In a chat I’m in, someone sent me a meme an hour or so ago. It was so trollish that I thought it had to be some kind of ruse. As it turns out, the Conservative Party of Canada has a better sense of humor than I thought. Well, at least the intern who likely came up with this one does…

(archive link:

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If they can keep up this quality level of meme magic throughout the next few years, the might be back in power sooner than expected. If not, at least they can provide us all with some key laughs by going after Trudeau’s buffoonery.

  1. Nah, they won’t be back in power anytime soon. The CPC simply won’t be able to offer any actual policies that will appeal to enough Canadians because the CPC has focused almost exclusively on being the “Anti-Liberal (as in Liberal Party) Party”, and then tried for overt and blatant racism. (Example: Barbaric Practices Tip Line, meant almost exclusively for non-Muslims to call in and report Muslims for “Barbaric” behaviour. They didn’t even have the good political sense to make it something more generic like “Violence against Women” which covers just about everything that Muslims do that is considered Barbaric. But it might have impacted the non-Muslims who are violent to women too, and that was not acceptable.)

    Hell, the CPC is going through an internal crisis because enough of the young Conservatives finally convinced the old fucks to get rid of the anti-Same Sex marriage clauses in the party – 10 years after SSM became legal in Canada. And it’s not even completely done yet; the old fucks might be able to exert enough pressure on party leadership to have it reinstated in the future. And if that happens, good luck with getting power back in Canada – we’ve started to grow tired of people fighting battles that have already been won/lost (sovereignty for Quebec, Abortion and SSM, Universal Health Care, etc.).

    Also, if Canada ditches the First Past the Post (FPtP) method of determining elections (ie: whoever gets the most amount of votes win… even if you get less than half the votes. For example, less than 40% of Canadians voted for the Liberals and yet the Liberals have an outright majority of seats in the House of Commons. It’s also quite common for candidates to win their own ridings with less than 40% of the vote because there are 3+ candidates from major parties running in the riding) then the Conservatives will be even more fucked as a vast majority (+/- 65%) vote for a liberal party, whether it is the Liberals, the NDP or the Greens (or the Bloq in Quebec). The only hope that the CPC has for gaining power in the future (without a MASSIVE restructuring of their party) is for FPtP to continue.

    And that is highly unlikely.

    For better or for worse (because the CPC wasn’t great when they were in power either), the CPC won’t be in power in Canada for the foreseeable future.

    1. I see a lot of assumptions, left wing talking points, opinions and a light dusting of facts and not much else. Huffing over a tip line that ‘you’ think is racist, let me guess you think people reporting unlicensed halal slaughter is racist, how about unlicensed seal clubbing, kosher slaughtering, is reporting that racist? This is not something a majority of people will give time to when considering who to vote for. Only those with an interest in identity politics will give it more than a disinterested chuckle when they hear people go on about it.

      As for changing to AV in polls, it is slanted in favour of smaller parties that would not make a mark normally in FPP voting, it also favours like you say left wing parties, some of who are so far out of touch with reality the should apply for the colonisation mission to Mars. When the UK had a referendum on changing from FPP to AV it was rejected by the majority of voters. The silly thing about that whole AV issue in the UK was the liberal party was in power in a coalition had a choice over what policy’s they wished to push AV, Lords reform and abolishment of university tuition fees. Guess which two of the three they picked?…

      No, it wasn’t AV and tuition fees. So they could have done something that would have benefited a vast swath of young people. No they picked AV and lords reform two policy’s the people of the UK couldn’t have given two figs over. Oh and when it came time to support the party they were in power with as part of the coalition agreement that gave them the chance to implement the policies the picked they stabbed them in the back and it caused them to not even get lords reform done.

      And you think with AV giving left wing party’s perpetual governmental power everything will be all sunshine and unicorns as the liberal left move to implement the promised utopia only left wing government can provide.

      It won’t, most will act like the government of Chamberlain and follow policy’s of appeasement and maintain control through a soft dictatorship, stifling descent similar to the way they do now, banning and deleting people from the Internet who disagree, shutting down news organisations and the like that show them for what they are. The rest will drop the cloak of democracy and become all out communist governments that enforce control of their population through force.

