Now, I know we just mentioned Zoe Quinn in the last column, but, such is life (plus she was in a supporting role c’mon). If people don’t like me talking about her, that’s too damn bad. She’s a key figure, and her corruption and love of censorship makes her a noteworthy subject. If someone disagrees with that, it’s cool. Don’t read this story lol. Because I’m about to provide screenshots of the documents that show how Zoe successfully gagged Eron Gjoni. This shouldn’t be allowed here in America, but professional victims are able to get away with a lot these days, and are aided by the accomplice media every step of the way.

In case you hadn’t already seen it, here’s the original affidavit: KS58ehP

But what I don’t think has been seen publicly until now, is the police report Zoe (real name Chelsea van Valkenburg) filled out the day before. So, in the interest of fairness and freedom of information, here’s the complaint:


Yes. There is more. Zoe Quinn didn’t stop there. Here’s another police report from the Queen of Lies:



Zoe’s method seems to be to spam the system. We have a few YET ANOTHER police report…and these are just the ones sent to me keep in mind. I’m sure there are more out there.



As interesting as the police reports are, the story is really told in the court dox. Eron’s lawyer fights hard, but he’s no match for the SJW hugbox machine. Zoe basically gets to write her own ticket (her name is hilariously misspelled):

Selection_602 Selection_603




Here’s the second hearing, which I present to you in full. As I said, Eron’s lawyer puts up a valiant fight, but the fix was clearly in from the start:






Ordinarily, I might not waste my time with something like this. Well, I would still cover it, but I wouldn’t put up every screen.  I mentioned this in the opening, but the way Ms. Quinn has trampled on free speech is unconscionable. It was bullshit back in the fall, and it’s bullshit now. As I said back in early October:

“So, even though he never threatened Zoe, Eron Gjoni has been silenced by a judge, in the supposedly free United States of America. Is this really what it’s come to? The man has done nothing wrong. He wrote an article about his life. If Zoe Quinn had put up something similar, there would be scores of feminist ideologues who would support that. I’ve seen it happen already, with others. Their hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. People like Quinn and the SJWs will do whatever it takes to silence debate.”

I’m going to work on getting my hands on the November and December hearing transcripts. Admittedly, I didn’t actually do any work to get these. An anonymous source sent them to me. Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the others. And even if it is, I’m at least going to try. There aren’t many others out there who will, unfortunately (as you can see from this Popehat screenshot). B5k6RFoIUAAdIzx


Right now, I’m going to go get something to eat, and then crash out (if Twitter doesn’t suck me in haha). I’ll have more posts for you tomorrow, as always.

  1. Pro Tip – when someone stutters and trips over their own speech, when they’re supposed to be such a wounded, self righteous victim, that’s an indicator they’re LYING. She’s disorganized, she has to ask clarification for simple questions. I would have loved to have been able to study her body language and facial expressions. I’m sure there was a lot of looking up and to the left (creative thinking as opposed to memory recollection aka LYING). I have never wanted anyone to get some kind of cancer in my entire life as this horrible person. And the sad thing, out of a population of 7.2+ billion people, there are probably many, many more like her. ::SIGH::

      1. Snow has it right. Especially the eye contact. They know that liars avoid eye contect and tend to overcompensate.

      2. Citation please. I know I look up and to the left. And I’ve watched people do it when’ve lied to me in the past. So, unless you have a study you want to share that just shows that as coincidental I’m standing by that. Not that it matters, she’s still a lying psycho and a whore.

        1. Both ascertations are correct, looking up it is generally recalling memories depending on whether or not you are right or left-handed can affect weather looking up and left or looking up and right is accessing the creative part of the brain. However, if a person has already pre-conceived the lie, they may be looking up or in either direction recalling what they had preconceived they would say. Touching the face and covering the mouth are also common indicators of lying as well as shallow breathing, accelerated heart rate flushing of the skin, and fidgeting. Once again however, these are also common side effects of nervousness that can accompany speaking in public or being interrogated. Just like in poker, the best strategy is to establish a rapport that puts the person at ease and lets one get to know an individual’s personal actions when at ease and telling the truth. From there is when one can tell an individual’s “ticks” or “tells”. However, this all gets very tricky when a person has convinced themselves that the lie is real or in the case of a pathological liar where the person’s thinking is this is disassociated from reality. I cannot say any professional articles, only experience in military intelligence. However, reading through the court report indicates to me a person that believes their own story, but whose evidence is weak. obviously this is just an opinion and not definitive.

