One day, I’m going to write a book about all this (GamerGate) and it will show you just how crazy my weekend has been. What you’re seeing publicly is only half the battle, as I have my own shit going on simultaneously. It has been a struggle in a lot of ways, but rewarding in many others. For example, I’m running on fumes with about only 19 hours of sleep in the last 9 days. It doesn’t take a math wiz to tell you that’s not a very good ratio. On the other hand, Wu looked like a complete fool Friday night, and just about everyone loved it. You win some, and you lose some.

The other huge thing that’s really kept me fueled over these last 9 days or so, is the GamerGate community itself, which of course includes all you here at You guys have picked me up time and time again. People who know rough patches have given advice. My friends keep a closer eye. The fact that so many people really do care never ceases to amaze me, to be honest. Thank you, it means a lot more than you probably know.

Tomorrow, I’m going to move away from the Wu stuff, after I release the panel audio. Even though I got into a decent swing last week, it was still irregular. I’ll change that going forward. More content, more videos, more everything. I’m going to be expanding the scope of operations dramatically. So stay tuned, it should be fun.

Now I’m about to catch a few (hopefully more than 3) hours sleep, and get up to file a few stories, and perhaps make another video. “Goodnight.” (in quotes, since it’s 6:40am)