Ted Cruz has to be getting pretty desperate to put out mailers like this one:


It doesn’t really get any shadier than this, folks. Trying to shame Iowans into voting with a legalistic kind of mailer like this is shameful. It’s designed to look like the voter is going to get in trouble for not showing up to the caucuses on Monday. Notice the VOTING VIOLATION in giant letters at the top of the document? Um, no, Ted. There’s no violation involved with not voting, although the stupid among us might not realize that if they receive an offical looking document like this one. At first, all the Cruz cronies on Twitter tried to deny that it was from his campaign. I suppose that’s understandable, since it’s not a very good look.




(Tweet archive list…just in case)

We now know it was definitely from the Cruz camp. This is going to end up backfiring spectacularly for Teddie Boy:

Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler confirmed to IJ Review that the mailer was theirs in a phone call Friday evening, saying that the targeting had been “very narrow, but the caucuses are important and we want people who haven’t voted before to vote.”

The internal Cruz polling must be looking even worse than what we have seen from the public polls…and those were pretty much ass for his campaign:


All I know is, Ted better hope this pays off for him, because if he loses Iowa, he’s pretty much done. If he comes in third, he’s definitely done. I won’t be crying any tears. That sleazeball deserves nothing less, especially after this episode.


UPDATE: The Iowa Secretary of State isn’t too pleased with the Cruz campaign…


  1. I’m gonna be ashamed if Iowa takes this bait. They better not vote for him. And I hope they don’t go with Hillary.

    1. The thing is that Donald Trump would never be stupid enough to do this. He understands human behavior and this isn’t how you get people out to vote.

        1. Who cares that the picture is photoshopped? He literally just exposed something about FOX that a lot of their viewers don’t even know and got the media to talk about it even more. Twitter is for trolling the media.
          And the drop-off in audience in the debate without Trump shows his brilliance.

          1. “He literally just exposed something about FOX that a lot of their viewers don’t even know”
            Um, no. He “exposed” something THAT WASN’T TRUE. The Saudi Prince is not a “co-owner” of FOX News, he is a minority stockholder. I’m sure Trump knows the difference (after all, as “co-owner” of the four casinos he bankrupted, he was able to protect his fortune, while the “minority stockholders” got ass-raped in the deals). Lucky for him, most of his disciples are even stupider than he is and many of them are conspiracy moonbats as well.

            “And the drop-off in audience in the debate without Trump shows his brilliance.”

            LOL. You Trump-tards aren’t even living in the same dimension as the rest of us, are you:


          2. You didn’t even read the article, did you? That they are comparing the Fox News Channel’s ratings to their sister network, and then saying their ratings have “improved”, instead of being roughly half of their apparent “record setting” viewership enjoyed during their last debate. is telling of the spin hard at work.

            Put differently, that the primary Fox network was only barely able to get better ratings than a smaller subsidiary is an embarrassment.

            If this is the evidence of “Trump-tards” not living in the same dimension as “the rest of us”, I’d like to suggest that your dimension isn’t called “reality”.

          3. Since you Trump-tards are not good with numbers, I’ll break it down for you:
            Friday’s debate: 12,500,000 viewers (1.5 million MORE than the January 11th debate).
            Trump’s LOOK AT ME!!!!! counter-programming: 2,780,000 viewers (combined viewership of TWO networks).
            The debate’s audience, in addition to REVERSING the trend of shrinking viewership (our new phrase for the day: “Trump fatigue”), was about FOUR AND AN HALF TIMES the size of Trump’s Televised Tantrum.

          4. Fox Business is not Fox News. The channels are not the same. Different channel numbers. Fox Business isn’t available unless you have cable or satellite. Fox News is available OTA. Not sure how many different ways that can be said. Comparing the viewership of the two is like comparing Fox to CNN.

            That Fox News did better than their limited-distribution sister station Fox Business did is FACT. That the primary station only garnered HALF of the viewership they did previously is also FACT.

            For claiming other people are retarded, you cannot seem to grasp this simple concept. For debates aired on Fox News Channel, debate #2 had roughly HALF the viewership that debate #1 did. Pretending like, because the two different channels both have “Fox” in the name, they are functionally identical, is ignorant.