      3. The exits and too much eye contact part I do know is true. Learned a bit about people are “conditionally honest” a few years ago when studying on how not to have archives robbed of valuable documents by patrons and especially employees.

      4. I am aware of the theory of eye motion as indicators for subconscious communication of internal processes. Its from a science called Neuro Linguistic Programming.

        There are general rules about eye motion, but you are also supposed to “calibrate” the person you are trying to read.

    1. Looks like you’ve hit a nerve – srhbutthead is already tweeting out a screengrab of your reply so she and her hugbox buddies can circlejerk over it.

      1. Saw it XD Man the way she took it out of context was so funny. I mean if I did what Quinn did in court I would definitely have lost that legal battle.

        1. Of course she’ll take it out of context, that’s why liars do! They can’t use the truth; it burns them like fire.

          1. I need a clown for my nephew’s birthday party. You available? Because you’re a fucking clown is what I’m getting at here, just in case you didn’t get it, which is likely because you were born missing half your brain and don’t know how to use the other half.

          2. I wish that she’d get cancer in the same way anyone who lies, cheats and spreads corruption should. She’s a monster, and to her I wish monstrous penalties. What, do you have a problem with justice? Besides, you can always SURVIVE cancer, can’t you?

          3. “I wish that she’d get cancer in the same way anyone who lies, cheats and spreads corruption should. […] What, do you have a problem with justice? ”

            The idea of cancer having anything to do with justice is laughable. Your comment has nothing to do with justice, it’s about communicating hatred. Hatred you feel for someone you don’t know based on the faulty impression that you actually know anything about her because you read an ex-boyfriend’s rant on the internet. You don’t even know the fucking ex-boyfriend. You have no stakes in this at all beyond identifying with this loser so much you wish death on someone based on events that don’t involve you because the naughty woman had sex. Fuck you.

          4. I didn’t say he lied about Zoe. I have no idea, not being part of the relationship. He’s a loser for how he spread that private shit all over the internet and got himself fired. Whoopsie daisy.

          5. Again, I don’t care what you think. You’re a nobody and your views and opinions don’t matter. I’ve crawled through your comments on Discus, and you’re a fucking lunatic and a fan of falsehood. I will say, you did have a couple interesting things to say about Marvel etc, but I got the vague impression your just copied that from someone far more intelligent.

            And yes, I hate this person. I’ve never met her, but I never met any awful person in history. I never met Dubbya, Putin, Hitler, Stalin, Thatcher; ANYONE who did deplorable things and tried to claim it was in the name of good. It’s my delightful freedom to hate whomever I want, and I take pleasure that unlike you fascist pieces of shit, my hate is based on a response to someones actions. You’re just a gross, ignorant ideologue.

          6. “I got the vague impression your (sic) just copied that from someone far more intelligent”

            Sort of like your Hugh Laurie profile pic.

          7. non sequitur much? That reply does’t make any sense. I use the character HOUSE, not Hugh Laurie, for lots of reasons, not the least for his absolute focus on getting to the answers and truth above all else. You don’t care about truth, because you’re either a monstrous fascist or an ignorant and complacent follower.

          8. Well Guest, we SJWs need to stick together, and not accuse a person of unsolicited hatred and then turn around and say “fuck you”. But finally there is a fellow SJW on here who can help me.PC UofO bro here, in search of some guidance. I realize that cishetwhite males need to be discriminated against due to their privilege. However, I am not sure if I should discriminate against white females more (they are descendants of rapist white male colonists and enjoy that privilege). Or if black males are more privileged because they have penises and are therefore inherently rapists. My conundrum is due to the fact that black males only know the injustice of seeing their mothers and sisters being raped by white males, therefore how can they be accountable for any sexual assault against a white males/females if that is all that they know? Please advise me on who I should hate more.

      2. LOL omg really???? holy shit I’m going to be famous! Famous with retards, but famous none the less. It’s nice to be noticed.

      3. I can’t make a Twitter account for fear of being sucked into online SJW retard drama. I already have a hard enough time being productive with bipolar 2 and adhd, and I just can’t give up any more real estate in my brain for these people. sarah-gotta-molest-em-all-butts really does have some kind of compulsive issue with Twitter and GamerGate though. She hasn’t figured out that having a problem with 1 woman does not equal having a problem with all women. But that kind of generalizing and guilt by association is par for the course for these racist, sexist hypocrites (who also apologize on behalf of criminals, nazis and child molesters). They also don’t like Gregory House, go figure. You’d think an emotionally wounded drug-addict coping with self-loathing and isolation would appeal to them. But no, sarcasm + penis = anti-christ I guess.

