BREAKING, from Facebook & Instagram…

URGENT NOTICE TO PHOENIX TICKET-HOLDERS Scottsdale Police informed the promoter and venue for Friday night’s “A Night With Milo” this evening that a credible death threat against my person has been received. A credible death threat is one that is “real and immediate,” not conjectural or hypothetical. Ordinarily, this would suggest that someone with knowledge of our secret venue and the time I would be speaking provided the police with detailed information about his or her intention to take my life and the police were convinced that this person had the means to do so and intended to carry out the threat. Credible death threats are relatively rare, compared to the usual volume of threats received by any public figure. Consequently, the police have forbidden us from proceeding with this event. We have no recourse when police make a ruling of that sort — and we would not want to place my guests at risk of violent encounters — so we have no option but to refund ticket holders and reschedule the event for later in 2018. I’m furious that these violent left-wing tactics are being allowed to dictate the terms and limits of debate in America, supposedly the land of the First Amendment. The police will not provide further information about the specifics of the threat, nor whether any arrests have been made. I apologize to ticket-holders. I’d picked a really cute outfit and everything. But truly free speech in America is reserved for the political Left. — MILO For information about refunds, contact your point of sale. For press enquiries, write to [email protected]. Scottsdale Police can be reached at (480) 312-5000.

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I, for one, am completely shocked that radical leftists would resort to violence and intimidation to achieve their no-platforming goals. This is simply unprecedented! 

On a serious note, I kinda wish that the police would go ahead with the event anyway, but I certainly understand their reluctance. As Milo mentioned, if the police are to believed, this death threat was much more serious than your average, everyday death threat. If there is a credible risk then I can see why they would forbid the event from going forward. That being said, I still think it’s the wrong way to go. This will only encourage the more insane members of the loony left going forward. Of course, I’m not the one who had his life threatened, so I guess I am speaking from a position of non-death threat privilege.

I will check that ASAP.


UPDATE: It seems that the organizer Milo hired was attempting to run game on him. Here’s the latest statement…

ADDENDUM TO STATEMENT ABOUT PHOENIX EVENT The wording of this announcement has been agreed with Scottsdale Police Department. “We were informed today by the venue for my sold-out event, A Night With Milo, that Scottsdale Police Department had received a credible threat against me and were insisting that Friday’s event should be cancelled. It appears that this was not the case, and that events space operator “The Venue” deliberately deceived us in an attempt to breach our contract with them without consequence. “When a detective from Scottsdale Police Department called the venue’s manager, based in Las Vegas, at around noon local time today, to check details about the event, a female employee responded: “The event has been cancelled because Milo is controversial.” “The Venue then called Milo Inc this afternoon and claimed, falsely, that Scottsdale police had identified a credible threat, and claimed, falsely, that the police were insisting the event should be shut down. Multiple conversations with the officers at Scottsdale Police Department, who have been very generous with their time today, have established that these claims were not true. “Milo Inc apologizes to the officers at Scottsdale Police Department for earlier public inaccuracies, and we will be pursuing the venue aggressively for financial remedy for this malicious deception. The Milo Inc employee responsible for making our earlier reports public without checking with Scottsdale Police Department has been terminated. “We apologize to ticket holders too — because the primary victims of The Venue’s deception was our sold-out audience. We are particularly disgusted with The Venue’s behavior given that at least one ticket-holder was a member of the Armed Forces who had taken five days’ leave to attend the event from some distance away. “We ask ticket-holders not to contact the police further on this matter.” Press Enquiries: [email protected] Enquiries for The Venue should be directed to: Ryan Palser Business Development and Marketing Manager Office: 725-333-71386 Cell: 714-331-6653 Email: [email protected]

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