten people and then just call it “trolling.” Sorry everyone, just a joke! If this guy gets in trouble, I would not be surprised, at all.

    1. The fight was funny as fuck. A ‘special forces’ guy who fights like a giant annoyed toddler.

      It would actually be best for everyone if he did get a visit off the police because the threat stuff did come off as creepy, even if some of his other twitter messages were taking the mickey (Kill you with my WWE moves etc.) Then the police can release a report and it’ll be official that the knife-wielding psycho and his would-be Canadian ‘tranny’ killer are just actors/performance artists/idiots. But not quite as idiotic as the press who once again didn’t do any fact checking.

      Actual harassment – not cool. But that’s why we have police/FBI/courts etc.

      1. The whole setup–sending friend on one-way-trip to Israel, where he wanders around stoned trying to get to Gaza, finally brought back by his parents, then beats up his friend who dumped in in Israel and demands an X-Box One as payment…

  2. Sheesh. A guy trolls these people and suddenly he’s a real-life example of a gamergate supporter, and dangerous, despite no record of violence noted.

    FullMcIntosh can say that ISIS and Osama Bin Laden are “freedom fighters” and “a hero” while simultaneously shitting on Charlie Hebdo and they think he’s sane.


  3. He’s not just a troll, he’s the Troll King…and he’s building a city of bridges to sell to social-justice. I’m especially amused by the fact that he’s often wearing sunglasses, a commonly used tactic in poker to ensure the opposition can’t really distinguish your emotional state and call a bluff. The sunglasses dehumanize him by removing a large amount of what people use, subconsciously, to read people.

    Well played Jace, but that “assault” video was downright ridiculous and I’m overwhelmingly disgusted by the fact that it was pushed by Sam as anything other than what it was…a couple of friends being downright absurd. I mean seriously, those strikes with the skateboard had less force behind them than my little sister would have put into her swings. I’m not sure which I’d rather have as the truth behind this…

    That the opposition, and media, is genuinely that stupid…showing that, if they succeed, we’re heading towards a future that reflects the film Idiocracy.


    The opposition is that blatantly manipulative…showing that, if they succeed, we’re heading towards a future that reflects 1984 by George Orwell.

    Sadly, the truth is probably both.

  4. It’s not a troll you dumb fuck. Jace has been at this for about 3 years and has an online life dating back to 2006. The Patreon (the only piece of “proof” you offer) is merely something fans suggested Jace do to make extra income, it was not Jace’s idea to start it. Therefore your entire argument falls apart.

      1. Can’t offer an actual argument? Typical from someone who has watched 3 Jace videos and then came to the conclusion that he was fake. The MDE/Sam Hyde connection comes from the fact that Sam Hyde has made fun of him in the past therefore making Jace feel as if Sam Hyde is a terrorist troll just like everyone else who has made fun of Jace.

        1. How about you address Jace with this argument since you’re so sure about it? If you’re sure you’ve “caught him”, then just tell Jace that.

        2. Jace Connors comes off to me like a shitty version of Sam Hyde. I don’t know the story you’re referring to (link plz) but it seems like Jace is starved for attention and didn’t get the validation from MDE he wanted.

      1. I wonder what that means when those who claim to fight “the patriarchy” are being aided by he who sounds like a leader of patriarchy (or “Main Man”, if you will)

  5. From their patreon under ‘Missions’:

    “This also includes our R&D budget which is used to fund research
    into new areas, such as the cures for homosexuality. Our hypothetical
    idea is to purchase mice that appear homosexual and try to rehabilitate
    them in a safe environment and/or with various non-intrusive methods.
    And then we will also document the results for public consumption and
    post them on youtube.”

    And at the end:
    “We will always make sure to stretch your dollar as far as we can! One of
    our leiutenants (Elijah) has Jewish relatives who seem pretty smart
    because they read books and shit all the time.So we will possibly
    attempt to get financial advice from them. Thank You”

  6. “Popular figure in GamerGate”?

    Sam Biddle doesn’t even try to build an elaborate lie or weave a web of half-truths…he just outright shits the bed. Until Wu made a big deal about this guy, I never heard of this troll or any mention of him on Twitter, KiA, Tumblr, or any of the other pro GG sites. This guy had nothing at all to do with GamerGate, and Biddle is lying out his ass to prop up his false anti-GG narrative.