      1. What a shame you don’t matter to me, or at all really. Nor do I give a shit what you think. Piss off wretch.

          1. I wish you would shuddap, but that is all you’re going to get from people here. Trolling is laughed at here, instead of being a capital offense like with you SJWs

          2. “cool kids”, “hip thing”? Go away loser. You’re not important and never will be.

  2. It has been speculated, that the real reason Zoe is trying so hard to shut Eron up, is because he might have some information about how Zoe was involved in sabotaging the Pepsi Game Jam.

    I think this is a topic we need to dig deeper into. While I doubt Pepsi would sue the people involved (they would likely see it as throwing good money after bad), Matti Leshem might be a different matter.

    These people have slandered him and gotten him fired, and it looks to me, he was made a patsy.

  3. Filenames for hearing 2:
    Are we missing something? Doesn’t seem to be a typo, there’s an actual gap in the transcript between 609 and 611.

    1. Ok, there was one screen missing lol. My apologies. The reason I got it mixed up, is because I did take an extra screen later on, which you will notice if you continue counting in sequence.

      1. Thanks for fixing. 🙂

        I really don’t even know what to say about the documents themselves other than, man, fuck that judge.

    1. SJW vocabulary

      Googling = doxxing
      Disagreement = harassment
      Asking a question = sealioning
      Talking while man = mansplaining
      Talking while white = whitesplaining
      Holding non PC opinions = fascism

      1. Talking about-linking to online published nude model photos ZQ voluntarily shot for third-party(business)= invasion of privacy

          1. Do we have to say she was hot both when she had the pictures taken or now?

            Either way, it’s not likely to happen, however now would be a lot harder than then.

            It’s funny how the first time I heard of this person she was “the girl who embedded deus ex in her body” – and even then she wasn’t attractive. Hell – I dunno if she even called herself ZQ at the time.

          2. And this is exactly why ZQ needed to take and harassment claim from wizchan. She is not talented enough to gain success from her chosen field of work on her own merit, i.e. game development. However, I have to give her credit for getting around a general fact of life, and that is that being an ugly woman is much like being a man, you are going to have to work for a living.

      2. Isn’t it also legal for anyone to obtain police and court reports/documents in the U.S? But in this article Ralph calls it a dox? (If he means documents, then just write that).

        If it’s legal and available to the public this isn’t a dox. People call fucking everything doxxing now, not just the SJWs…

        1. Unless there’s very good reason to do so, court records (at least in theory) must be available to the public. How can a democracy function otherwise?

      3. I would like to add:
        Succes = priveledge
        Having to work for success (or having to earn success on merit) = victimization/oppression/mysogyny
        Logical arguments = victim shaming
        Facts < Feelings
        And "Safe Space" is a place to hide from reasonable people and the real world. It is where these "warriors" retreat to after harassing people they deem as priveledged or not progressive enough. How SJWs do not see that they are a parody of themselves is beyond me.

  4. Odd court case we have here. Can someone can report perjury over this, if this is legit info? She’s obviously lying in court and we know it.

    1. I’m not really sure about perjury but Eron could probably pursue defamation of character. However, valid or not, we can clearly see that the courts are biased, so even with a good base for a lawsuit it doesn’t guarantee he will have any luck.

      1. Nah but when everything gets shown for what it is, when push comes to shove this case will be redone.

        Can’t see the biased lasting too long when the proof is getting spread online like crazy and other cases when they come to light too.

      2. Depends. This is clearly happening in a Massachusetts court of law. Had this been in somewhere like, say, Louisiana, Alabama, or Texas, the story may have been more difficult.

        Heck, Zoe would have been sent to a gulag if this was a Russian court of law.

        1. Now Milo is involved, I’m looking forward into what happens next. when he contacts the police this Monday.

          Not much, but since Milo has been mention he has right to defend himself.

          1. Milo is both cunning and delightfully vicious when attacked, presumably from years of working around political matters. I sincerely hope he causes the court to tear her a new one. I wonder how the MSM will spin this? The problem is, if they acknowledge the body of evidence GamerGate has uncovered, people will review it and most will probably turn on them (hopefully). If they fail to bring up what that evidence is, people will go looking for it on their own, and they will even more likely turn on them. And to think, all the Journalists had to do was fucking apologize and promise to cut their shit off! This is the price of arrogance and a culture of corruption.