      This is why I like FPP, it gives the people a chance to remove party’s from power if they want. Yes it has its issues, but no where near the issues AV has.

      1. I guess when you hear something you don’t like coming from inside your idiotic echo chamber you have to assume it’s coming from outside.

        It’s not.

        You’re part of the problem that conservatives have. You. Personally. You don’t see the staggering amount of racism in the conservative movements in the English speaking western nations (and likely other western nations as well, but I’m sticking to English for now) and how much it turns off moderates. That tip line proposed in Canada? It was blatantly anti-muslim. It was pitched using the example of Female Genital Mutilation and “honour” violence. It was proposed right after the conservative gov’t lost a court case where they had tried to force a Muslim woman to take off her niqab while taking the oath of citizenship, and was regularly pushed at the same time as discussing that case under a general “these are not Canadian values” topic. The blatancy of the racism in it was staggering.

        And it highlighted the most egregious hypocrisy that conservatives in the west can’t help but dive in to, head first – decry the “wasteful” spending and government overreach of liberals (particularly into the personal lives of the citizens) done in the name of “their own good” while at the same time creating massive gov’t overreach into the lives of citizens and unconscionable wasteful spending while they do it. That barbaric tip hotline? Would need a whole new bureaucracy to oversee. It would take hundreds of people to work on – people new to the Canadian gov’t payroll because you can’t simply take some people off of one area of law enforcement and put them over to a new spot without losing capability on the other side. People who need buildings to work in, computers to work on, cars to drive to and from investigations, cell phones/blackberries to keep in contact in the field. Policy people to write policies to cover their actions. Translators in multiple languages. Administrative staff. Internal auditors, evaluators and examiners. All these folks would be paid a Gov’t wage, would by necessity be unionized. Offices would need to be all across the country and even after that, you would need to pay for travel and lodging when they went wherever they had to go to investigate a tip.

        If it cost less than $50 million a year it would be a miracle.

        All for what? Catching maybe 100 people who are still trying to live under their old culture? 1000? 75% of that being freeing women from wearing the Burka/Niqab and 25% saving girls from FGM? When Liberals propose spending $50 million to do something that might only end up saving 1000 people (as a Best Case Scenario), conservatives rightly scream about the wasteful spending. But when conservatives propose something functionally identical, it’s suddenly okay.

        No. It’s not okay. And until conservatism gets its head out of its arse it’s going to keep suffocating and handing liberals victories by default. “It’s not okay when Liberals do it!” is the current metaphorical slogan, and until that gets changed to “It’s not okay to do it.”, people are going to keep voting for Liberals. Liberals shouldn’t be winning these elections – Trudeau shouldn’t have won. Clinton shouldn’t win. But he did, and she will, because Conservatives – like you – are so bloody stupid and hypocritical that you’re snatching our potential victory right out of our hands.

  2. smart move
    it’s weird seeing real political groups adopting stuff that has been born on the internet, and even weirder still seeing conservatives making a smart campaign effort to win over people

    trudeau should be seen as the mother of all opportunities for his opponents, they could easily reach office riding on his back
    that kid is clueless and so pathetic it should be so easy to hit him where it hurts over and over and over and really hard until he just curls into a corner and grows so scared of saying or doing anything out of the fear of being viciously mocked any more

  3. Im amazed at how he was able to pacify the radical fems, they where up in arms protesting everything, they sent him down to street level to do some photo ops in the lgbtlmnop community, add trans to the criminal code(every citizen is protected under the criminal code), put some token women in minor roles, who he uses as meat shield to announce unpopular decrees.

    Yesterday he did a mcdonalds photo op, today he fucked over the gays by changing the the celibacy limit from 5 years to 1, hes too much of a pussy to abolish it completely…its absolutly disgusting to watch him talk the talk but not walk the walk, maybe one day the lgbt folks will wake up to the liberal parties pink washing scam, its totaly the corporatization of the lgbt movement, hope the useful idiots wake up to the ruse lol

    “fries with that misser trudeau!”
    throwing gays under the buss

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