Breaking news this Friday evening, as Dyson has pulled their ad dollars out of Gawker Media. This makes two more sponsors gone this week, and comes fresh on the heels of the Scrivener decision. This movement, cause consumer revolt…whatever you want to call it, it keeps steamrolling the opposition. We may have some internal turmoil, but the havoc we bring to our adversaries hasn’t diminished one bit. GamerGate is as strong as it has ever been.

This should energize everyone. We can totally move past the drama, and focus on the winning. We shouldn’t get a big head, but as I said on Twitter, it’s good to sit back sometimes and focus on the amazing amount that we’ve accomplished. This upstart group with no experience has been beating the shit out of Gawker Media, and we show no signs of letting up. To say that I’m proud, would be an understatement.

Focus on the good, enjoy this win over the weekend, but don’t get fat and happy. We still have much work to do. Dyson’s decison was a needed moral boost. Keep up the emailing. Talk about GamerGate with friends that might not know about the cause. Bring them into the fold. Let’s take this thing into phase two.

Gawker, your days are numbered.