    2. We *don’t* know it. That’s the problem. This is essentially hearsay because what’s reported is entirely subjective, based on their perception of events and effects on their person, i.e. “to the best of my knowledge”. This is important because it means people that do this kind of thing can be factually incorrect (deliberately or not) and not be called out on it, which makes it all difficult to refute. With that said, the entire thing reads like he-said-she-said so it’s somewhat surprising a restraining order was granted anyway (notwithstanding the point raised by @longlivegamergate:disqus).

    1. As far as I know no she’s not employed, her “job” is being a narcissistic little socialite and begging for money online. So rack up another lie under oath.

      1. Yeah, the last employment I heard she had was when she fucked her boss and then when Eron was gonna tattle on him to his wife (cuckold anyone?) that was the end of that job. What an ass that he didn’t immediately throw her ass out like garbage when she cheated on him, not once, not twice, but at least FIVE fucking times. How much of a pussy whipped idiot do you have to be? I mean for fuck’s sake – you don’t “accidentally” your way onto someone’s cock. That was 100% on her violating his trust, and he let her do it to him – all because she talked a good talk and he lapped it up like a god damn moron.

        1. To be fair, he was having mental problems like panic attacks and Zoe wasn’t helping by gaslighting, emotionally abusing him, and threatening to kill herself. Plus he didn’t fully realize the extent of her cheating until near the absolute end of their relationship. Once he caught on how far her cheating went and how badly she messed with his head, he showed her the door.

          1. Oh, I read the post, I know how she mentally abused him. I’m just utterly confused how anyone lets themselves get taken advantage like that. I’d have been like “bitch, then kill yourself, put up or shut up”. I mean, REALLY, how many times is someone going to make the same fake fucking threat before you clue in that they’re just manipulating you?

            The best part of this? Chelsea aka The Whore, won’t address these issues. I’d also love for her to address her false claim against Wizardchan. She’s fucked there since the Escapist came out months ago and said, “yeah, no, we were mistaken, this didn’t happen”. What it should have said was “this crazy bitch is a liar, stay the fuck away from her”.

          2. Disagreeing with you here S.D. I was in a relationship with a super emotionally manipulative person. Eron, even though being a beta white knight tool, still saw it earlier than I did. When you don’t want to hurt the person and want to believe the best in them, it can be very difficult to win a verbal battle using logic over their emotional manipulation. Reading EGs blog I truly feel that if you read between the lines he probably only found out about the infidelity by hacking into her social media accounts. If you read the blog, he never reveals how much he actually knew before questioning her, and never reveals how he got what information he did have (though he did do excellent at obtaining all the info he did, and was obviously surprised with how much he did not know). I do not fault him for this breach of privacy, if he was a woman she would have demanded access to his phone as well as his social media accounts. Ironic isn’t it that when a male wants access to this type of information he is accused of being jealous, controlling, and labeled a stalker. However, a male that protects this information from a female significant other is untrustworthy.

  5. The Court: Or to encourage – what’s the first adjective, something mob – what was the mob?
    Zoe: Uh, hate.


    She really is disgusting.

  6. It dawned on me recently that, as of January, I had been online for two decades and in all that time I have been involved in virtual social networks and communities.

    During those 20 years I have met some of very unpleasant characters yet none, in my opinion, as intuitively destructive as Quinn. It seems to me that everything this individual touches is somehow tainted and diminished, as if her self-absorption is so all encompassing that it leeches energy from anything she associates with.

    1. She’s a manipulative sociopath with psychopathic fantasies about killing and harming men, possibly because she was molested, or perhaps she’s just amoral and has zero standards. She hurts people because it profits her and she has a ready made defense and legions of idiots who will support her without ever wanting to see proof of any claim she makes. She’s a disease. Fortunately time solves all problems and some day she’ll lose relevance (or at the very least grow old and die, or in her case contract an STI). It’s a good thing we don’t live forever, because with people like her around, the planet would be fucked.

      1. You’re going over the top on purpose. You don’t sound sincere, you sound like someone acting angry.
        I’m not buying it and you are playing devils advocate and a friend of this Zoe or what ever her name is.

        1. LOL WHAT?! Look at my comment history m8. Also, look up “Locke Valentine” and the associated report done on her – that was Zoe’s name back when she was a prozzie, or whatever she would call herself, and lived in the Albany, NY area. She literally claims to have, on more than one occasion, stabbed men who were “trying to rape her”. And it was totally ok though, because she was defending herself and she totally didn’t have to report any of it. Did she likely stab someone? Nah, she’s a massive attention whore and a compulsive liar. But the fact she’s so flippant about it is pretty clear proof she’s got some form of mental illness. People who compulsively lie AND can feign perfect sincerity are definitely ill, if not a sociopath.