            Now, the FNC debate was not being broadcast to any other channels. Nobody else could show it. So, that Trump got ANY attention isn’t a surprise. That Trump didn’t get AS MUCH attention as programming which had been advertised for weeks is not really that big a deal either, people who wanted to watch him debate weren’t going to tune in to him at a rally.

            It’s also apparent you didn’t watch the rally because of the people who spoke, Trump wasn’t the one who filled the most time. Hard to have a “poor me” pity party when other people are invited to talk about the topic of the event and not on how horribly the host has supposedly been treated.

            So again, if you must resort to spin and lies in order to rationalize your opinions, please feel free. That it takes so little to show the gaping holes in your presumptions should be a cautionary tale in falling in love with media figures.

            Remember, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy, and you’re showing a heck of a lot of spurned love for Trump.

          5. Where, exactly, is FOX News available over the air? You seem to be confusing the FOX News Channel with the FOX Broadcast Network. THEY are not the same, either, and the latter did NOT carry the debate.
            Last Friday’s debate wasn’t “debate #2”, it was debate #7, because there were FIVE debates between the first and most recent ones. The audience for the first six had been steadily shrinking (except for the second CNN debate), until Trump’s public puss-out reversed the trend in voters who were looking forward to a debate that was about the ISSUES, rather than one that was about Trump.
            “Trump wasn’t the one who filled the most time.”
            He was probably crying in the bathroom and cutting himself, the way every other hormonal pre-teen girl does when she gets rejected by someone she thinks loves her.
            “and you’re showing a heck of a lot of spurned love for Trump.”
            Yes, of course. Just keep telling yourself how much everybody loves Trump. You’ll need that shield when reality starts crashing all around you.

          6. I’ll blame a lazy googling of “Fox News Seattle” with pulling up my local Fox affiliate (CH 13) and not the proper Fox News (CH 48). That said, Fox Business (CH 130) is not available on all of the same cable packages from at least one provider at my location, so the basic premise “Fox News = wider distribution than Fox Business” is still true.

            Now, “debate #7” on FOX News had higher ratings than “debate #6” on FOX Business. GREAT. BOTH still had lower ratings than the prior debate at FOX News. That the “uptick” shows “recovery” to roughly HALF what the prior debate achieved on the same channel. The TOTAL viewership is still DOWN from where it STARTED.

            24 million is greater than 12.5 million. This “recovery” is a lot like the economic spin put out by Obama. Anything to avoid facing the reality that viewership is still down from what was expected or had already been achieved. You know that Ailes sold ad time based on the 24 million number, not the 12.5, which is the real why anyone at FOX even cared whether Trump showed up or not.

            Now, I don’t need to know what you fantasize Trump doing when you masturbate. It’s clear that you didn’t watch the rally, but instead have imagined Trump doing whatever it takes to get you off, and you’re upset that people don’t share in your fetishes. That’s your prerogative, don’t let me tell you to stop in the privacy of your own home.

            If Trump does “crash” I do feel bad that you’ll have to find someone else to fuel your fantasies. Trump living rent-free in your head won’t last forever!

          7. Ha! If Trump lived in my head, it wouldn’t be rent-free. After four bankruptcies, his credit rating must be in the toilet. I’d want that rent up front.

      1. The tactic at play here definitely shows a a fundimental lack of understanding about how to motivate a conservative base. This would probably work fantastic for establishment democrats because with the right amount of shame you can ply those people into doing anything. Trying to shame the hard tea party right (his base) though? They’ll just give the middle finger in response.

  2. This story won’t be touched by half of the so-called conservative media. I have always leaned right on the political spectrum. Trump has exposed the conservative media to be just as dishonest, phony, and worthless as the mainstream media.

  3. I do think it was a stupid move but it pales to what the earliest campaigns used to pull off. Those campaigns make today’s look like a church social. That’s when we still had men not perpetually offended pajama boys.

  4. Wow, relying on both shame and a falsely projecting the fear of legal consequences? Cruz is definitely signaling his own weakness.

  5. So people are getting letters informing them as to how often their neighbors vote? I guess that’s probably not illegal seeing as how voting history would have to be a matter of public record to prevent fraud but it’s definitely extremely rude.

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