Over on Twitter, we’ve been organizing a campaign against the makers of the game Mighty No. 9, due to the disgraceful behavior of their community manager, Dina Karam. We’ve tried to be reasonable. We asked simply that she un-block, and reinstate the GamerGate members to the MN9 community. She refused.

This is after she trashed GamerGate members in the worst way possible. We turned the other cheek, until she decided to spit in our face as well, by blocking paying customers from official forums and Twitter accounts.

Since they didn’t listen, we then began asking Comcept, the developers of the game, to fire Ms. Karam. We first asked them to force her to apologize and reinstate, but she’s made more incendiary comments. We’re now left with no other choice, except to organize a massive chargeback campaign.

It’s been confirmed to TheRalphRetort.com that multiple people have indeed gotten their Kickstarter donations back. You don’t call Comcept, or Kickstarter. You go over their heads and call your bank, or credit card company. They will refund you, at little to no hassle (debit cards may be a little more difficult, but credit cards companies will give INSTANT refund).

Again, we didn’t want to do this. But, Inafune and Comcept have left us with no other choice. Don’t support companies that trash gamers, and censor discourse.

That’s what GamerGate is all about.




UPDATE: Post in the comments below what happened on your attempt, if any of you do a chargeback. Someone was disputing this on Twitter, saying that they couldn’t do it. Again, I was told by 2 separate people that they called their credit card companies, and were refunded. A third said the same thing, but he didn’t say if it was a CC company, or a bank. These guys have no reason to lie about it, in my opinion. Or else I wouldn’t have run the story. But, you can decide for yourselves.

UPDATE 2: It seems that person was using a bank card. So, your mileage may vary if trying to get a refund from your bank.

UPDATE 3: From the Reddit comment on my story, further confirming that chargebacks are happening.



UPDATE 4: Kamiya tried to warn us…