          1. Non of that explains this much froth and fury. You are justifying her court actions and I think you are doing it on purpose. How else could someone go ballistic on every comment about someone they don’t personally know if it wasn’t just a show.

          2. I’m justifying her court actions? Retard I’m APPALLED at her court actions. She’s a fucking liar making a mockery of the justice system. My outrage isn’t mock, it’s righteous goddamn fury. She’s a bitch who has hurt several people, not least of all that cuckold beta Eron (still and SJW though and still a moron) and she continues to profit of being this gross caricature of a “strong woman” and a “victim” at the SAME time! This is literally the picture of injustice. Unless you’re just NOW coming into the story kiddo, you should have a very clear idea of who she is and what she’s done and continues to do. And the fact that the media has willingly helped her to go along, and she’s enabled someone as despicable as BatWu to con people out of money will spreading intolerance is also unforgivable.

            She’s a lynch pin of sorts; if she goes down their entire narrative falls to pieces. The damage will be done, just like in any case where some lying sociopath tries to hurt people, but it will be a start to correcting the order of things back to what they were. It will also deliver a nice firm right hook to the pride of the SJWs who are nothing but ultra left wing authoritarian radicals. There’s a lot more at stake here than just video games and some rainbow-headed bint with big tits and no self respect kid.

          3. Sorry, but I’m not buying your cover story. Your ever comment hints at violence and I think it’s faked. There is only one person who can gain from someone expressing this much hate, and that’s zoe.
            Ignore the man behind the curtain?

          4. Waaaaait, you’re one of those “actual” MRAs, aren’t you? You seem to post non-stop “A Voice For Men”… One of the people who follows me is from there, but he’s pretty level-headed.

            Ewww, no, that’s just as bad as 3rd Wave Feminism. The enemy of my enemy being my friend is NOT the case here. No one wants to listen to whiny men any more than they want to listen to whiny women complain about first world problems.

            Go to therapy and get over what some woman did to you in your life. Christ if it isn’t one group claiming that men hate all women it’s another claiming that women hate all men, all while engaging in the exact same behavior when they really ought to just fuck it out.

            And frankly kiddo, I don’t particularly give a damn what you think about me lmao.

          5. Nice try, but your game is showing more, –the more you speak.
            Shaming is just an attempt to shut someone up but it’s you doing the talking and proving my point, you are helping zoe.

          6. I’m sorry but you’re the douche using “shaming”. Last I checked only feeltard SJWs actually gave a shit about anything being “shaming”. If you fat, you’re fat. If you’re a fat and a fuck, then you’re a fat fuck. Fat girls can’t get dates? That’s something the NIMH needed to allocate half a million on, all without ever playing to ask guys. Slut shaming? You can fuck whoever you want, however you want, EXCEPT when you’re profiting off it, then you’re a whore and there’s nothing desirable about being a whore lol.

            So you feel shamed? Why? What woman hurt you? Do you want to hug it out? You do realize there’s no reason to hate anyone for a trait they can’t change, right? Gender, Sex, Orientation, Race, etc etc. To hate someone for that is just retarded. You hate people because of WHO they are, not WHAT they are. Give then a chance to disappoint you, then go for the throat. I’m sorry kiddo, but I haven’t got time for the weak. Either you’re willing to be without mercy, yet still hang onto your honor, or you’re no good to anyone. No fight was ever won with tears and feelz.

          7. I’m sorry for my poor English, I know it is not very good.
            As for my honest opinion, which you call trolling, there will be no apology. Please read all the comments.

          1. I love you S.D. As a brother, don’t get too excited. Check the reply above to see Tim Lieder’s sad reality.

          2. Psychopathologist here. Definitely a manipulative sociopath, but not a high intelligent one. Basically her lies aren’t that good and she’ll get away with what people let her get away with.

          3. If Psychopathology is your background (hey, is the Internet I don’t think any of us should just believe people because I say so.) I am curious how you would rank her on scales pertaining to:
            Histrionic personality.
            Pathological Lyer.

          4. Well, as you say there’s a lot of overlap between those three categories. Without knowing her goal it’s hard to know which would maybe be more pronounced. HPD does fit, but clearly she lacks empathy and remorse if she’s willing to railroad someone by so clearly perjuring herself in court, so that’s why I would bet on sociopathy.

