Originally, I wasn’t going to make a public endorsement for president. I wanted to keep the site a step removed from that sort of thing, plus I wasn’t completely sold on Donald Trump, to be quite honest with you. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his candidacy from Day 1 and the guy made me laugh harder than anyone on this planet when he was roasting cucks like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham (two people I already had no love for). But that didn’t push me all the way over into his camp. You know what did? The failure of the American political class since the turn of the century.

In actuality, it started even before then, but it’s gotten even worse since the turn of the millennium.

I don’t care about the Democratic Party. It’s cancer. The Republican Party is also cancer. Not only that, I think the entire system is cancer with the people we have in office today. No one cares about this country, only getting their next paycheck or securing a fat contract from Saudi interests or whoring themselves out on Wall Street. Neocons and Israel Firsters (one in the same, really) has driven our foreign policy into the ditch and cost us an untold amount of money and personal treasure. The establishment has no answer other than to continue letting their cocktail party partners run us into the fucking ditch.

Donald Trump presents an alternative.

Will he solve everything? Almost certainly not. Is there a chance he could make everything worse? Sure. The man isn’t tied to the same failed dogmas that we’ve seen over the last 50 years, though, I know that. I don’t give a shit about conservatism. Fuck progressivism. I care about Americanism. I want the country to succeed, not some ideology. This attitude has been missing for too long.

Is Trump the perfect vehicle for everything I want? Of course not. But he’s the only hope we have and I really do believe he loves this country. So, I hope we’re celebrating a Trump victory tonight. I certainly think it’s possible, which is more than anyone could have imagine when he declared his candidacy. However, even if The Donald goes down, the network that has sprung up to support him will endure. I know I’m not going anywhere (and I’m not abandoning the anti-SJW battle, either. In fact, I plan to go in harder on it in the aftermath of the election). Millions of others feel the same way, I am sure. We’re here to stay.

The media isn’t used to being challenged like this and they’re on the ropes. They want us gone, understandably so. Now is not the time to let up, my fellow Americans. It’s the time to double-down.