    1. Yup. I’ve been involved in this shit from the start, and I had no idea who he was before I read Ralph’s first piece on him. I wasn’t exactly sure what his significance was even after.

  7. I’m amazed that Jezabel went through a whole article without a pack of disingenuous lies, perhaps the tide is even starting to slowly turn.

  8. I don’t get it. What is that woman doing at a Gawker site? She doesn’t write hit pieces and she reports reasonably fairly. Really this is better than we can expect from the mainstream media.

    If I didn’t think it might be redundant I’d ask if Georgina would consider interviewing her and seeing what her take on Gawker’s behavior is and how she jibes it with her own ethics (since apparently she’s the only Anti Gamer that does).

  9. ,,,Sam Piddle defending Peter Coffin? Gawker reamed his cornchute back in 2012 over his first fake girlfriend! Why th’ hell do you think Coffin walks funny? Bring back bullying Peter Coffin Sam! L to th’ O to th’ L!

  10. geeez…. dude i can get you some real info on pkdude jace. send me a message if you’re interested @ftsforever

  11. Okay, i’ll be willing to believe he’s a troll if I can get one answer: who’s car was it? Did he actually roll his car and aused the opportunity to fuck with people, or did he pull over to another accident?

    Taking all bets.

    1. Which is better;
      1) he found totalled car, acted out, not knowing the condition or whereabouts of the occupants.
      2) he totalled his ‘own’ car, acted out, and (allegedly) didn’t go get checked out or wait/report the incident to the police (good luck with the insurance claim).

      1. Uhhhhh… Neither?

        Archfriend makes a good point, but I’m not sure what preparedness techniques Spazzy Randy here performs on a continuous basis.

    2. That video with the car didn’t mention Brianna Wu or anybody, he was just flipping out. The connection to Wu came afterwards.

      1. so you’re saying he flipped his car a while back and just filmed this as a standby? talk about being prepared.

        1. I don’t know what really happened. All I know is that when you edit together a video with an unrelated piece of information, you have what’s called “story telling”.

  12. “If after all of this King of Pol continues his nurse practice then th US health system has failed.” – rarebitt of GamerGhazi

    Oh look, an SJW advocating attacking someone’s livelihood because they have a difference of opinion. … World, you have my permission to track this little mother fucker down and knock his teeth out.

    1. No doubt.

      I dislike pretty much every anti-gamer twit I’ve encountered on Twitter since this shit went down, but I wouldn’t dare attack their livelihood just because I think that they all spend their downtime taking turns sucking Satan’s cock in hell. They, however, seem to think that it’s their duty to ruin people over differences of opinion, which while fucked up enough in and of itself is made all the worse how demonstrably bullshit their opinions even are.

      At best these fuckers are easily mislead media sheep, whose opinions of us are a reflection of the bullshit that a handful of cowardly journalists fabricated from whole cloth to keep the spotlight off of themselves by putting it on us. At worst they’re a load of faux-progressive wankers, or anti-gamer bigots who don’t actually give a shit about whether or not the venom they reserve for GamerGate and gamers at large is even warranted. That they’d dare try to fuck people’s lives up has me seeing red, even if it’s someone as generally loathsome as that little prick Pol.

  13. Pretty sad state of affairs when jezebel looks more reasonable than anybody else on the internet. Biddle Kuchera McIntosh et al must really work hard to look so dumb

  14. Um, the Marine Corp gives certificates? Cause when I got discharged from the army I just got a piece of paper that looked like a form you fill out. A DD214.

    I could be mistaken about what’s happening now, because I was discharged in 2003. But if I see a “certificate” I’m questioning legitimacy, but again, I just haven’t heard about “certificates”

    1. They have since like, the civil war. I don’t know about the last 10 years, but I remember my grandma had one hanging on the wall that was super old. Looked similar to that one in the article, but black and white.

  15. It’s easy for a drug-abusing jobless lying schizo back on his meds to say it’s all a big joke, but it’s not easy for me to believe when I’ve seen his behavior over various websites and then crashing his mom’s Prius while drunk on some delusional tirade. I’ve watched the Hitboxes too, Ralph, he’s not just some troll.

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