        1. Tim, thank you for your White Knighting. It may get you a wife, but rest assured, while you are at work paying for her house, car, purses, shoes, etc. she will be spreading her legs for a real man like Silence D. When she is giving you your bi-annual birthday or anniversary sex, as you awkwardly pump away, that bored look in her eyes will be masking what is actually going in her mind. The memory of being physically used by a male superior to you. Don’t believe me? Check to see if she owns a copy of Fifty Shades. It may be cliché, but nice guys finish last. However, I sincerely thank you for your service. If not for beta males like you, the rest of us would have to sleep with single women and wear condoms in order to not get trapped into a relationship by a woman looking for a free ride through life. But keep thinking men like Silence are unfuckable, your ignorance makes getting laid much easier. ?

  7. If you want a legal response to this, I’d suggest contacting William Jacobson over at if he can’t give an actual answer on it, he can probably tell you who would. Being that he’s a clinical professor of law at Cornell, this also might be of interest to him.

  8. You know whats fun about law? LEGAL LOOP HOLES, if I got it right, the order dont let him share any information “online” right?

    so if he wishes he could exchange information with other parties via letters or Face to Face.

  9. When you read the court documents, you kind of get to see how Quinn works. She makes unverified by strong sounding statements, probably emotional at the time, and people fall for it and forget about reason. About basic things like “Do you have written evidence to back up your claims”, or “Don’t declare your own audience dead”.

    Something tells me that Quinn made contact with a lot of sites and pulled the same stunts. That so many sacrificed their own credibility as a result, is on them, not Quinn.

  10. No surprise here, but srhbutthurt, Anti GG’s number one attack dog (fucker) is already screeching on Twitter about how this is “doxing”, even thought Zoe’s real name has been mentioned several times on different sites for months.

      1. It’s his/her’s job. I think. Presumably it’s profiting off it all in some way. Or it’s just psychological validation. A lot of these SJWs/Feminists seem to have some kind of “high school-esque” mental health need for constant attention and a view of them as a the supported victim.

        1. She was outed as someone who kicked up drama a lot on Something Awful (referred to as “Goons”), so antagonizing people online for laughs and attention is apparently her full time job.

  11. I just emailed Milo, that is some serious accusation that is easily debunked, “he’s part of an online group that distributes other’s people personal information” what the actual fuck, doesn’t the court actually try verifying who the fuck she’s talking about?

    1. “online group that distributes other people’s information” – Hmmm…. You mean like Polygon or Kotaku? Gawker media maybe? LMFAO

      By this laughable standard, every reporter ever should be gagged by that judge.

  12. This will only serve to backfire against her and the culture she represents. I suggest Eron give the information to those not subject to American courts of law (Preferably those in countries who can give a shit about the degraded, irrelevant mess that is the “developed” west) and have them spread information like wildfire.

    Her pathetic attempts of silencing shall only come to bear against her and others like her.

    1. That will only get Eron into deeper trouble (unless he pulls a Snowden and flees to Russia).
      Her “pathetic” techniques are used by thousands of women across US every year for control and profit. This is not an isolated case.

  13. While I maintain that GG shouldn’t focus on her, she lied and those lies have caused untold damage to the industry. Good job Ralph!

  14. “Um, um, um,” Jesus Fucking Christ, lady, you are obviously full of it from the amount of studdering.

    I felt my IQ drop reading her half of the conversation. Anyone can tell just from reading this shit she’s a bullshit artist.

    I love how she and her lawyer kept saying all her information was in the Zoepost then back peddle and say the info dump was a result of it, not part. I have to assume the judge wasn’t supposed to let Eron’s lawyer talk but fell asleep at the wheel.

  15. Some people in GG like to say “Zoe isn’t important” but no Zoe absolutely is important to the other side’s “narrative” which as we all know is a fancy media term for lies and propaganda and breaking that “narrative” is incredibly important to our own efforts. Destroy Zoe in the legal system and nearly every fucking thing any of the outlets great or small has written in the last half year is exposed as pure unfiltered bullshit or called into serious question.

    It’s clear to me at this point that the media is entrenched and most companies don’t seem to care about the caliber of people they advertise with. The legal system and the laws of the land are where we need to try to win this thing now. Keep reporting violations and keep digging into the major SJWs because knocking one of them down is the way forward.

    Hotwheels probably has what he needs to go after Patreon and Wu now if not Zoe as well and Gjoni should be able to win an appeal with our support and everything that’s come to light. Once he does he can hit the bitch with a civil suit for defamation and libel at the very least.

    We’ve got to bury one of the major she twinks in a courtroom, it’s key. It’ll shut the media up about us.

    1. She’s a human shield and a martyr they’re using to protect themselves, namely Grayson, who DOUBLY fucked the pooch (sorry, that’s SRHButts thing) by writing all those “please let me fuck you” articles about her AND the “I love you bro” articles about Arnott. The man literally has not one ethical bone in his body (though I’m sure with ZQ’s Feminist agenda she’d have given him one bone or another at some point ziiiiiing!) and should have been the sacrificial lamb put on the altar before the readership. Instead these jackasses closed ranks and Megaphone-chan felt this was the perfect time to revive the old stereotypes about gamers everyone had forgotten about (except miserable cunts with 2 year acting degrees who think that qualifies them to be a culture critic, writer and editor… huh?) and blast us as not bowing down to our ideological betters.

      1. Every time I think of Leigh now the image I get in my head is her chunky body in a poorly fitted commissar’s uniform fiddling with a broken microphone on a darkened stage in an empty auditorium.

  16. The most offensive thing about Quinn is that she dares call herself an artist, the fucking deluded, self-involved shit-stack.

  17. I’m sorry to say this, but Mr. Gjoni needs a crack-shot lawyer for this. Else he needs to suck it up and move on. A First Amendment plea on a case of domestic violence (it is one now) will be laughed out of court. What is pernicious is that an “on line” gag order of sorts has been inserted into what should normally be a simple restraining order, and this has been done by the Judge in open consultation with Ms Valkerburg. Although I have no doubt the Judge meant well, this sets a very bad example.

    If Eron wants to be a test case for a First Amendment plea, I wish him all the best; but I wouldn’t advise him to do it without opinion from a top-tier First Amendment lawyer. IANAL.

    1. A) You’re a shill.
      B) You have no idea what you’re talking about.
      C) It’s Van Valkenburg – that’s a clerical typo and it is HILARIOUS.

  18. So in other words, the SJWs control the American legal system?

    Well, at least we know where to drop the nuke.

  19. This is like Bill Cosby suing his alleged rapists and preventing them from talking about their own lives, and the court goes along with it. Cosby says, “but it’s international news, and there’s a hate mob.” Regardless of any opinions I have on Quinn, you shouldn’t be able to block someone from talking about their own life. It’s particularly heinous when you’re blocking a victim from speaking about their own victimization.

    I’d lawyer up Ralph. You’ll probably be on the next round of these.

  20. I am by no means an MRA nor do I subscribe to most of their actions or opinions that I currently know about BUT this is a clear case of the difference in treatment of men and women in the american courts.

    Clearly her lawyer was able to convince a judge that she was being harmed and that harm was being directed by her ex despite there being zero evidence to support that. All he did was exercise his 1st amendment right to free speech and write about his own life experience. Best of all he never once used her real name. The fact that she was well known as a dirt bag and liar before this incident took place should not have been ignored by this judge. She was and is clearly manipulating the system.

    Now its entirely possible she was genuinely afraid. I would never claim otherwise but its also quite clear that she is not a (mentally) healthy and stable individual. She really needs professional help. I’m not one to judge a persons actions but hers in almost all cases are so extreme its pretty obvious she is…abnormal. Whether her illness is genetic in nature or she was abused as a child I have no idea but there is certainly an issue there that needs to be addressed. The alternative is her running rampage through more people’s lives and her own. Right now she’s sitting pretty with her very wealthy boyfriend but she is clearly highly self destructive so that probably won’t last. She craves attention and now that she has gotten this level of it her usual shenanigans won’t suffice and she will probably escalate. I say this based on her history and how every time she falls out of direct attention she does something to insult or provoke the very people she claims to be deathly afraid of.

  21. I truly hope all of these assholes that pretend to be victims, and/or blame gamergate for everything evil in the world get taken to court and lose multiple times.

    Sure they will complain that the system is discriminating against them, but at least we’d know it was working correctly. How many other people can get away with BS this large?

    Side note: It’s funny how SJWs think the consequences of their terrible actions are ‘discrimination’ – technically it’s true, but it is discrimination against their actions, not their persons. (Which would be the definition of breaking the law, lol)

  22. And this has what to do with ethics in videogame journalism?

    Quinn might have lied and not be a nice person to an ex-boyfriend. But targeting individuals you dislike instead of focusing on the issues of corruption in game journalism is where GamerGate gets so off-track and criticized. I know it’s fun to trash people you hate but it makes you look petty and vindictive and lose the moral high ground.

    1. Videogame journalists promoting a perjurer and smearing her victim because they’re friends with her has nothing to with ethics?

      1. This is more a response to Roxie’s post but I know ARL is still active so I’m replying here. Upon first reading about gamergate I did agree with the argument of ethics in gamer journalism. However, while paying attention to the media, indie game journalism isn’t the only unethical journalism that I’ve seen. There are many incidences of female journalists using their sex appeal in order to get inside information, and to be fair I don’t doubt that there are many male journalists in all areas of the media that do the same thing. This statement is not an attack on gamergate, but I am beginning to feel that journalistic ethics in general have either declined or were never very present. My current feeling is that the real issue is that females in the indie game industry are piggybacking on the SJW movement in order to try and climb the latter of success by using affirmative action style feminist support rather than actually having talent in their field. I think that the concurrent launch of several indie game journalist’s articles calling gamers “misogynists” was recognized by gamers and showed that there was an inner circle of people with a specific agenda. Roxie, if you do read this I do not consider myself a gamer, I occasionally play Halo or call of duty, but I can understand people’s anger over a certain group trying to dictate what orhers can and cannot enjoy. Personally my outrage is at the entire SJW movement, that in my opinion wants to limit people’s free speech and control their language, thoughts, and personal choices. If ZQ and Anita Sarkissian were really so profeminist I do not understand why they would not go after the porn industry and strip clubs for objectifying women rather than video games, which, I think are much less objectivefying, and in my opinion have been trying to be more inclusive of women recently. There are already female gamers, but my case-in-point would be borderlands2 which incorporates characters that are more female friendly. I think they realize that by doing so allows men and women to enjoy the game together. I believe that that specific video game even advertises itself as having a “girlfriend” mode, which from my perspective is a brilliant capitalist idea. What better way to allow males to spend more time playing the videogame than to incorporate female none gamers rather then to alienate and compete with women for their boyfriend/significant other’s time… corrections or opposing opinions welcome.

    2. Why does Ralph HAVE to only cover gamergate material? By the way, this is still very tied into Gamergate seeing as the “Plaintiff” was the kindling of the whole thing…what with allegedly sleeping with vidyagame journos which led to the whole shit storm of banning any discussion on it. Seriously…if there was no truth to any of the allegations…why the knee-jerk reaction…then sticking to their guns on it?

      And..WOO..replying to 7month old post lol /facepalm

  23. You dildos don’t seem to be able to read. That is clearly an incident report filled out by the responding officer, not the complaintant. A simpler explanation is that the officer filled it out with incorrect information.

    The scary part is how consistently you all demonstrate horrid observation and reasoning skills.

  24. Dafuq am I reading!?! People on the internet criticizing someone with a vagina…

    This is a sign of the end times, humanity is lost, this means every human being in the planet hates women, including women. This is disgusting, I can’t even.
    I just can’t stand it when people say mean things about other people with vajayjays. The cruelty, the humanity! Don’t you SEE, this is why everything must change about our culture!


    Can’t we go back to saying Jack Thompson is an opportunistic liar? At least everyone seemed to be okay with that…

  25. “I mentioned this in the opening, but the way Ms. Quinn has trampled on free speech is unconscionable.”

    Quinn can only make requests of the court. It’s the particular judge who trampled on free speech rights.

    Among the disturbing aspects of this is how vague so many of Quinn’s claims are. “He incited the mob to…” shouldn’t be grounds for any court decision.

  26. Hold the fuck up. Literally Who admits to lying in a police a report and the judge sides with her anyway?

    The rule of law is dead in the United States. Conduct yourselves appropriately.

  27. I never really believed in true evil. Always thought of it as fiction. Sure i hear the story’s of sick people and their sick crimes but really this i true evil. To be a person who can make crowds rally behind her after doing such horrible things while preaching they they themselves are saints and doing whats best for all. Its like straight out of a fucking story.

  28. another
    NICE girl doxed and raided by 4chan. instead of turning into a nutjob
    like these other girls kim handled it all with epic character and grace.
    she now well respected. all i can say is KIM AS FUCK

    !!!warning good article but is NSFW, read discretely!!!

  29. The thing is the lawyer needs to take this higher, this is clearly an issue with prior restraint on first amendment issues. You cant gag someone like that for their personal experiences.

  30. There’s something so toxic about the combination of feminism and “social justice” that those who get involved in both become complete evil cunts.

  31. Just something I heard (I’m raphidae on popehat): Ken can’t answer because HE referred Quinn to the lawyer that got her this travesty. So he’s connected & probably professional code that prevents it.

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